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AEW - January 2022

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18 minutes ago, Casey said:

that's the United Center.

I know it's the United Center, but there isn't a Blues Brother gif of "That's the United Center" and a fake sports stadium address in Chicago immediately brou- you know what, if I have to explain the joke....

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13 minutes ago, For Great Justice said:

I think we can file Atlas under “AEW is signing way too many wrestlers, but this is the sort of wrestler they should be signing”. 27, good look, not overexposed on national TV, looked great on Dark.

Hard agree. Plus, Atlas is a guy they wanted from day one, and he backed the wrong horse - nothing they could've really done about that. I really like that designation though; going back a few pages (or maybe a different thread, I don't even remember) I'd definitely file Ember Moon in that column as well.

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2 hours ago, John from Cincinnati said:

@Jiji Updated schedule: Rampage as usual on Friday, no Battle of the Belts on Saturday. 

I’m sure it will pop up on YouTube like other AEW stuff does.  If it’s not there check Dailymotion - although that has been light on AEW lately, IIRC.

I started revisiting old Dynamite eps on TSN’s site from early ‘21.  It works great with what looks like every show AEW ever aired on TNT via our benevolent TSN up here.  I say up here because I live in one of those fancy high rise igloos the fishermen and fur traders told us about around the fire at story time.

Anyway…it hopefully won’t be too hard finding it within legal means.  If it’s not on YouTube we can just join the annoying chorus online of Tony Khan-obsessed AEW haters.  Here, I’ll give it a practice run



I skipped the AEW “Special”.  Khan said he would never do rematches and what do we get, all rematches? That’s the booker of the year?  

Of course a WWE guy goes over in the main event again.  When is this dweeb going to learn?  There were no promos and when there were it was Baldo Rusev copying the hilarious feud HBK & God had with the McMahons.  

AEW is just outlaw mud show garbage.  Kahn and Twinkle Toes sure love little Asian girls.  None of AEW would have made it in the Attitude Era


I see that crap almost everywhere else that has an AEW forum.  All that energy towards something they hate and usually don’t even watch.



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12 minutes ago, LoneWolf&Subs said:

No, they actually taped Dark, and I believe Elevation on the night before. If you had tickets for Dynamite, you got in free.

Last night’s Elevation was taped on 12/29. Tonight’s Dark was the 12/28 taping.

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Donnie Primetime usually uses the name Donnie Janela on the indies. He's Joey's long lost cousin from Kentucky.

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Dark was fun tonight. I see that they completely killed the K-Driller as a finisher in that really good Tone Nese/Alan Angels match.  Man, I love Marina Shafir.  What was Austin Gunn doing?  EVIL LEILA~!

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AEW Dark: New Year's Bash

It's been hella fun to have the time to watch these "live" and write them up. Back to the grind next week, though. Very nice to have SO MUCH pro wrestling to watch while I've got some time off.

I really enjoyed Night One of Wrestle Kingdom as well. Except for 


The EVIL match. Which sucked. My least favourite current NJPW guy beat my absolute favourite guy, with shit tons of tiresome BC BS.

On the other hand, the last three matches all delivered (Okada vs Shingo was exactly what you'd expect. Hiromu vs Despy was surprisingly compact and decisive, and Despy's gear was very cool). Also, the Ranbo was fun and the surprises were pretty great.

And now AEW's giving us a nice breakfast buffet before the huge feast of Night Two (for which I am properly pumped up after last night).

The number “5” vs. Tony's Niece: Jacksonville atmosphere is just great. Crowd loves 5, hates Nese. "The Premier Athlete" is a bad nickname and the running knee in the corner is an underwhelming finisher... but otherwise Nese has been excellent in his role in AEW so far, in my opinion.

Dreamgirl Ellie vs. Dark Order’s Anna Jay (w/Tay Conti & -1): Anna's got everyone's respect now, including mine, after that street fight. Her shiny pink gear and Ellie's baby blue gear made for a pleasing visual contrast. Nice short match to keep Anna heated up.

Rolando Perez, Austin Green, & Donnie Primetime vs. The Rockabilly Kip Family Band: "You're not gonna get over in the business with a name like Austin" 😆 "Low hanging fruit, pun intended" 😆 Dad wearing an "Ass Boys" t-shirt 👍

Marina Shafir vs. Valentina Rossi: Love Shafir's violin entrance music and take-her-time entrance! Unique. This match was very "Settle down, Gordlow." Shafir's finisher was cool, too. I hope Shafir gets signed, too! Sign all the awesome people, AEW!

Bobby Fish vs. Ryzin: I love when AEW gives us a "no-nonsense" vs "a fair amount of nonsense" match-up like this one. Though, maybe, Fish's facial hair is also "some nonsense"?

“Legit” Leyla Hirsch, Kris Statlander, & Red Velvet vs. Renee Michelle, Sofia Castillo, & Marina Tucker: Castillo's big hair and yellow tiger stripe gear is an awesome 80s combo! They did a darn fine job of continuing the Legit vs Nose Booper storyline. I wonder if they'll pay that off on YouTube or on one of the main shows. I'll be happy either way. Love watching both of them work.

Jamie Hayter vs. Madi Wrenkowski: It made me happy that Madi got a chant. Hayter's really good at projecting meanness and intensity in the ring. The second-to-last bump Wrenkowski took there looked pretty nasty.

Chandler Hopkins vs. Dante Martin: So. Much. Fun.

Ho Ho Lun vs. Sammy Guevara: Liked the attempt to get a Ho Ho chant going. Sammy's knee strikes looked great, and finishing things with a crossrhodes was a nice touch.

Team Taz’s Powerhouse Hobbs vs. The Dark Order's Colt Cabana (with The Negative One): Another really good YouTube show main event, but totally different from Lethal vs Hollywood. Love the torture rack finish.

The Wingmen’s JD Drake (w/ Cezar Bononi) vs. Varsity Blonds’ Brian Pillman Jr.

OOOHHHH! JD Drake in the Main Event!

Where he belongs.

Pabst Blue Ribbon style JD Drake shirt! Awesome! And he used it to choke out el hijo del perro amarillo! Doubly awesome!

OK so THAT was another really good YouTube show main event, but totally different from Lethal vs Hollywood.

Now gym time, play with my daughters time, and feast on more pro wrestling time. Life is good to me, so far.


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Shafir is the goods.   Improved 10000% since running through the indies after NXT.  Finally got a chance to break out her leg capture triangle finish but no dangerous pumphandle suplexes this week.  A shame.  UWN needs to broadcast that Savannah Evans vs. Marina Shafir match from CWFATL already.

Looking forward to Heel Hirsh vs Statlander.  

Happy to see Madi back in action and for Ho Ho Lun to get some ringtime outside of MLW.  I hope Madi didn't get injured taking that uranage from Jamie Hayter.

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Madi Wrenkowski was way too squiggly. Like Kim Basinger in Wayne's World 2 levels. She could've gotten hurt badly there. Not great when you're there to make your opponent look good.

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16 minutes ago, LoneWolf&Subs said:

Sign Madi to a full time deal already.

why tho? I don't think she's particularly good and she came off like a dumbass with the hair twitter drama back in the summer.

Taz and Excalibur were extra greedy on commentary. I'm for it.

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