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I just finished watching Threemendous IV.  Dave sitting stonefaced at ringside with his massive notepad certainly is a thing.


I loved the story on Observer Radio a week or so ago when Jessayme Duke (mispelled) of Ronda Rousey buddies fame was sitting next to him looking over his shoulder asking about star ratings and then getting them exactly as Dave for the matches

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This is probably the best place to ask...


Is there a Zack Sabre, Sr.?  If not, why is Jr. Jr.?



I would imagine it's his father...


"Zach Sabre" is just the name he wrestles under, so it's definitely not the name of his father.  So far as I (and Google) are aware, there isn't a "Zach Sabre Jr." out there anywhere.  I assumed he just liked the sound of "Jr." for some reason or other.

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The DVD's and shirt was waiting for me when I got home from work. Only got as far as the first two matches. Concerning the second match on Stage One:


Is it true Andrew Everett's dong was signed to an NXT developmental deal? Good god, man! Put a sock on that hog!!

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