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6 hours ago, goc said:


No. This is that stealing fraud Kawada doing a Ganso bomb that was not at all how you describe.


Awww that was an old GIF of mine back when I was watermarking them because "hotlinking" was a popular thing.  Brings back memories.

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On 11/1/2016 at 8:52 AM, goc said:

Just a reminder to vote Jimmy Golden for the One True Originator of the Golden (NOT GANSO) Bomb when you go the polls next Tuesday. If you vote for the lying stinking fraud Kawada then you are just part of the global wrestling media's bias towards Japanese wrestling and I hope someone punches you in the face and you don't even have enough Fighting Spirit to pretend it doesn't hurt.


Might have a contender here.  Go to 7:30 because I don't feel like making a gif.


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On Saturday, November 05, 2016 at 1:17 AM, Kevin Wilson said:


WCW having a random person on stage poorly jackhammering some loosely stacked concrete while Van Hammer makes his entrance is my new favorite thing.

What does the middle tombstone read?  You've got "Here lies Jed a rock fell on his head" on the right, and "Here lies Grace, her final resting place" on the left.  Does the middle say "Paula, she died from caula"?!  What the hell is Caula?!

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12 hours ago, rzombie1988 said:

It's supposed to be a gif, but not showing up as one - Ricky Banderas almost kills Flash Flanagan:


I wouldn't blame Banderas for that.  It's a dumb idea and he absolutely misses the table, but you can tell Flanagan is the one controlling the bump; Ricky isn't literally "throwing" him at all.  It's a work.  A dumb, ill-conceived work, to be sure, but a work nonetheless.

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