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  1. ‘Look, we’ve only got ten so let’s just cut out all the basics and drop each other on our heads ok?’ Entertaining? Sure. Any good? Meh. On the upside the truncation meant it was probably less dangerous than my past experiences of watching Brooks nearly cripple himself or his opponent.
  2. For sure. No point making it into something and then blowing it straight off. Sell it all the way to the back, what a pro!
  3. Getting stuck was legit. Once he realised he got Bryce to call the shots and make something of it.
  4. How can you love Bryan Danielson any more? When he does things like this. Just brilliant.
  5. I love Lindaman but that jump start tope is paralysis waiting to happen. The clearance is marginal at best
  6. I have to catch up on a couple of matches but this was a damned great show. I really loved Dash and Michiko working headlocks and kicking the piss out of each other. Top three matches were all great but for the love of Shibata, tone down on the headbutts. Shingo v Kawakami will do just nicely, thanks for asking. I’d say it but DEAN will sue.. take it away squire…
  7. Absolutely. Nagata’s 2007 was better than many guys careers. He remains one of my top workers of all time. Everyone should get hold of the IWGP title blu ray box set volume that covers 2007. Especially given it includes the complete Nagata v Tanahashi rematch from October that was on my most wanted list for years. The Tana/Nagata matches from 2007 are damn near perfect pro-wrestling.
  8. Some, but these days not bloody much
  9. Two days countdown to hossfest, aka GLEAT @korakuen. If this show isn’t balls out great I’ll lose all faith in what’s left of humanity!
  10. I would like to formally request the return of cheering in time for May 18 because the Korakuen GLEAT show is stackkkked.
  11. Anyone know the source for this version as I’m still a physical media person. I’d never actually seen this version, the one I have from Barnett years ago is dark and washed out. Thanks!
  12. There are several shows from 2006-2008 that aired on samurai tv
  13. I’m not backtracking to see if it’s been mentioned, but I’m still mighty fond of Yuji Nagata vs. Togi Makabe from a red hot korakuen, July 6, 2007. One goes method to perfectly acceptable results. The other decides on freestyle with an assist and hits the bloody jackpot. A GREAT brawl
  14. Close. He called it the new world order right off the bat but flubbed it later in the promo and called it the new world organisation
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