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  1. I have enjoyed Adam Page and his run. The question which is hard to even calculate is he selling tickets or PPV buys? Double or Nothing - not sure his match with Punk is really the main event with MJF/Wardlow the real main event.
  2. I always feel like Dynamite has 1 segment too much OR one segment that runs long (see Jericho) that rushes the rest of the show. Producing a live show that must fit in a 2 hour window is hard work. Especially when the crowd interaction comes into play.
  3. I think it's much bigger if you look the other shows listed on the other nights. These other shows are big Discovery shows.
  4. Irony is AEW definitely accelerated MJF's timeline. I am sure he would make his way to WWE somehow else had AEW not been in place, but given the last 2 plus years of NXT frankly not creating main roster male stars much who knows.
  5. I totally expect MJF to go to WWE, if only to see if the grass is greener. At his age, and with what he can think he could earn plus possible other connections to entertainment, he should. But, at some point if I am TK, I bite back. You have a contract with me, I am the one choosing to put you in the spotlight, etc.
  6. How hard are you living the gimmick when Mom and Dad are totally in on the thing? Outstanding
  7. How about a show I look forward to? in 2022, TK has put some truly great wrestling matches on free TV. I mean 10 year me back in Virginia Beach could only dream of some of this matches...
  8. Yeah but can TK see the books at all? The entertainment history AND wrestling are famous for cooking the books. Studios charging all kind of unrelated expense to movie budgets or promoters skimming the gate back in the day
  9. NBA playoff still draws decent numbers regardless of the matchup. The real question which will may never know is how much more $$ can TBS charge for ad revenues in this slot versus what it could charge 3 years ago. That's what matters. I read that the old Turner folks played a bunch of funny accounting with wrestling. Hope TK is getting some better insight. That's is really the cost/benefit question.
  10. Actually Thunder could use one too after last night. I like that AEW does not script interviews BUT some talent could use some real hand holding here.
  11. LOL - the ROH women's title match was not terrible but the non-ROH fan had no clue on the background. Like me - I have time to watch one set of shows at best. I had no idea the background. I love they are pulling out all these Brian Pillman, Sr touches for his son but Jr on an open mic was rough.
  12. First hour was good the last 30 minutes oof.
  13. Deeb Ruby would really good. Convinced Deeb is as close as SEW has to a Danielson on the women's side.
  14. Deeb-Rosa could be a real treat. I think Hangman retains actually. Given his history with New Japan there is some rich stories to tell. Tag titles - time to move them. and maybe it's Christian's heel turn where Jungle Boy breaks out after. Who? Love it to be FTR but got a feeling it is ReDragon. ReDragon - Young Bucks is the natural next story. Wardlow-MJF has to happen.
  15. Exactly. If AOL keeps wrestling, then WCW would have survived with Bischoff's group buying. But no TV made for no deal. Story as old as time for wrestling. Since the 50s, wrestling and TV are intertwined. Now could AEW or someone else pioneer a streaming solution - sure. It will be interesting to see how the NFL does on Prime this fall. First time out of market games are only on a streaming platform for the NFL.
  16. Live content (sports) are the only content that is consistently winning the nights on cable. If anything, Discovery shuttering the scripted shows enhances AEW's position. Short of shuttering down both TNT and TBS, they need content on non-sports nights. Comcast shutter NBC Sports, and has scattered the remaining sports broadcasts all over the place. SuperCross which I enjoy has been a pain to find each Saturday this year as Comcast has it on a different channel. Plus it is putting it on at different times on the east coast venues (use to always be on Saturday nights). Now if the Khan's decide to take their ball and go home, that is a different story. Could it happen, sure. I think the biggest concern remains TK burning out.
  17. FTR match was great - second week in a row with a great wrestling match, no gimmicks to start the show that had a great back story and was very, very well executed. Makes me love Wednesday nights. Wardlow-Archer - what great big men feast. Vintage Mid-South OMG-Terry Gordy stuff. Archer sold his tail off and Wardlow worked hard. Thing of beauty. The eventual MJF-Wardlow match is going to be crazy good. BUT - the ladder match was just not good. The interference, while it made sense in the story line , really took some of the shine off. The worse was the fake barb wire. No way both of them hit that bard wire for real and come away with no puncture marks, or blood. Sky did sell it at least. Sammy no selling the bard wire spot to me is just terrible. I know it was a timing issue, but that's when you have to go ok, we are going to not do this. The whole match was over scripted, and rushed. The last two dynamites are having at least one match too much/one segment too much. This week - the whole elite 5 man was the obvious cut.
  18. "It's a body business" - Cole looks more like a endurance runner frankly. He makes the Bucks look big...
  19. Jade's lack of selling in this match was really noticeable. She sold the knee strikes at first, but no sold everything after. Also, there was an obvious edit when the did this ridiculous fast replay, and suddenly Jade appears outside the ring. I thought the match was not very good overall. Jade is an amazing physical specimen, and performs some really incredible moves but her fluidity in the ring is missing. Granted, we have really seen the expectations frankly on women's wrestling raised over the last 10 years. I am hoping they are re-toll Statlander to take on Jade.
  20. Tell the Turner folks they get 930K against live playoff games and they should be really happy. They have the top two running cable shows at the same time from 8 to 10 eastern - its a really good night.
  21. Here is the weird thing - if you take to time to watch Sammy's Vlog he can come across as a really nice dude. In fact, the vlog is actually a bit of a mess right now with this heel turn for them. Tay too - she comes across in real life like an incredibly nice young woman. But I think this can do wonders for her. But PVZ is a perfect heel too
  22. Strange thing huh? Old school idea. And it furthers the idea that sum (JE) is better than the parts.
  23. In another board, someone asked why you like AEW. It's because one a week almost without fail on my TV I get a match like CM Punk-Dustin Rhodes that is wrestling focused, with no run-ins or goofiness. FTR-Young Bucks was as good as a tag team match as you ever want live on your TV. Yeah, some stuff really does not work but the stuff that does really does.
  24. Go back 20 years ago and Dustin was in the worse shape of the 4. Arn does not get hurt he probably goes for a good number of years but Sting is really special.
  25. AEW shows of late tend to move fast, especially Rampage. This one felt like it took forever. Anyone remember Punk-Penta?? yeah, me neither. Yep when AEW misses, it misses the target by miles.
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