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RAW 2-10-14


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Please wait on the wailing and gnashing of teeth until after the show. Oh and I may or may not have created this thread now for a specific reason. Hmm...


Anyway - as far I can gather, tonight is

Cena vs. Orton

Mark Henry's return

Betty White "host" 


Since it is in the Staples Center - I am assuming someone is begging Kobe Bryant to show up

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I predict a Steve Nash injury.


I almost said that but didn't he legit hurt himself again last night.


Though that would be an amusing NBA report "Injured - Brock Lesnar" or something like that

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Dude, Rippa gave us ONE CHANCE to prove we could handle this.

C'mon piranesi, you know as well as I do that's like trusting Charlie Sheen to sit in a room with an 8-ball and *not* snort the whole thing in 20 minutes.

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The opening was a bunch of long-winded bullshit, but the Wyatts 6-man tag opener was great. There was a lot to love about the Real Americans-ChristMus tag too. The crowd was crazy-hot for Cesaro, and they delivered some fun physicality. Del Rio squashing Dolph by not only kicking out of the elbows at 1, but beating him in minutes, before being re-re-re-re-beaten by Big Dave was hilarious. LOVED LOVED LOVED the Wyatts-Shield staredown. Other than the wonky ending, it was perfect. Can't wait for Orton-Cesaro on SD. Main event was perfectly fine, but nothing too memorable beyond the no-selling for the flying leg slice bit.
















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I loved the Sheamus/Christian and Real Americans match. That was awesome. Cesaro and Sheamus trading blows... but the whole match was very good.


The Shield and Wyatts standoff was cool as fuck. Bray's finish on Mysterio earlier looked great. I posted the gif in the gif thread.


Main event was decent and LA was into it.


Good show.

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I saw this thread and figured something big was happening. 


So I started fast-forwarding. I stopped briefly for the Shield/Wyatt staredown, but I kept moving because I figured something big was happening after the Cena match.


I am still fast-forwarding, waiting for something big, but it appears to just be a Robocop promo.

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