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  1. RE: Orton's win.... My wife(who is a casual fan at best) and I were talking about Meltzer saying that if Cena cuts back his time or were to leave tomorrow they have no one to be the "face" of the company as they still are adjusting the crowd to accepting Roman. When the eventual Bray loss at Mania happened she says " they probably trust Orton to be the guy between Cena and Reigns." which I think explains it. However, I still don't see the need to take the belt off AJ. And if for some reason AJ gets the belt back from Orton than we are exactly where we started in January.
  2. This.... Been trying to evolve Dean Ambrose NXT forever with no gum in site. Also, was getting very frustrated with building up chips just to get repeats of guys. On a whim last night, I took an offer to install a game and get a free one week subscription to it. I then promptly cancelled the 1 week so I wouldn't forget it, uninstalled the game, and collected the 864 dollar game bonus. Turned around and bought a pack and got Goldust, so at least I can team him with Stardust for the bonus. Using a farming guide from Reddit, played the Wyatts in Indianapolis 15 straight times to get JBL's Ke
  3. So tell me about Google cardboard (anyone who can). I'm a full time student and my wife already says I dump too much into games so most VR things are out of the question. However, I have seen it mentioned when people discuss VR.
  4. I didn't see any thread offhand for this but does anyone have some suggestions for mobile games to play on an Iphone. I'm very bored of Candy Crush and I am now playing Simpsons Tapped Out on my Kindle because I like the bigger screen.
  5. Right?! When Corey Graves on commentary said "You get one chance to be a 10 and he was and now it's gone" made me think "Uhhh, he loses all the time. Doubt one more will hurt him." Even better was following that match/comment with Aries saying "Losing one match doesn't define you" during his promo. Anyways, good show as usual.
  6. And then the Undertaker squashing them all next year at Mania
  7. So is Roman becoming Lex Luger at this point?
  8. I have the network, had absolutely nothing better to do, and I didn't watch it either. I chose to kill time by playing a game I've beaten at least 10 times already.Which game is the real question here
  9. Dolph has a WWE movie coming out soon. Just wait till Kane start's getting big wins cause of it. That statement sums up everything wrong with this company.
  10. My gripe of these kind of angles for years... With Austin-McMahon they ended up having to go through all kinds of convoluted routes to keep Austin around the title. Now they don't even try and honestly I'm not sure which is worse.....
  11. I think I heard Jericho's name in almost every match tonight....to the point I thought he would have some effect on the outcome.
  12. Playing 2k16 and reflecting on the Rumbles recently has me feeling this way. I had actually FORGOTTEN that Roman won last year.
  13. You have reached your quota of positive votes for the day
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