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  1. Its fine if you think that, but he is so different skillset wise from Asuka/Bayley I'm not sure what the comparison meant, other than some banal "everything gets ruined". Personally I think he'd be more comparable to Elias, but its whatever.
  2. Dream can talk unlike the other two and has already taken losses and been fine with overness in NXT.
  3. Those comparisons have been there since Alexa showed up at the PC.
  4. Bryan has always been the jerk when it comes to Miz
  5. Mauro and Beth is the commentary team.
  6. Paige and Carmella turning into Bryan and Miz was a twist.
  7. Not really. Ellsworth was solely there to distract Asuka.
  8. 2018, where Io Shirai vs Kaitlyn is an actual possible match
  9. I liked Finn sneaking a hit on Corbin during the pull apart.
  10. Maybe they realized the Clash of Champions entire gimmick is obsolete if Brock isn't there
  11. I think you either go all in with split and have separate champs or don't do it. Sharing champs has always made the split useless because they are always tempted to have guys show up on the other side if they are feuding over the same belt.
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