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  1. AEW has exposed long time fans like me to a whole new set of wrestlers like Garcia, 2.0 etc. And giving them time on the mains tag to shine on TV with older vets. And a willingness of the vets to let the young guys look good. After being force fed for years the same names it feels like, its just refreshing and daring. BUT the are using Dark and Elevation much like a TBS show to let the younger talent get reps. It feels like the older vets feel a responsibility to help the younger talent versus protecting their spot.
  2. It is Cena heat but maybe sharper. Cody is hopefully smarter and will use it somehow. I am along for the ride. Do we see Arn and Tully together? Does Arn turn on Cody first? Where does Brock fit into this?
  3. Maybe it's me but it sounded like JR is taking some time off when he signed off. And I love Arn but man his left hand looked really poor.
  4. Listened to Busted Open - said it was 5k. In NYC which is WWE's backyard the night after what was at one time a huge PPV. I feel for the talent - that was painful. The hard part is we have seen WWE in transition historically but who is the young talent on the men's side who the next set? NXT is been reset completely (not that any NXT talent on the men's side has been successful). We know that the first Diesel WWE champ run was largely the low point in the 90s - but the product is much more exposed these days. Raw was an hour then - now they have 5 hours
  5. OR USA or Fox looks at the ratings of WWE and plays hardball with WWE. Assuming the numbers stay relatively the same, AEW is relatively much cheaper than RAW, for numbers that are in the same neighborhood. But that is a long way off - and I have been saying for over six months WWE is for sale soon.
  6. I would love to know the economic model of AEW; we know they are spending a ton of money on a video game development.
  7. Going to be TK or his doctors. JR is old school - don't get paid if you don't wrestle mentality. And well this and OU football is his life now.
  8. The earrings are unique on him for sure - plus the extensive hair coloring
  9. if it is indeed absolutely 50% more than last year that's a big growth. Plus some nice change in the pocket.
  10. I think Jericho has potential in a booth IF he would turn it down by half. I like Starks actually more.
  11. Ex and Taz would be the best combo with Tony doing interviews and other duties. Some folks don't like Ex but to me he is really good, he has the most knowledge of the current group of young wrestlers. Part of me believes has Jr's wife not died so unfortunately he would probably be off in retirement. He can contribute to AEW. His sit down interview skills are still there and his voice for big matches are always welcome. I would think getting JR to call a title match for you is a worthy goal. And yeah - between Punk and Danielson being both energized and with some many dancing partners we are just blessed. In WWE, we would be on Omega-Danielson part 7 (with tags, three-man tags) - heck now it might be a full year until we get the sequel which may make it even a bigger event. Very different style
  12. I agree more and more with this. And what shows it is Rampage (with a more crowded booth) flows better.
  13. Max Caster as a Michael Hayes character to me is money on the table. His raps on the way to the ring are heat missiles.
  14. His biggest downside is injury like an ACL; but give him 5 years and another 25 to 30 pounds of muscle which will come naturally. Put him, his brother with the Acclaim - in some sort of new NOD. I am really high on the Acclaim too.
  15. Great show with BTE for what 2 mins and no match (but super effective - Kenny saying he has not watched the match , etc was just perfect); Jericho being a sidekick, - heck Punk said nothing and still was amazing. Fun stuff
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