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  1. WWE Superstar Shake-Up (RAW/SDL 4/16-4/17/18)

    Getting the belt off Brock and no Jinder push on SD solves a lot of the problems those single brand PPVs had. Now we'll get Co Branded PPVs with very few non title matches it seems.
  2. WWE Superstar Shake-Up (RAW/SDL 4/16-4/17/18)

    I like how Joe just blew the whole thing open by saying that he could theoretically win both the IC and Universal titles and bring them to Smackdown due to matches already being booked. Plus Angle couldn't wait to give away the US title
  3. WWE Superstar Shake-Up (RAW/SDL 4/16-4/17/18)

    Never thought I'd see a show end with Nak and Big Cass wrecking shit.
  4. WWE Superstar Shake-Up (RAW/SDL 4/16-4/17/18)

    MITB is dual branded anyway. I think they'll just end up with 1 mens and 1 womens.
  5. WWE Superstar Shake-Up (RAW/SDL 4/16-4/17/18)

    Smackdown doesn't need that many women. They had 6 active at the start of the split and used them all. Once they started adding the Riott Squad, the issues with people just not getting time started to show. 8 actual women in the division would be enough.
  6. WWE Superstar Shake-Up (RAW/SDL 4/16-4/17/18)

    I am anxiously awaiting the inevitable Reigns/Corbin feud
  7. WWE Superstar Shake-Up (RAW/SDL 4/16-4/17/18)

    If Jeff ends up on Smackdown then Kurt is stupid for booking that title match.
  8. WWE Superstar Shake-Up (RAW/SDL 4/16-4/17/18)

    "I helped train Ronda" is enough to turn Nattie face
  9. WWE Superstar Shake-Up (RAW/SDL 4/16-4/17/18)

    Smackdown doesn't even need much. Its almost addition by subtraction. They kept what they needed and got the Miz for the Bryan feud
  10. WWE All Purpose YouTube Thread

    "Him? He doesn't even eat meat". Oh Vince
  11. Smackdown is IIconic - 4/10/2018

    The answer is nobody likes Charlotte, apparently. Only Saxton was angry, and everyone in the arena was cheering. Also, Becky and Naomi decided to sit it out after helping her out before against the Riott squad. The fanbase has accepted that MITB is meant to be done dirty and even faces get cheered doing it, like Ambrose.
  12. Smackdown is IIconic - 4/10/2018

    The first one. With Chioda, too. Edge had to wait until Cena could stand EDIT: Edge cashing in on Taker didn't seem to have this rule, so I guess its just on the ref. Maybe its just Chioda who enforces it
  13. Smackdown is IIconic - 4/10/2018

    They did the refs screwing up her cash ins gag twice pretty recently so I get why they did it. Chioda walked all the way to the ropes then turned around one more time to ask her again if she was cashing in that was truly hilarious.
  14. Smackdown is IIconic - 4/10/2018

    Charlotte is headed to RAW to go end Nia.
  15. The Raw After Wrestlemania 34 - 4/9/2018

    I like how they emphasized that the crowd would boo people they normally cheer and vice versa....only for them to do what every crowd does.