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Raw 2-3-14


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- Regarding the recent WWE App promo by Dolph Ziggler and The Miz's quick commentary appearance on RAW last night, the idea is to do a "disgruntled angry men" tag team with the two.


YOU MONSTERS! What have you done!?!?!

The perfect role for the Miz is tag team partner who eventually turns on (or gets turned on by) his partner and then loses the resulting feud, so if they are using Miz correctly, this would build up Ziggler for a push. Ziggler feels like a guy who needs to be rebuilt by moving him sideways into the tag division for a while, anyways.

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Bryan v. Orton is definitely being slept on. These two click the way Orton and Christian clicked. Bryan has reached a point where he is consistently delivering matches of the year on random inconsequential raws. We're all spoiled.


How many wrestlers on the roster have ever had a match as good as Bryan v. Orton from last night? That could actually be a fun thread.


I'll take a stab:


Alberto Del Rio (Big Show LMS or Ziggler double turn match at Payback)

Antonio Cesaro (Ignoring indy work, at least his segment of the Bryan gauntlet)

Big Show (ADR LMS, Mayweather)

Bray Wyatt (Rumble vs. Bryan)

Brock Lesnar (Eddie, Taker HIAC, Benoit, Rey, Cena, take your pick)

Christian (Some of the Orton matches, ECW work, and I personally love the first TLC)

CM Punk (Does he still count? Lesnar, Rey, Hardy, Cena)

Dean Ambrose (various 6 mans)

Dolph Ziggler (vs. ADR at Payback)

John Cena (Umaga, Orton, Michaels, Punk, Lesnar, take your pick)

Rey Mysterio (Eddie, Jericho, Punk, countless WCW cruiser matches)

Roman Reigns (various 6 mans)

Ryback (Shield debut TLC)

Seth Rollins (various 6 mans, a couple singles with Bryan)

Sheamus (HHH at Extreme Rules 2010, Bryan 2/3 falls)

HHH (Rock IM, Foley, Michaels, Orton LMS, take your pick)

Taker (Foley, Michaels, Lesnar, Angle)

Usos (w/Bryan vs. Shield on SD last year)

William Regal (Benoit, Finlay, NXT work)


Orton/Bryan was quite good, but it's no lock for MOTY or anything. Lots of other guys on the roster have had MOTYC level matches, though. 

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I've been watching the shows live the last couple of weeks instead of speeding through them the next morning, and good lord is the announce team awful. JBL in particular is just the fucking worst, constantly taking dumb, non-storyline potshots at wrestlers and fake-laughing his way through the entire show. Lawler has a set of bad Friars Roast jokes ready to go regardless of context, and Cole's still got no presence post-heel turn. Back to Tuesday Morning RAW for me.



Lawler is so much worse than JBL it's staggering.


As someone else said, the main event isn't getting a lot of discussion because what's to discuss? If you give Daniel Bryan 30+ minutes and a competent opponent, it turns out you'll get a good match. Wow, who knew?

Meanwhile, yes, he got the clean pin, and then he got beat down afterward. SSDD.


God, get the fuck out of here.


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Also, how was Kaitlyn "trying too hard"? I hate this idea that certain women are only supposed to have one type of personality and if they don't fit the stereotype then they must be faking it..


She rubbed me the wrong way on NXT.  It's difficult to put a finger on 'trying too hard' without reviewing her work, but I remember a ton of cringe-worthy segments and her acting like the 'funny girl'. You know, the girl who THINKS she is just halirious and all her girlfriends crack up at her movie quotes, 'crazy' dances (like doing the robot while keeping a straight face), and over dependence on anything and everything cliche while avoiding complete originality at every turn. Guys normally find this girl annoying and only deal with her because of her hot friends.


Whether anyone on this board finds her attractive or not is besides the point- the personality was just TOO forced. Maxine was another girl who felt too forced at times. Toward the end of Maxine's run she found her groove and stopped playing a character. Katie Lea Burchill comes off as awkward more-often-than-not but still somehow comes off less fake than Katilyn with her funny girl stuff. Glad Katilyn is gone.

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Cheering crowd noise + No one in the crowd on camera evidencing any sort of reaction = Piped in, people. Emma is great, but that segment was a horrible debut to folks not familiar with her. Though I did love AJ's line about Summer and Emma having more talent and personality than anyone involved in the Aksana/Naomi match.


I think you're really short selling Santino's ability to work a crowd.


I'd never seen Emma, and the reaction the wife and I had was that she was cute, had great entrance music, and was interesting enough for me to not hit fast forward during a Fandango segment.  I don't know if anyone really paid attention to Lawler's "hokey pokey" thing.  In fact, when Lawler was on Stone Cold's show, he was mostly full of shit about everything, but I'm positive he was telling the truth about how he doesn't prepare at all before Raw.  Dude is the fucking worst. 


And yes, he's especially much, much worse than JBL, who is the only decent thing about the commentary.  Layfield is even funny sometimes, when he's not pimping hashtags and all that stupid shit they make them do.  He had one really funny last night about how he heard Billy Gunn backstage practicing his lines or something. 

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Also, how was Kaitlyn "trying too hard"? I hate this idea that certain women are only supposed to have one type of personality and if they don't fit the stereotype then they must be faking it..


She rubbed me the wrong way on NXT. 



Oh alright so that was only FOUR YEARS AGO..  Nobody was good on NXT. I'm not even sure they were doing their own thing out there. It looked like most of it was scripted. Kaitlyn was legitimately entertaining on Twitter and her interactions with Big E on Twitter/Instagram were great.


With that said, I forgot who I quoted and now that I see it was you..  It's probably best we both agree to disagree.

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They've been using that Billy Gunn joke for weeks

Yeah, JBL makes some reference to Billy forgetting his lines everytime the NAO do their schtick. Even Billy joked about it a couple times. JBL is probably the least of three evils but he's hardly good. I'd rather listen to a three man booth of Cole, Zeb, and AJ.

Actually, Zeb is probably the best color guy on the roster.

But Lawler really is the worst. I don't know how it happened but he's totally morphed into Rob Bartlett the past couple weeks. The other two guys discuss the match and he just randomly cuts in with a totally unfunny groan-worthy one liner. At least when JR was there he'd call him on the VFW Hall Roast material. As noted, JBL and Cole just fake laugh.

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I don't know what this says about me, but I kind of agree with Cibernetico as pertains to Kaitlyn. She always struck me as someone who wasn't nearly as funny or clever as she thought she was but wasn't aware of it due to the fact that no one ever told her to shut up because she was hot..

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