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  1. First time I'm hearing this, bloody hilarious! Please do continue to spread this rumour.
  2. Aja is barely mobile. I do care for Nyla and think they can put on a better hoss-off.
  3. Here's what I'd like to happen: Britt costs Rosa the match and we get a feud blow off match between the two in a FIFTEEN FOOT TALL STEEL CAGE. Sorry I got excited. Plus Rose vs Ryo in a ladies hoss-off is music to my ears.
  4. I know, it'd be more realistic if they were stealing toilet paper.
  5. Just make the tag titles Freebird rules so they can be defended in trios or tags?
  6. A Disney/Marvel spoiler thread might make sense just for the fact of the 2021 alone. Does mean this thread would die, but at least people would have a place they could come and ask questions without being bombarded. It's stupid hard to avoid spoilers now because of the darn algorithms. Football/AEW is on Youtube minutes after the programs it seems and is recommended in my face. Same thing on reddit. Means I either have to watch the programme asap or just avoid all internet including my phone until I see it. Which isn't practical really. The world is a changing.
  7. Riho is a fantastic wrestler, and you know who else is? Sasha Banks. Yes, I invoked her name. Both fantastic, but my only one negative would be that they both need to wrestle more like their weight class. Agility, technical wrestling, total David vs Goliath stuff. Basically wrestle like Rey. Because going strike for strike with some of the bigger ladies does not look realistic. But really this is nitpicking, they're both very good and I enjoyed Riho/Deeb a lot, definitely MOTN.
  8. Question for anyone who has Miles Morales on PS5: Are the graphics between Spider-Man remastered and MM noticeably different, or are they the same? Hopefully getting in a few days and trying to decide whether or not to play through the remastered version again before starting MM.
  9. I'm a millennial and I liked the above meme.
  10. I know nothing of Maki Itoh, so I'm going to go in blind and see my first impression. Really looking forward all the new talents being shown on AEW. My body is so ready for Riho / Deeb.
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