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  1. Didn't the WWF Superstar line suggest that there was some sort of HIV scare around this match? I remember Jim Ross in some commercial talking about some health scare.
  2. I'm not holding my breath on anyone staying until I see confirmation of it. I love Omega and the Elite, and think they are AEW, but money talks. Of course, it could be argued that Cody was an anomaly who always had a hard-on for being a top WWE superstar, and seems to be a bit of a belt mark too. Plus, he was unhappy and TK knew that, I assume, since he didn't keep him for the extra year. I'm not sure Omega really cares about being WWE champion or having some Mania moment.
  3. Pretty decent work tonight. Dax/Bryan was the banger of the night, and now I want Cash/Bryan. The trios match was good and I figured every one of these seven matches were going to be a little unique. The guy in the Dick the Bruiser shirt was clearly the man and probably stole that shitty Cornette sign from the first segment and threw it away.
  4. The media and journalism in wrestling is certainly way more demonized than even in politics, etc., in America. We have so few good journalists, and the ones we have are crucified if one thing goes wrong or goes out of plan with what they're told or if fans just don't like what they're saying. Thankfully, we have a ton of great historians and writers in wrestling but we need more good journalists like Dave. He really doesn't get enough credit for being credible and covering the business and following trends for over forty years.
  5. I refuse to call these god damned things PLEs, I'm sorry. Sounds too WWE-ey to me.
  6. I still kinda get a kick out of the idea of Jarrett just randomly chasing and terrorizing assistants with his guitar. I haven't found him all that unentertaining since coming back.
  7. Fun show, as always. I really liked the 10 heel turn, specifically because of -1. I really want -1 to now just go for full-on revenge and make 10 rue the day he ever did what he did. Fucking get him run over by a truck or something. Really make him pay. FTR/Top Flight was pretty good, and so was the announcement of Bryan/Dax. I'm not sure I'm too excited about Claudio/Jericho but it'll be a good match, at least. When Claudio loses, Jericho should force him to repackage himself as some goofy NXT-like character and change his name. Also, Claudio isn't a strong promo.
  8. Possibly in March, if he signed a year deal, but you're right.
  9. HOB looked great and hopefully Tony keeps the ball rolling for them. The best Black has looked since debuting.
  10. I just assume Regal will be back. Why would they sign him, use him a short period, and then dump him when he's got enormous heat?
  11. I gotta know. Do we think Tony is good or bad this week? The Elite match and the heat was incredible. I was smiling the whole time. That last match was match of the night. They were chopping into commercial, and in my head, I thought they should keep it going, and they did. This was the match I didn't know I wanted and it was awesome. Great show. Hopefully the Gunns don't screw up FTR/Top Flight on Friday too.
  12. I know it's a couple pages back but what's the problem with Ethan Page and Penta? I could see maybe thinking Lethal is boring but those two are pretty good, IMO. Personally, I doubt we'll see Jarrett again anytime soon (watch, as soon as 8PM hits tonight, he's chasing Leon Ruffin with a guitar).
  13. I really hope AEW brings Maki back for a few more matches soon. Honestly, between her and Riho, I think she has potential to bring in young viewers a little more.
  14. I don't really think Brock will ever draw a dime but I think in like ten years, he'll definitely end up being one of those great, solid, workhorse guys that has a job somewhere for life.
  15. I get that they're building up a program but I think they should've just let her keep the heat and save Mercedes for some other day.
  16. Really good hour of wrestling and follows the good show last week. I would've killed to see Akiyama live and it's too bad the crowd didn't feel the same way. Takeshita just as good as ever. Starks is one of my favorite up and comers and I think he's a really damn good sympathetic babyface. I think he'll win the tournament. The 10/LFI stuffs needs to stop or be resolved finally. Too many Cornette geeks too.
  17. It would be extremely disappointing if Tony does business with Punk again, and I'd be super shocked and upset if he was on the show tomorrow. I'm done with the guy and I have a bad taste in my mouth from the guy. Give his spot to someone else. I still enjoy AEW a lot, and the workrate is superb, IMO. I watch Rampage and Dynamite live and FF through Dark and Elevation when I get time. Tony has his issues as a booker but who doesn't, booking 104 shows a year for TV. Things won't be perfect and he's probably burning out. WWE does nothing for me but I recognize it's gotten slightly better since Vince left but that is a given.
  18. Was the Vice doc something that WWE helped produce? I swear there was something coming out like that.
  19. I think I was there for that one in Struthers, Ohio when they would tape four shows at once. Good times but a really shit hole at the Struthers Field House. They did run there, I think, in the 70s and 80s too.
  20. I still don't really understand or at least, agree with him not getting a stronger reign. I haven't done much research into it but back then I remember rumblings that he wasn't a draw at shows. Surely, a guy like JBL couldn't have been a better choice at the box office though. Here's a fiery Latin babyface with charisma, who can work and talk. Hell, they gave a stiff like Benoit a longer reign and he couldn't have possibly drawn any better.
  21. I remember watching that Joe/Misawa match back in the day, expecting Joe/Kobashi, and being disappointed. Last week, I watched it again and realized its a pretty solid match. I might have just been expecting too much and thinking Joe might just steamroll Misawa, and be super dominant, which wasn't even how the Joe/Kobashi match went. I don't miss young me when it comes to wrestling philosophy.
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