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Halloween Havoc 4 sign-up/interest thread

Brian Fowler

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Hey, I can't link to the past versions of this game.  :(


Anyway, it's a film exchange thingy we've done to varying degrees of success the last three years.  You sign up, you pick a horror film and pm your choice to me, along with a short (2-3 sentences, unless you are jingus, whereas it becomes a 2-3 paragraphs) explanation of why.  Then I throw all the films into a randomizer, and assigned them to various participants, who watch the film, write a review, and send it to me, and I post them once a day on the build to All Hallows' Eve.


If you are interested, say so in this thread.  Etc etc.

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This is a stupid question to some I'm sure but how do we go about watching them, Netflix?


We generally try to keep to something that is relatively accessible, either on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, in-print DVD, etc.  If you have trouble finding the movie you eventually get assigned, let me know, and I'll either help you track it down, or find a replacement film.

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