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  1. They better leave Daredevil alone....
  2. Self mutilation lol… Vince has cut some of the goriest blade jobs in WWE history. Hell Survivor Series 2003 (I think) against Undertaker was just spraying blood. But I guess that was “then”
  3. Interested in this as well… hell when was the last time there was a mens blade job and not hard way… it has to be years ago.
  4. Shida/Deeb has to be leading to a Lights Out match right?
  5. I will never understand how Page vs. Danielson II isn't the full five stars.... same feeling i had about Metlzer's rating of Britt Baker vs. Thunder Rosa Lights Out match last year. And yet things like the 6 man and Page vs. Omega at Full Gear 2021 get five stars or five stars plus... I guess it's true that the Bucks and Omega add extra stars...
  6. Anyone else getting "cop with two weeks until retirement" vibes from Clint? I don't think he makes it out of the series alive. Would make sense if this is the passing of the torch.
  7. Kilgrave has to be a top 3 MCU villain. Just so evil. Up there with Thanos and Kingpin as the best villains. I’d say Loki too but I feel like he’s evolved into something more.
  8. I mean he’s 2/2 in sequels with literally 2 of the greatest sequels (and movies in general) of all time. I would not bet against.
  9. That looks like one of the fake trailers from Grindhouse....
  10. Okay... If Sharon was the Power Broker, why would she have led Sam, Bucky and Zemo to the super solider doctor? And then let Zemo kill him? Am I applying too much logic...
  11. Season One is some of the best Marvel TV. Season Two is a bit of a slog...
  12. Hell if Cody/Penta was ***3/4, then Rosa/Baker should be ****** Damn shame it didn't get the full 5...
  13. I mean they had to test it before hand and know what it would look like. And considering the same shit happened in one of the most famous versions of this match ever (Foley/Funk) how could they believe fans wouldn’t shit on it? Honestly they could have just left it at the ropes. The ring didn’t need to blow up and the outside the ring boards looked bad too. Just the ropes would have been fine if they were insisting on doing this sort of match with a crowd.
  14. In hindsight if they knew it was going to be this bad... do it cinematic style on a freighter in international waters, as it’s “too dangerous to host the match in the US.” I’d rather they go so far over the top then just... whatever that ending was.
  15. 300 light tube deathmatch at the next PPV. It’s the only logical conclusion after sparkler-gate. The freaks require a blood sacrifice
  16. This... US laws were never going to allow them to use Onita level pyro with a crowd. So either don’t do this type or match or do it in an empty football stadium “cinematic” style and have a damn mini nuclear bomb go off at the end... that ending was KOTDM 1995 level bad.
  17. Holy shit it took me 3 times watching that to realize it wasn’t a messed up spinning back fist
  18. I would re-subscribe to the network for this Hell its perfect for right now
  19. Hunt would kill anyone on the roster not named Brock Lesnar. And fully roided, no testing 300+ pound Brock kills the entire roster with ease.
  20. Watch Vince buy the private super villain island now "cause I have my own network and nobody tells me what to do pal!"
  21. I would love to see Dana's face when the Disney/ESPN CEO told him to "cut this super villain horseshit out and cancel the event" or whatever they said
  22. Only if there’s bombs in the pool like Onita’s pool death match
  23. Or Han from Enter the Dragon. That’s the company Dana White now occupies
  24. Sure he would, to do endless jobs to vanilla midget, jabroni marks till the end of time.
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