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  1. matwarz

    NJPW G1 2019

    It’s also live on tv asahi so I guess that plays into it also. Bitterness over, that’s another great show on paper
  2. matwarz

    NJPW G1 2019

    So about that card for Royal Quest. Bloody hell, if Melbourne got a show like that Festival Hall would easily do the numbers they were hoping for. That’s how you put on an overseas show to make a statement.
  3. You guys make good points but it’s not really what I was getting at. This show had the skirts, the refs and ring announcers. It was very much a NJPW show. The issue was it was lazy. In conception, promotion and work. As nice as it would be, I can’t expect the whole roster. So fine, use locals, but use them, create draws from guys that already have a local following. A string of matches built on wrestling and not just lazy sequences immediately makes a decent show. I’m not saying everyone has to work like Ospreay, but it’s that attitude that needs to be promoted in the roster. You can’t take this stuff for granted. 2000 in a 4-5000 seat building is a fail.
  4. And yes, schedule and expenses are issues. We know the rules of the business. But just look at Will’s workrate. I’m not saying it’s smart long term for him, but I’ve never seen him give less than 100%.
  5. I think looking at it that way is the whole issue. You have a company in a new market trying to offer themselves as the best company in the game. Presenting lazy house shows isn’t going to cut it or increase drawing past hardcores. Padding cards out with aussies is not what a new Japan fan wants unless you’re going to use them smartly and build them up as potential draws. It’s no good wanting to be the alternative to WWE and just doing the same as them. This show was a step up from the last Festival hall but I think the damage was done by the last.
  6. Ultimately another half assed house show with some trappings but nothing that was unexpected. I stand by my opinion that had they built that show around a rematch between Slex and Okada they could have sold the place out. Was nice they brought ring skirts, refs and an announcer this time but only Will and Robbie treated their match as anything important. But hey, I paid $35 and that match was a killer. Will never gives less than 100% and he also handled the crowd like an old pro. They had a hell of a match but I also subscribe to the theory that you don’t have to do 30+ just because you can. I still feel NJPW is missing a golden opp with Melbourne, but that’s expansion with little planning for you.
  7. He’s clearly a very serious fan just like you and me. But, he’s a business man who runs his business as such. The minute you do otherwise you lose money like water. Mayu features extensively in the doco. She has had and continues to have her issues. It’s well worth 45 mins rather than me writing it down here.
  8. matwarz

    NJPW Dominion 2019

    If they have a dome main event to build to I expect the title switch. Regardless, given Jericho’s style now I’m expecting brawling and Okada’s first juice job.
  9. So sad. Aoki was a super solid hand I got to watch several times in Japan. He was clearly about to have a good run as jr. champ and a firm hand in guiding AJPW’s increasingly bright future. Next Korakuen will be an emotional one
  10. Might be my favourite of all the ones I’ve watched. That said, all of them are fascinating, honest and well researched. I’m still marveling at the sight of Jun Kasai cradling his newborn whilst his wifo makes razor boards for him
  11. He was down in the corner selling the buckle and Brandi popped him with the cane. Angle was wide hence some might have missed it. He did the deed by the ring apron whilst everyone was distracted by Brandi being hauled away by DDP. Dustin’s seemless kayfabing of the blade in the middle of that great post show media scrum was beautiful. The Pro-wrestlers’ Pro-wrestler right there
  12. I need to rewatch the show as a whole when I’m less tired but those last three matches totally delivered. All three had fantastic near falls, home stretches and maintained a level of physicality and intensity. Jr. title was a great sprint that was a paga from the getgo and only got stiffer. I’m not sure how great the tag title match was but it was pretty great. Crowd was off the hook and the four of them just laid it in with no pit stops. Miyahara ruled in the main. Just a great cocky vet who couldn’t put the youngster away. Nomura totally brought the Kobashi fire and the stretch was totally compelling. I feel the beginning of a great AJPW rivalry. I’d go ****, ****1/2 and ****1/4 for flakes but that might increase with less jaded second viewing. Carnival time please!
  13. That first night is jacked. I may have to utilise my sub and actually watch that live. The next two korakuen shows are loaded and there’s nothing better in korakuen than AJPW at the best of times.
  14. Again, I don’t buy it. It’s got nothing to do with ROH or anyone else. He’s either in or out. They didn’t put this AEW deal together blind. Omega is way too important. He’s in.
  15. I was reffing Dave saying Omega was gone and AEW wouldn’t get him. I’m pretty sure we don’t need Dave to tell us Vince is offering mega bucks to major players outside his casino. The Ibushi stuff sits. Pretty sure they would have called an audible that close to the end. Will can be reckless, but not that reckless.
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