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  1. So true. Just a lovely pro-wrestling match, holds, telling a story, near falls, bang. No need to be anything else as it wasn’t meant to be. So nice to have Punk back. Just a guy I can never tire of as he’s true to himself and what he believes. I can’t think of a more authentic guy in the business.
  2. Completely. All the pieces needed to fit, without them, nothing. It’s an amazing story and it’s made so many people happy again, fans and people in the business alike. I actually hate the distain I have for WWE because they have done so many good things for people inside and outside of the business. But you just cannot ignore what they have tried to do to something so many people love so much and how little they actually care for the reality of what their product actually is.
  3. And just to put a stamp on it, fuck WWE for spending the past 4 years trying to monopolise and stamp down on pro-wrestling, not just in the US, but worldwide. Thank you to the Elite for refusing to compromise what they loved and being prepared to back themselves and an opportunity.
  4. Of course money talks, but the amount of wrestlers wanting to work in a wrestling company makes me so bloody happy. I’d literally just been reading WWE’s memo about banned terms and been reminded, yet again, how much I hate that insulting, self-righteous company.
  5. It dragged in places, but damn, a total summarisation of 2021 US pro-wrestling. A total home run of a show and the perfect platform to leave nothing on the table.
  6. Watching Kingston cut that promo on the pre-show; bring it the fuck on!!
  7. Whilst common sense says Punk wins and puts Darby over for big sticks down the track, I’m also a big fan of the Japanese psych and having Punk lose and go on the redemption storyline. Certainly won’t hurt him to lose after seven years gone.
  8. Woken up like a kid on Christmas Day. The excitement is real!
  9. Funnily enough, the last time I felt the desire to watch a US PPV live was MITB Punk v Cena. I had an awesome time at a local cinema that day. The subdued fan in me really needs this show. I hope they knock it out of the bloody park.
  10. Starlight Kid v Natsupoi was bangin’.
  11. Outside of AJ Styles, who on this show would a serious pro-wrestling fan even give a shit about? It’s astonishing just how horrible this company is and just how far from the meat and potatoes they are. But hey, it’s a licence to print money brand, they can do whatever the hell they want. God bless sports entertainment.
  12. August 1996, Plymouth Meeting, PA. A front row motley crew of me, Phil Jones, John Lister, Rob Butcher and Antony Howells. ‘Natural Born Killaz’ hits, fear sets in, a garbage can literally sails over my head into ringside, everyone shits themselves, grabs their crap and flees. It was a world of wonder for wide eyed innocent UK fans! Can I go back please?
  13. Abby wasn’t far behind. The footage of Onita fumbling around for the mist and Abby plonking himself in the bombs is the nutshell of everything wrong with dm now. It’s sad because if Onita just found a new guy to endorse and a crop of younger guys took a few steps back to the days of violent nrbwire and street fights, that stuff could really draw and rile up fans again. On the upside, the explosions were as promised!
  14. Sadly BJW shot themselves in the ass years ago. There was an obvious peak when Takashi Sasaki was dm champ and they had a bunch of great undercard stuff. They could have had a great gaijin chase with MASADA and eventually thrown their stock behind Kasai. Unfortunately they have been retreading the same ground for years now. The BJW style of death match is paint drying, most of the guys are long past it and they refuse to put stock in potential division carrying guys like Violento Jack or Nomura. Of course, the way they run their business is the reason they are still in business, but it’s still pretty depressing when I think about how good BJW was several years ago.
  15. Given the limited schedule and no announcement on the next title defence it’s either a really serious injury or there’s more to this. Hope he keeps himself strong both in mind and body
  16. Will Ospreay is as good of a worker as there is, has been for the past three years. He has achieved that position through hard work and commitment and absolutely deserves his current standing.
  17. It’s got nothing to do with it. There’s a pecking order and a system within Japanese pro-wrestling. It’s simply Ospreay’s time for this shot/series. It’s not a slight on Shingo or indicative of his future.
  18. It has to be said that Mox and Kenny were having a helluva match for that style until the stretch. Everything died run-in on and was mute without crowd heat. Damned shame. I’m no fan of the cinematic but I enjoyed the hell out of the street fight. Great piece of film making and everyone looked a million bucks.
  19. So we are back to the singular glaring fact; don’t attempt things you can’t deliver on. It’s so painful to see them screw this up so badly. Your most hyped show in company history and confined to the history books as a punchline
  20. I can’t for the life of me understand why they didn’t have a seperate ring set up in the stadium and do it there. There must have been limitations for placed on them and they must have been fully aware of them. In which case a straight no rope barbed wire would have done the job just fine.
  21. Given the pyro from the turnbuckles I’m pretty sure that ending was intentional. As this is pro-wrestling I’m not surprised this was someone’s idea, what surprises me is that they somehow didn’t suspect every man and his dog shitting all over it. I mean seriously, how does that not drive punters away?
  22. As Uncle Dave said, it’s not a landmark but it might as well be given the history and location. All that back stock, would be a crying shame not to see someone try to take over.
  23. Surely the most depressing news of the pandemic. The time spent prior to shows being mesmerised by the sheer amount of puroresu books and magazines https://www.nikkansports.com/m/baseball/news/amp/202101090000663.html?__twitter_impression=true
  24. Steady Gordi, you know there’s a percentage of people who will actually believe that. Put some more sarcasm in there wouldya!
  25. Not really. We are living through a golden period of great workers and superior Athletes. The first Okada v Omega has basically become the template for today’s ‘great’ match. Storytelling, callbacks, length, that match will go down as one of the most important in history for multiple reasons. You can kinda take that as a measuring stick now working up to the 70 min forth match. It’s all subjective of course, apples and oranges. Dave’s just as critical as always, the standard is just that much higher. I’m sure if he went back he would probably push several matches higher up the scale but history is just that.
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