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  1. They can't make Shayna Brock Lesnar, as stated above, but she would make for a very good female version of FTW Taz.
  2. I'm starting to feel like the real money match at Mania is Goldberg-Cena. We all know it's not good for the companies future, but a strong selling point as one of the only Dream Matches never done. And you can still do the Reigns-Fiend horror film as well.
  3. And to think, Terry Funk was the 53 year old hardcore legend seemingly on his deathbed 23 years ago, as he outlasted two others and then best Raven at Barely Legal to win the Ecw world title. Funk got unanimous praise, unlike Goldberg.
  4. Maybe have Nia Jax pull a Finn Balor and come out to challenge Shayna? In a perfect world, we get Tessa Blanchard, but contracts and such.
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