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  1. I generally tend to fall in line with Dave’s ratings, but listening to him talk about the show I knew he was going to be off the mark. Ultimately it’s about one viewers perspective. I would have said: MJF vs Darby Allin: 4 3/4 FTR vs Lucha Bros: 3 3/4 Danielson vs Miro:4 1/4 SuperKliq vs Jurassic Express/Christian: 4 Cody/PAC vs Andrade/Black: 4 Baker vs Conti: 3 1/4 CM Punk vs Kingston: 4 1/2 Inner Circle vs American Top Team: 3 3/4 Hangman vs Omega: 5
  2. A few thoughts: - These shows are just too long. It’s tough on fans both live and in their homes. NJPW would do it better with the brisk undercard and longer feature matches. It’s great the guys have space to tell their stories but some editing is really required for consumption. - Dax quite obviously yelling at Tully to get into position for the trip spot was funny -Tag title match had some amazing stuff but they hit their peak and the finish was gassed. A clever idea but it required both FTR guys masked causing confusion. That said, wasn’t there word Dax got waffled (hence he didn’t appear for the run-in later)? -the Cody match isn’t getting nearly enough love. That turned into quite the match with tons of great stuff. -finish to MJF-Darby was just perfectly done, totally paying off the great pacing and storytelling of the match. The way Max caught Darby after knocking him out was terrific. The payoff is surely the big match where someone gets the ring from Max and returns the favour. - was Punk setting the table with the video of him watching Necro v Joe? A great fight, perfect length. Punk has a great wrestling mind. -Britt and Tay both worked their butts off but probably went 5 minutes too long without a general like a Deeb or Rosa. Both ladies bring charisma in spades however. My 4 year old son has just starting noticing me watching wrasslin’ and loves the ladies. He thinks the DMD is the greatest! -I’m going to say it; for good or bad, Kenny Omega is going to go down as one of the most influential figures in modern pro-wrestling. His big match layout, style and amazing attention to detail is incredible. It’s amazing to think this is not the end of the story, just another chapter.
  3. Darby v MJF was just a clinic. Giving you the finish, teasing it repeatedly, awesome high spots, great selling, heat and a perfect finish. Just a fucking great pro-wrestling match.
  4. Helluva show. The amount of actual wrasslin’ per tv square metre now is amazing. Maybe it’s because there are so many guys old and new doing so much great work right now, but I’m envisaging the moment Punk and Dragon meet backstage, look at each other and just say ‘these fuckin kids’. FTR vs Punk & Dragon 2/3 is my American dream match right now
  5. Punk laying in body slams like old man Fuchi is legit my favourite thing in pro-wrestling right now
  6. I’ve watched this match back 5 times now. Whilst there are certainly arguments for others, personally this is my favourite US pro-wrestling match since Cena v Punk at MITB. The combination of the work, the crowd and the things they did, and more importantly, didn’t do, it’s damn near perfect. I’m pretty convinced this is Omega v Okada all over again. The groundwork and breadcrumbs for 60 minute and longer rematches is mouth watering.
  7. I’d argue precisely what they had in mind was a modern take on Flair v Steamboat and any silliness lines up with Flair’s trademark goofiness. The match was a text book big Omega NJPW affair with Bryan’s flavour mixed in. It’s blatant ignorance, blinkers or personal feelings that argue against. I’ll give Last credit for pulling Cornette up on this but he’s dealing with a guy who has the trifecta.
  8. So bang on cue, Cornette loves the opener and credits it all to Danielson. At this point these things just write themselves.
  9. So true. Just a lovely pro-wrestling match, holds, telling a story, near falls, bang. No need to be anything else as it wasn’t meant to be. So nice to have Punk back. Just a guy I can never tire of as he’s true to himself and what he believes. I can’t think of a more authentic guy in the business.
  10. Completely. All the pieces needed to fit, without them, nothing. It’s an amazing story and it’s made so many people happy again, fans and people in the business alike. I actually hate the distain I have for WWE because they have done so many good things for people inside and outside of the business. But you just cannot ignore what they have tried to do to something so many people love so much and how little they actually care for the reality of what their product actually is.
  11. And just to put a stamp on it, fuck WWE for spending the past 4 years trying to monopolise and stamp down on pro-wrestling, not just in the US, but worldwide. Thank you to the Elite for refusing to compromise what they loved and being prepared to back themselves and an opportunity.
  12. Of course money talks, but the amount of wrestlers wanting to work in a wrestling company makes me so bloody happy. I’d literally just been reading WWE’s memo about banned terms and been reminded, yet again, how much I hate that insulting, self-righteous company.
  13. It dragged in places, but damn, a total summarisation of 2021 US pro-wrestling. A total home run of a show and the perfect platform to leave nothing on the table.
  14. Watching Kingston cut that promo on the pre-show; bring it the fuck on!!
  15. Whilst common sense says Punk wins and puts Darby over for big sticks down the track, I’m also a big fan of the Japanese psych and having Punk lose and go on the redemption storyline. Certainly won’t hurt him to lose after seven years gone.
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