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  1. I need to rewatch the show as a whole when I’m less tired but those last three matches totally delivered. All three had fantastic near falls, home stretches and maintained a level of physicality and intensity. Jr. title was a great sprint that was a paga from the getgo and only got stiffer. I’m not sure how great the tag title match was but it was pretty great. Crowd was off the hook and the four of them just laid it in with no pit stops. Miyahara ruled in the main. Just a great cocky vet who couldn’t put the youngster away. Nomura totally brought the Kobashi fire and the stretch was totally compelling. I feel the beginning of a great AJPW rivalry. I’d go ****, ****1/2 and ****1/4 for flakes but that might increase with less jaded second viewing. Carnival time please!
  2. That first night is jacked. I may have to utilise my sub and actually watch that live. The next two korakuen shows are loaded and there’s nothing better in korakuen than AJPW at the best of times.
  3. Again, I don’t buy it. It’s got nothing to do with ROH or anyone else. He’s either in or out. They didn’t put this AEW deal together blind. Omega is way too important. He’s in.
  4. I was reffing Dave saying Omega was gone and AEW wouldn’t get him. I’m pretty sure we don’t need Dave to tell us Vince is offering mega bucks to major players outside his casino. The Ibushi stuff sits. Pretty sure they would have called an audible that close to the end. Will can be reckless, but not that reckless.
  5. But Big Davey M wouldn’t peddle some half truths and get stooged by a stooge would he? Nahhh Gedo has the dome booked out a year in advance. 2020 is double dome; big shit ahead
  6. Except those were deals done late in the day and clear cut. Guys gave notice, they were gone. The more I think about it, the less i buy any of it. The Elite are far too important to both NJPW’s expansion and AEW’s inception. The relevant parties here are too smart and too passionate to drop the ball in either court. I suspect there’s a good 1-2 year plan already etched out.
  7. WWE simply wants to cripple pro wrestling outside of its universe, plain and simple. I’m actually surprised more fans are not expressing outrage at this. Pro wrestling is at its strongest world wide that it’s been for years. You really can’t blame guys for taking the money, easy money at that for how much they will be used and promoted. It’s sad because we are almost establishing worldwide territories and Vince just wants to monopolise rather than let the industry breath and take guys as and when. As a puroresu fan I’m now really seeing how important the first Okada v Omega match was and will be looked back on. It totally changed the visibility of Japanese pro wrestling worldwide and influenced the interest of fans and promoters and standards of match quality. For the record I don’t think Kenny will go to Vince. Not yet anyway. I don’t think AEW would be moving without him and I don’t think he would be that hypocritical. He’s on a good wicket and he has goals to kick before he does anything with Vince.
  8. It would have to be WK split as they have done with Dontaku. NYD is always fun but it’s essentially a glorified house show and who really wants to sit in the dome and watch a bunch of six-man tags. Personally it’s a horrible idea and destroys the mystique of 1/4. Business wise however I guess you have too many punters not to see if this works. Would be nuts to try and move NYD to another building so the reality is this is the only option that make sense.
  9. It’s completely intentional, you can tell from the setting and execution. No delay, no fumbling to grab the head. That’s what makes it all the more nutty. At some point agents have to step in and say hang on a minute boys. There’s a million other things you could do which might not result in paralysis. It adds nothing and just looks like a botch, it’s hard to even class as a spot as it’s so awkward. One less stupid bump per match would go a long way in life in the ring and beyond.
  10. The Suzuki bump is ridiculous. The really sad part is you can tell from both guys movement it’s exactly what they planned. Bookers should be handing down fines to convince guys to stop doing stupid shit like that.
  11. Quick note from Tokyo that last nights bjw tag title match was off the charts. Easily the best match I've ever seen live. Insanely stiff, perfectly executed and crowd going batshit. Watching live, absolutely flawless. It's on samurai in a week or so, so I won't spoil the content, safe to say that the capper was a ridiculous spot right before the finish.
  12. The usual displays of unreaearched and lazy 'journalism' are your typical disgrace. The head scissors was very awkward and could have easily caused damage. The confusion is his awareness that he missed his landing and was able to jump straight back into the ring to reposition. If the rana caused traumor any further contact could have sealed it. Regardless, it's an absolute tragedy.
  13. Tana and Okada are just incredible. It's such great story telling as well, no bells and whistles. I fully expected Tanahashi to win being the dome and their most widely seen show. He's their biggest draw and star. If they don't draw this storyline out to headline wk 2016 I'd be astounded.
  14. Just give the original ago, it was flat out fantastic. I was considering giving Gracepoint a go, but one view of the trailer is quite enough. I'm sure by the climax they might construct something that differs but the trailer is enough to suggest its a shot for shot remake complete with carbon copy American actors and Tennant retreading old ground with some kind of American accent.
  15. Is there any buzz on negotiations for AJPW tv? There is nothing scheduled for gaora or samurai upcoming.
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