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  1. When not done every week, an opening 20 minute promo is great for setting the tone for the rest of the show, and revving up the crowd. Especially when you have CM Punk and a young hot rod, who more than held his own in there with a veteran. If Punk is going for Terry Funk, MJF did well as his Ric Flair. I wonder if Punk is going to use a plastic bag next ;D Dante Martin as the young guy making several deals with "devils" until realizing he doesnt need anybody but his brother could be really fun, or maybe he doesnt need anybody at all. Seems the TBS championship is destined to be around the waist of Jade Cargill. I would love to see Thunder Rosa or Ruby Soho win, however, it seems that they are set up to be opponents for Britt Baker long term, which im fine with. Loving this slow build to 'Blacks Throne' Malakai Black. A certainly more sinister, manipulative Black, once a certain American embraces the Nightmares buried deep within. He has infected Cody slowly, and we are seeing the decay set in as Cody fights to mask the changes. I know the roster is bloated, but i would like to see Brody King show up alongside Black soon. Maybe once Black snags the TNT Title. Happy Thanksgiving from a long time lurker who just recently started posting. If i didnt have two young daughters, a writing side hustle and full time job, id post more. But, i love reading you guys insight and spread love when i can. Im from the AOL grandstand wrestling days, hopped onto rec.sport.pro-wrestling soon after (even the fantasy board, i had my own e-fed for awhile) and finally settled here in the early 2000s. Ive been a fan for awhile, and i hope i contribute some. Cheers!
  2. Cant hear "Gimmie Back My Bullets" without thinking about The Briscoes. MJF has to bait Punk in, with very "Shooty" comments, Shawn Spears and eventually Wardlow before getting the big match, very slow build until the eventual Match imo. Bobby Fish reminds me of Owen Hart (when he was with the yellow tape and Jeff Jarrett) and i only realized that when he said "Enough is Enough" backstage. Ishii has a DMV line of "Dream" opponents before he heads back to NJPW. With Okada looming behind the forbidden door, when he walks thru, whos the first opponent? Jay Lethal with the Black Machismo theme song tease was great stuff. I saw insta-chemistry with Guevara from the start. So confused, how is Lio Rush now sympathetic babyface in this scenario after "stealing" Dante Martin from Matt Sydal? I think Bryan Danielson is being American Dragon, nothing more, nothing less. Hes being "you have till five!" Dragon and always has been since arriving.
  3. What a War of Attrition. The right man won, Hangman Page is the face of AEW. Give Kenny some much needed rest, and bring him back fuming at the Bucks and Cole for letting him fall on his shield. Loving Black Machismo in AEW. Such a humble guy and workhorse. Could have some great matches with Moriarty and Fish. When does Kyle O Reillys contract expire? Miro is definitely a Bloodsport Van Damme mark, or just loves Bolo Yeung. That sidekick no sell was straight from that movie. Where was Anna Jay to help Tay Conti?? Three on One for goodness sake, and her best friend was nowhere in sight. Interesting old school finish to the FTR/Lucha Bros match, giving FTR an excuse to lead to a potential winner take all tag title match. MjF is a student of the game. The man is a legit old soul in professional wrestling. That being said, could have done without the ending. Darby has taken so much punishment, to fall to a shot by a ring wasnt convincing. But i understand why it was done. Eddie Kingstons matter of respect is compelling TV. Who is going to be the outsider that earns that handshake? Kevin Steen?
  4. Dan Lambert enlists Tom Lawlor as one of the members of Americas Top Team, and maybe Paiges husband against the Inner Circle. Lawlor should be a given considering his history with Lambert and how hes no longer with MLW.
  5. Trying hard not to compare generations here, but i get a real Dean Malenko vibe from Bobby Fish with an added killer instinct that i love. About last night... i got memories of watching Samoa Joe vs Kenta Kobashi, watching Bryan Danielson and Minoru Suzuki, although Danielson and MiSo had a better intensity and environment. Moxley has been hinting at going heel for awhile now, hes fed up with these new guys taking his spot. he cripples orange cassidy, and cheats to escape american dragon (maybe with interference) and challenges hangman page. Hows about cm punk and darby allin team up at full gear and face mjf and wardlow?
  6. Wow, ive missed long term storytelling, so glad its back. If Page really does dethrone Omega as the final to their awesome feud, im totally fine with Miro being the first person to get a shot at the belt, because "my god, looks down on alcoholics." And something about how he rides horses and his wife rides him.
  7. Love CM Punks "Whaddamanuever!" Vince McMahon shot (he used that in his match against VKM on raw way back). Enjoyed the backstage promos tonight, albeit excessive, established future match ups and enhanced the idea that these performers will be featured more. throwback to 90s wrestling tv in the best way. Im having a fantasy that Adam Page wins that ladder match for the 2 year anniversary, culminating in a win at Full Gear, and his championship speech in his hometown following. is too much wishful thinking for my own good? Codys transformation into "The Game" after smashing his thrown, but getting poisoned by Malakai Black is some wicked homage to Venom that im down for. Who could knock some sense into him, other than Jon moxley? I really hope Ricky Starks is healthy enough to battle with CM Punk. itll be a good warm up before Punk inevitably battles MJF on the mic and in the ring. Wished Brodie had his moment at this show, but awesome seeing him get his moment through his family.
  8. He really layed on the hell turn thick. interrupted Jungle Boy, and didnt put over J.E. at all.
  9. Hangman Page thwarting an attack from the Elite to give Bryan Danielson the win, leading to a full gear double main event of Adam Page/Kenny Omega and American Dragon/ Adam Cole is a dream i had or a TNM simulation, swear to Gawd.
  10. "Caps for sale! Fifty cents a cap!"
  11. Hobbs with the Harlem Heat gear, going Full Stevie Ray was dope. I absolutely looked passed Punk-Hobbs and went straight to Starks-Punks and giggled. What an exciting back and forth those two will have. Jim Ross seemed tipsy or tired. at the beginning saying 'hyper bowl' was hilarious and hopefully intentional. Dante Martin is AEWs 1-2-3 kid. who will be his razor ramon? Loved MJF channeling Bubba Ray Dudley tonight, but wished it would have been used to get Wardlow (who is also from Ohio) to finally snap and have enough, turning face. that has to be around the corner though, so ill be patient. Please play "ruby soho" in full! we need the whole song for effectiveness! This could be the womens divisions "judas". Gotta say, if FTR are the Brain Busters, would love to see the Varsity Blondes play Strike Force. Cocky American Dragon is dope, i missed him a lot. Who humbles him, besides someone like CM Punk? Take my money Punk-Danielson and Page-Omega double header! take it, All.
  12. Adam Page wins in Queens, Ny. interference by the Elite is thwarted by Bryan Danielson and Jurassic Express. Page feuds with Omega somemore and Bryan Danielson feuds with Adam cole. there is plenty to toy with, with a roster like this, where every loose end is tied up imo
  13. Malakai Black behind Punk, and as he gets up, falls victim to Black Mass (i think thats his finisher?) yes! but, that has to be way down the line (offspring song reference for my crazy taxi people). Because i would honestly like to see a promo battle between Punk, best in the world, and Mjf im better than you, and you know it, first. however, how could he not get involved in this Bryan Danielson/Elite feud?!? AEW has all the Draw Four and Reverse cards in one on one Uno right now lol.
  14. The Fakeout with Adam Cole was excellent. how many wrestling shows would have ended there and left the American Dragon debut for wednesday? Tony Kahn, you have the trigger on the pulse of professional wrestling. so many dream matches. too bad Samoa Joe is in the sunken place! he'd be tailor made for a company like this!
  15. You just gotta love them blowing their wad on surprises here. they literally went All Out. thankful the Lucha bros didnt kill themselves. Adam Cole and Kenny Omega together against Bryan Danielson and... CM Punk?!? please count me in!
  16. Ive been a wrestling fan since i was 3 years old. my dad would buy wrestling videos from the local tape rental spot, and double tape what we rented so i had my copies. I watched wrestlemania 3 religiously, until wrestlemania 6 came out. Im still not totally sure why, but tonight, on multiple occasions, i smiled while watching dynamite. Smiled like I did when Steve Austin told Jake roberts he didnt have what it takes anymore. Smiled like when i saw former Razor ramon (scott hall) walk onto Nitro. Smiled like i did when Chris Jericho debuted interrupting The rock. jerry lynn vs aj styles vs Low Ki for tna. Cm Punks first pipe bomb, the list goes on. From Jim Ross praising AEW for doing charitable community work, Sting cementing the CM Punk/Darby Allin (Darby All in) match, even Tony and Jim joking about who Britt meant by big free agent, and the constant reminder to check out All Out on pay per view. this show (and several others aew has done thus far) reminded me of being a kid, watching three different wrestling programs working hard to catch my attention. i saw those three wrestling programs in this show tonight. i love pro wrestling, and i cant wait for All out. Good stuff TK.
  17. When Scarlett makes her RAW debut with Karrion this month...
  18. Would love to see them hold off on adam cole until after september 22nd, where hangman page defeats kenny omega for the aew title. i know its not on ppv, but adam pages redemption in a stadium with a ruckus new york crowd would be tremendous. and to back him up from future onslaught is kazarian and adam cole.
  19. So, would the real overkill be ruby soho, cassie and jessie on the pre show, bryan danielson and adam cole on the main show? Id love it, but coupled with cm punks first match back, would the crowd have any air left afterwords? And kudos to the tnm 7 name drop. im currently working with a google chrome laptop and journeyofwrestling, wishing i could play some tew or tnm7 right about now. just too much fantasy booking out there not to simulate. JoW will suffice, but im jonesing for tew/ewr and tnm pretty bad
  20. Really glad theyre doing miro vs kingston at All Out. Was wondering if they had the room, and would have put it on Dynamite. to round out the card, id really like to see something with ricky starks and brian cage, and malakai black-dustin rhodes. but, i may be asking for too much. Might have to pull the trigger on bryan danielson at the all out ppv. never know what could happen with covid between now and september 22nd. I think i finally figured it out. matt jackson has been doing the becky lynch lip pout this whole time! And i just noticed.
  21. Moxley asking for Tanahashi and getting Kojima, is like asking for Terry Funk, and getting Dick Slater. or... Bunkhouse Buck.
  22. Young Bucks posting about a seyance after NXT Takeover (or maybe directly before?) is either masterful trolling or Kenny omega levels foreshadowing.
  23. My over thinking, over-analyzing, big-time-gotta-be-an-angle self, over looked the simplicity of letting someone who hasn't been on wrestlings circuit live in 7 years, go out there and bask in the glory of being home, and speak from the heart. Truly a moment in history that is up there with the biggest debuts, and I'm glad I got to witness it. how will Bryan Danielson top this???? Also, I have to believe that Darby Allin-Cm Punk ends in a handshake and what a moment that will be.
  24. Apologies if this has been posted.
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