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  1. A Sunday morning stroll and a great coffee in, this debate popped into my head; choose a year to go back to and travel around watching the graps. I’ve been blessed to be able to travel to Japan and the US many times for runs of live shows, but if I had the time machine, 1994 is where I would land. The Super J Cup, prime AJPW title matches, AJW gearing up towards the dome, W*ING, the birth of IWA Japan, the rise of Michinoku, the height of FMW, ECW hitting its stride, WCW’s best shows before Hogan killed the vibe. Dammit, take me there now!
  2. I think you need to actually listen to Punk document the whole affair on Cabana’s pod and get the actual facts. Everything was documented, backed up and indisputable given WWE caved in, paid Punk everything he was owed and backed down from a court case they were going to get slaughtered in. He had every right to be bitter and broken when he quit that company.
  3. Correct sir. Holy shit, BIx put 2 and 2 together and got 5, well I never. Try listening to the facts and doing some real journalism. Punk has always been honest to a fault and I’ve never seen fit to doubt what’s he’s saying or believes in. Given the timing it’s hardly surprising he finally spoke his mind. Professional or not, it’s probably high time all this stuff was laid bare so we can all move the fuck along.
  4. So good. Love both guys. Man is next weeks match going to rock. Do need Omega and Ospreay to now recreate the ‘Human Traffic’ bruv-off scene for BTE
  5. How the hell is Ospreay still functioning after this week? Amazing
  6. The amount of people buying Punk is still injured given the first thing he did was jump off the top rope into the ring is amazing. Bravo, very clever storyline progression.
  7. Having re-watched the finals a couple of times I’m still captivated by how good it was. Just amazing storytelling and selling from both guys. Everything meant something, built to a climax and was followed up by a perfect sell. Something as small as Okada on his knees telling Will ‘you will beat me soon’ was just the chefs kiss. Ospreay leaving in tears should also be noted as it mirrors Okada when he fell short against Tanahashi. Nobody can touch NJPW for these memorable matches.
  8. That. Fucking. Match. The drama, the selling, the ebb and flow. Both guys laid it in and delivered. But, the wrong guy won and I think everyone in Budokan knew that. To be positive, almost magical to hear the crowd find it’s voice. WK back to one night, just the way it should be.
  9. Whilst both G1 semi’s were terrific, Naito and Ospreay was an absolute war and MOTYC. Absolutely stellar hour of live pro-wrestling.
  10. Nice to see the ‘kiss my ass’ club has a full blown Twitter subsidiary. Looking forward to the inevitable 2hr tv tribute to all of Vince’s sexual deviancies
  11. No way around it, the parking lot angle for Flair’s last match was just tremendous work from all involved
  12. https://www.instagram.com/reel/CgHL8y4hqpl/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y= This joke has legs
  13. Look, you’ve had a good run Gordlow… Rough delivery but a great gag from Cobb Sure takes a long time to get a flight out of Tokyo these days. Good luck with the ‘re-evaluating my life’s path’ for a few weeks before re-surfacing on some Canadian shit shows
  14. As soon as results stated he wasn’t there, first thoughts were immediately ‘what’s he done this time?’. Tame by current standards but not within the culture he should be respecting and appreciating his opportunities.
  15. So Chicago is officially the pro-wrestling capital of the world right? Only had time for two matches. Loved the shit out of Claudio and ZSJ. Zack’s stuff looks so good the crowd was biting on everything and Claudio looked a million bucks with the cuffs off. Just two great pro-wrestlers doing pro-wrestling stuff. Oh look, it’s the flippy guy having another MOTY candidate. I finally think people are beginning to realise what an incredible worker Will Ospreay has become. He just knows how to mix the ingredients. The way the match switched into another level was masterful. Never enough to be hokey and edited perfectly to hit the climax.
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