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1 minute ago, El Dragon said:

The non Rumble matches were kinda meh. The Rumbles were both very very good. 

The RAW tag match would have been good on RAW. But it was in a death spot after the men's match where 3/4 of the arena left for food or to piss

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Those were both really good Rumbles. Way better than the last few.

Trish was the right call to mute the boos for not being Rousey. And not having her wrestle was the right call, didn't need to have her or Asuka lose.

Nak is a solid call, should've been Balor.


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The men's Rumble was the best in at least a decade.  

I'd actually argue the women's was better than most of the men's Rumble in the past decade too.  I thought for sure it was going to be a disaster but it was paced VERY well aside from a pretty dull first ten minutes or so.

And Stephanie McMahon was so awful on commentary, I actually felt sorry for her.  

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I almost got everything I wanted in terms of Rumble stuff. Can't believe I live in a world where two of the baddest people in the company are Japanese. Dream come true. Even Kairi Sane was over.

The only thing I wanted out of the women's rumble that I didn't get was Mickie eliminating Michelle McCool. That would have been the best.

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