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  1. I feel like I have missed the hype on Adrade. Seriously - Rush has has been amazing in his short time. Sammy - someone else said it best. Sometimes you get over your skis too much. Best thing he could do is put down the phone and live most of his life off camera.
  2. I certainly see that - I mean Tony's dad basically was go spend some of your inheritance on this. Conversely, money marks tend to run out of money and promotions go away...
  3. Daddy Magic has been my not so secret AEW guilty pleasure. Danielson, Mox and Jericho each with center piece matches - basically this our company and we will make it succeed or die trying. All 3 are putting in some serious work. Garcia, Wheeler, Jungle Boy, Allin, Sammy - all future mainstays. MJF keeps creating Piper level 1981 Georgia hate to me BUT the face turn could be epic. I still love watching Piper's work out in LA and Portland. Just to watch him before he showed up in JCP.
  4. 1 million gate and 1 million viewers, especially with some bell weathers debuting on over the air TV has to be a good night. TK has taken the challenges of the Punk situation and moved forward solidly. Having a deep roster that is mainly healthy helps.
  5. Yes ratings go up in the fall as kids go back to school. There is a reason tv networks ended their seasons before Memorial Day and start after Labor Day traditionally. But the numbers mean something to everyone involved.
  6. Weird Dynamite - good start with Mox-Sammy, then things slowed way down especially with Stokely taking the all the air out of the room. The Jericho-Danielson match was very good, but no JAS was kind off brand. But it gets us to the interesting finish line next week.
  7. I liked it - it was a bit of WWE booking as Deeb got the pin with help from Baker. Those two can argue who actually did the work, plus Hayter comes in at the end. Storm vs Deeb could really good. And something different.
  8. Nope just that Page's career arc and Regal's path never crossed.
  9. Which is actually a great way to deal with the situation - address upfront with no comments then just go for a show. Kudos to TBS for giving AEW ad free up front although the later matches did have a bunch of ads. In many ways, this was the anti-WCW/WWF way to deal with it. Sweep it under the rug. Mox was simply great - and the end with Garcia/Yuta/Danielson was some really great stuff too. Garcia gets made in a few weeks.
  10. Tag match LVP - Athena/Jade - tried too hard?
  11. Jericho - love or hate him - and Moxley (same) are having great years - career years. Jericho should not be this good at his age.
  12. My mom just passed two weeks ago; I have Power of Attorney with my Dad and will get my name added to all of his accounts, with my name listed on all of checking accounts for this very reason. we have other family members with the same arrangements. It's actually a very good would to manage finances for elderly parents. I visibly cringed when I read the transcript - I would be real heated a friend of Colt's. Curious to see who Punk has backing him the locker room.
  13. Some people are just cranky by nature, only happy being unhappy. CM Punk for all the great things he can so, Phil Brooks is a very demanding persona. Phil Brooks needs to realize that at 45 his windows are closing. He was truly terrible at MMA - and I doubt WWE would come close to him. I think there are times the addition by subtraction is true. AEW without Punk would be fine; I did not miss MJF. I would argue that AEW could use a much smaller roster right now actually. Send Punk home - pay him off and be done.
  14. Kingston-Ishii was just an absolute chop fest. It reminded me what maybe a Valentine-Wahoo match might have been in say 1974.
  15. My mom passed away Tuesday morning quite suddenly, literally in front of me. The shock is still real. I had planned to watch Dynamite in real time to distract myself but alas that did not happen. I watched some of it - the whole Punk thing is right up there with I do not know.
  16. Punk as the frustrated gen Xer wrestler story continues. The thing is - there are only so many places to wrestle these days. At some point, you get a rep that's hard to shake. And it's not like there aren't same very good guys hanging around who you can put the title on tomorrow.
  17. Punk as the frustrated gen Xer wrestler story continues.
  18. I usually watch Dynamite in real time or near real time. Tonight I watched purely on the DVR this night. Punk heeling in the promo was good; not so sure who wins next week but Punk makes the most sense. Garcia-Danielson was great on every level. Loved the story telling in the match and after the match. I noticed Steamboat is wearing a hearing aid in his right ear (made me feel old). I skipped over the woman's match; I realized that the expectations are now just high given the last few years in WWE in women's era. the Acclaimed - based upon the crowd last night wow are they over. So good to see - great story telling here to be had. Nice mid-card feud that has legs. Not sure what to think for Omega - how much is real which how much is a work. Which is actually the thing huh? Omega is a better heel.
  19. The main event was really good. Mark Sterling its quickly turning into one of my favorites. Old school heel manager, almost a throw back to the WWE 80s/90s. I would love to see him in a more prominent role.
  20. Now that makes perfect sense! And Vin Scully was a national treasure; one of the voices of my sports life. Scully is part of the soundtrack of Southern California
  21. The crazy thing is Hager can be a credible big hoss - Hager/Lee/Hobbs/Brody King are pure UWF throw back gold
  22. Oh AEW - just when I think it's ok to not pay attention to Wednesday night. Wow that was just a really fun show. The first 30 plus minutes was incredible to me. The Starks segment was some serious gold-the 10 years old me watching JCP flashback of a face turn for Starks. Hook gets the FTW title which feels important. Garcia gets a great rub in one heck of a match. I loved that the "vets" are all positioning themselves to elevate the younger folks. Christian-Jungle Boy is going to be great and we get Jungle Boy on the mic. Trios titles could be great, but man I wanted not belts but the trophy from WCCW days. The only thing that did not work was Anna Jay on the mic. She is just hard to see as a heel.
  23. Right there - I loved the entire promo from FTR; and the t-shirt is an incredible idea. It was some babyface red meat gold promo stuff. It was a clear highlight and made me want to see the match. Talking folks into the building is still the goal...
  24. Anna turning was a little too telegraphed for me but still was good. But the main event being rushed again for a stips match which was pointed out earlier here. It was an over engineered match. The beauty of old school barb wire matches is no one gets in because of the barb wire; the match was some weird not barb wire match. The FTR promo was gold. The Allin Brody King match and post-match with Sting and Miro was really good. After that, not so great for me. After a few great Dynamites in a row, this one just was under whelming.
  25. He has grown into the role well. He has the task of moving things along plus all the promos.
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