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BOLA 2015

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I was going to joke that PWG is making these announcements like they are part of that bad news Friday afternoon dump - but I realized that it is still morning there

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So just to summarize:


Will Ospreay

Marty Scurll

Timothy Thatcher

Mike Bailey

Chris Hero

Biff Busick

Mark Andrews

Brian Cage


Tommy End

Trevor Lee

Pentagon Jr.

Drew Gulak


Trent Barreta

Andrew Everett


Rich Swann

Jack Evans


Matt Sydal

Aero Star

Zack Sabre Jr.

Drew Galloway


Thought 1: God damn this is mind blowing. 

Thought 2: Why no Willie Mack?  I'd much rather have him than Galloway.

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You could almost book the matchups and winners via blind random draw and it would be an amazing tournament no matter what.


I attended BOLA 2013, which was a 16-man field, and only three of those 16 are in the 2015 version (Cage, Swann and Trent).  There's been quite a lot of turnover in a short time.  Which may be a good argument for me going again this year.

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Now that all 24 guys are announced, I can stop worrying about AJ Styles being in the tournament to shit it up like he did last year.

Well its pretty likely that Styles *won't* be the IWGP Champ by the time the tourny rolls around, so his "no job" clause should be inactive.

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I think AJ is booked in Europe that weekend so he won't be there.


Willie Mack was bitching on twitter about being excluded. Who knows.


Such an amazing fucking lineup. Forget the tourney, imagine the non-tourney match possibilites! Aero Star/Fenix/Jack/Angelico vs Ricochet/Swann/Everett/Lee!


I am so beyond hyped. This tourney is like wrestling heaven for me aside from Thatcher.

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