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All Out III - 9/5/2021

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I’ve had a nagging feeling all day that Paul Wight isn’t making the match following the Gunn club attack, and will be replaced by a returning or debuting wrestler.   However,I am reassured that AEW shows are normally “as advertised”.  I think I have WWE scar tissue.

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Awesome show top to bottom with the exception of about 5min with Not Big Show and QT. Misc thoughts below:


Warms my heart hearing Eddie be so over with the crowd, the guy is so good. I was waiting for a REDEEM DEEZ NUTZ chant and wasn’t disappointed. Loved the match, just two big men slapping meat.


Nice pair of MANLY matches back to back. Lol at Kojima gagging after bitting Moxley’s head.


Oh fuck it’s happening on Dynamite this week 😱😱😱


Good match, both looked great. My favourite part being OC sudden intense shouting. Statlander looked almost unbeatable and I liked her last kickout which was barely getting her shoulder up looking unconscious. 


LMAO at Hollywood Nick Jackson’s beard.

I like how a cage match announcement in WWE gets a “meh” reaction but an AEW one gets “DANGEROUS!” thoughts in my head.

They really got me and the crowd (based on the pop) with that near fall after the reverse rana and BTE Trigger. Amazing match, bloody Penta looked absolutely sick. 

Loved the very emotional reaction by Penta and Fénix, you could tell it meant A LOT to them getting the belts. Oh and they had to get Penta’s daughters in there? Who’s chopping all the cebollas man? 😭 


This really highlighted how good the women’s roster is right now with most of them being very over with the crowd, massive improvement in the past couple of years. 

Thunder Rosa felt like a HUGE star in this, I don’t mind her losing because I feel it’s inevitable she becomes champ soon.

Surprised at Riho being there to do almost nothing before being thrown out in what felt like less than a minute. Would have been nice to see Shida last longer too.

Lol at at Rebel’s elimination wtf was happening there.


MJF recreating Jericho’s 1999 debut was genius. Match was good, specially MJF selling the pain in his back, but I’m done with this feud, time to move on.

Was that a guy with a fucking Chris Benoit shirt in the crowd? “Benoit Club”. 


Punk looks in good shape but it was so weird seeing him in tights. I kinda dig it tho, gives him a very old school Old Man Punk type of vibe.

Good match, not an all time classic but good stuff, I felt it could have gone a few more minutes but the finish did seem like Darby got caught so it makes sense. Punk should only get better the more he wrestles so this was an amazing comeback.

Loved Punk sitting up to counter the Coffin Drop and just laughing his ass off.


This should have been on a Rampage. Next.



Kenny’s knees to Christian’s face looked like absolute death tonight. The finish too, damn.

Already dead bay bay! Such a good set up by Kenny for that debut.

YES YES YES YES! I’m marking out bro! What a crazy freaking finish to this show! These are tears of happiness! 😭😭😭

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The preshow tag match was there. I like TH2 a lot and being paired with Matt Hardy's group isn't really doing them any favors.

Kingston/Miro started off slower and more methodical than I thought it would, then got progressively stiffer. This was a case of two guys having great chemistry and being on the same page with what kind of match they wanted to have. Unfortunately the turnbuckle pad spot for the finish really fell flat for me.

I didn't have that much interest in Moxley/Kojima, but it was a solid match. Suzuki showing up at the end definitely got a pop out of me. Can't wait to see them mix it up.

The women's title match had a few awkward spots but was a nice match overall. It went just as long as it needed to, had an absence of fuckery, and told a compelling story of Baker having to pull out every move she could in order to counter Kris' power.

Lucha Bros vs Jackson Bros wasn't going to be for everyone. You have two teams very familiar with eachother wrestling the same style so you know they're going to play all their PWG hits in here. From flippy innovative spots to more brutal looking bits featuring the cage there was some of everything. The visuals of Penta juicing through his torn mask were sick. Even the thumbtack shoe spot wasn't overly hokey and naturally Fenix did a dive off the top of the cage. This was the longest match so far and didn't seem like it overstayed its welcome at all.

The main story behind the battle royale was Ruby's debut. She looked like she hasn't missed a step. Hopefully she and Rosa get proper singles match soon.

MJF got a nice troll bit in the opening segment but I wasn't very invested in this match. I get needing to do some kind of fuck finish, but the ref's decision being reversed was meh.

When you hear about a band you really like but figured were done for good getting back together there's always lots of anticipation to see if they're still going to be able to pull off the performance they used to. Are they going to play the old hits or try something new and questionable? That's the vibe I got going into Punk/Darby. The match was...fine? I figured they'd have a feeling out process but it felt like they never really got going. Towards the end it looked like Punk was falling into the overconfident vet mode only to potentially fall victim to Darby's flash rollup attempts, but that never really went anywhere. They didn't botch anything and Punk still looked competent but the match itself was nothing memorable. We didn't even get someone turning on Sting.

Throughout the night I felt like the show was flowing a lot quicker than AEW ppvs normally do. I don't know if they had an agent or what but nothing seemed overly long or took more time than it needed to. Then Omega/Christian happened and really drug. I get The Elite are supposed to be insufferable heels, but Kenny's goofy facials and obnoxious gesticulations were even more annoying than normal. With this being the main event I was waiting for something big to happen at the end. I'm pretty indifferent to Adam Cole and him showing up as a heel was unsurprising. Then Danielson showed up and blew the roof off the place.

In the words of Tony Schiavone, I love pro wrestling.

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The synthesis of the last twenty years of American professional wrestling boiled down to a near perfect show. Everyone on the card knew how important tonight was and brought it. They have a locker room full of human hamburger meat right now. 

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Well that was an incredible show. Tag was insane. Wish Eddie won but was protected. Mox fighting outsiders is amazing. Kazi ne nari was nailed. Orange Cassidy gets fired up. Britt hits Panama Sunrise. Fantastic main and punk looked fantastic too. And double debuts. Amazing. All the stars. 

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You just gotta love them blowing their wad on surprises here.  they literally went All Out.  thankful the Lucha bros didnt kill themselves. 

Adam Cole and Kenny Omega together against Bryan Danielson and... CM Punk?!?  please count me in!

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That was a LOT of good shit, but never too much. Everyone fucking brought it. Women's title match in particular way overdelivered, the Lucha Bros got the W, and that wasn't even the start of it. TK isn't fucking around.

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I liked that show.


But good lord was Kenny/Cage fucking BORING.  

I liked the Cole fakeout, but the roster should pretty much be set now.  Stop signing people!

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Moment of relief of the night - Fenix 'only' doing a crossbody off the top of the cage onto a nice big target. Don't need anyone getting crippled, especially after Matt's gnarly Canadian Destroyer bump.

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