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BOLA 2015

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  • 2 weeks later...

Guess this works as an all purpose PWG thread now - just watched Hero vs Sabre Jr. from Mystery Vortex III and it's really fucking good.  Would definitely go out of my way to track this down.

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Red alert if you're still somehow trying to grab a ticket, or were counting on getting walk-ups.


PLEASE NOTE: There will be no walk-up ticket sales for the 2015 Battle of Los Angeles. Only fans with tickets purchased in advance will be admitted to the events. The remaining tickets go on sale on Tuesday, August 25, at 8PM PDT.    



That's from PWG's website

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If anyone going to BOLA could chant JUMP TUCK PRAY at Will Ospreay when he goes up top it would probably make his year.


A few of us did this but it didn't seem like he noticed.  Ospreay-Andrews was MOTN though.


Notable attendees:

- Dave Meltzer

- Lisa Marie Varon

- Rob Naylor 

- Konnan

- Chuck Taylor

- Human Tornado


Also heard something about Tom Lawlor being there, don't know what he looks like well enough to confirm.

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I saw all those people but didn't see Filthy Tom.

Add Robert to the list! Good meeting you dude!

Ospreay/Mandrews was the shit but man...not a bad match on the show. I've seen other MOTN arguments and they're all valid.

Tommy End landed on us

Tommy End is huge

Pentagon remembered me and gave me a brohug yay

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I got $1 in there.


These aren't the 2 matches that people are gonna be talking about, but when people see this show on dvd, you gotta compare/contrast Hero-Thatcher with Gulak-End.  The two matches were pretty similar in terms of ringwork, but Hero was busting his ass to get his match over - playing to the crowd, getting in a Thatcher fan's face, all that kind of stuff.  Gulak-End had no one doing that.  Result, the crowd went insane for Hero-Thatcher and was only sort of into Gulak-End.


Might have liked night 2 better than night 1.  There was a lot more variety overall.

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How much money did you throw into the ring after the Pentagon Jr & Drago vs Fenix & Aero Star match?

$5 and all my love for one of the best matches I've ever seen live.

Great show. I think the main event was great but I was running for my life.

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Yeah I remember when they announced Galloway people were furious like it was the super indy hiring the WWE reject.  Sort of the same people got bothered that CZW brought in CJ Parker for best of the Best.  But like CJ,if you saw him work outside of the WWE (Evolve in drew's case) then you know he brings it all the time.  Hell his matches with Roderick Strong have been incredible I think




OMG OMG Zach Sabre Jr vs Pentagon Jr is actually a thing   :wub:

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OMG OMG Zach Sabre Jr vs Pentagon Jr is actually a thing   :wub:


Some witty person a couple rows behind me called it "Best of the super Jrs".


I'm curious to see the time on the Zack-Marty semi-final match, because that thing felt like it went 40 minutes.  And then Zack had to get back in there for the finals!


Finally got a chance to meet tromataker and Robert at intermission.  Good dudes!

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