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BOLA 2015

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Anyone mind spoiling the results?


Sitting at the airport right now, so I can do this.  I'm not guaranteeing this is completely perfect, but it's at least pretty close.


Night 1:

Brian Cage beat Aerostar

Biff Busick beat Andrew Everett

Will Ospreay beat Mark Andrews

Non-Tournament: Angelico & Jack Evans beat Inner City Machine Guns

Pentagon Jr. beat Drago

Trevor Lee beat Trent?

Matt Sydal beat Fenix

Non-Tournament: Young Bucks & Roderick Strong beat "Eurotrash" (Tommy End, Zack Sabre Jr. & Marty Scurll)


Night 2:

Marty Scurll beat Rich Swann

Jack Evans beat Angelico

Chris Hero beat Timothy Thatcher

Non-Tournament: Drago & Pentagon Jr. beat Fenix & Aerostar (...I think? can't remember who actually won, ugh)

Tommy End beat Drew Gulak

Mike Bailey beat Drew Galloway

Zack Sabre Jr. beat Ricochet

Non-Tournament: Young Bucks & Super Dragon beat Biff Busick, Andrew Everett & Trevor Lee in a Guerilla Warfare Match


Night 3:

Jack Evans beat Brian Cage

Chris Hero beat Biff Busick

Zack Sabre Jr. beat Pentagon Jr.

Marty Scurll beat Trevor Lee

Mike Bailey beat Tommy End

Will Ospreay beat Matt Sydal

Non-Tournament: Young Bucks, Super Dragon & Roderick Strong beat Inner City Machine Guns, Fenix & Angelico

Chris Hero beat Jack Evans

Mike Bailey beat Will Ospreay

Zack Sabre Jr. beat Marty Scurll

Non-Tournament: Aerostar, Chuck Taylor, Trent?, Drew Galloway & Drew Gulak beat Timothy Thatcher, Drago, Mark Andrews, Tomasso Ciampa & Andrew Everett

Zack Sabre Jr. beat Mike Bailey & Chris Hero to win BOLA.  This was an elimination match: Hero pinned Bailey first, then Sabre tapped out Hero

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Match was goddamned amazing and Robert got his shit in.  There's a spot in the match that was the greatest thing I have ever fucking seen.


Jack Evans grabbed a fan's beer and chugged.  Then he started acting drunk, to HE'S A LIGHTWEIGHT


But THEN the motherfucker started doing spot on drunken kung-fu including a motherfucking scorpion kick




Jack also walked over to Meltzer, who was taking notes all night, and told him to write down that Jack Evans carries the team.

So Angelico grabbed the notebook and wrote something himself.  Hopefully Dave tells us what it is.



I also want to be sure to give a shoutout here to Max Landis, who bought pizza for the WHOLE FUCKING BUILDING and had it delivered at intermission.  Good brother.


SPEAKING OF GOOD BROTHERS yeah man I met Robert and SKoS which was pretty great.  Safe travels back, you guys!


RE:  Galloway - yeah, big dude.  Legit 6'5" or 6'6" - pretty sure he was the only guy on the show taller than me.

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I am so happy yet so jealous for you lucky gents who were able to go to this.  Your reactions have me supper giddy to see how this played out.  I'll get the DVD, sure, but man I could really go for next day on-demand like ROH does.  Star-studded attendees, insane matchups, and I'm sure a crazy as fuck atmosphere.  Shit, this is going to be so much fun to watch.  So glad you guys had fun, and happy to read Pentagon, Jr remember Tromataker.  Good stuff.

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Great meeting you guys as well! I had an absolute blast this weekend! Shows were all incredible with Night 2 in particular being blow away great. Still haven't got the chance to type up my thoughts yet but it was so great to see such a variety of styles and fans appreciating everything.


Was so happy to see how well all the AAA guys did. Aero Star had a rough start with Cage but more than made up for it the next two nights (& watching him practice his stuff was a major highlight for me this weekend as his practice spots are mind blowing  LOL). Pentagon has such an amazing live presence. He didn't have to do any MOVEZ or DIVEZ and he still could have been MVP of the weekend. When Zach's music hit and everyone realized the match they were getting the place was the loudest it's been all weekend. Jack did great working as a heel on the final two nights. Who knew he could talk so well?


Was my first exposure to a few of the UK guys. I specifically avoided Ospreay so this was the first time I could see him and it was the best decision possible since everything he did was new to me. I'm a big fan! The Zach/Scrull night 3 match was a masterpiece. Disagree with those who say it went too long.


Can't wait to see the DVD's.

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Got 90 minutes of sleep on Sunday night and then drove to the airport.  Turned out that Speedball was on my flight out of LAX.  I said hi to him briefly and then was like "Well, I'm tired and you're probably tired too..." and he gave me this "YES" like "you have no idea". :)

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I learned the hard way last night, do not watch these before going to bed.  Took a bit longer than normal to fall asleep because I was thinking back to the crazy shit I saw in that trailer.  I'm super excited to get these DVDs.

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