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  1. Not only that, but it's the women's match I'm narrowly looking forward to the most. I'm kind of pulling for the Alien to win the title, seeing as she's been around forever and always puts on good matches. But that would require someone to beat Jade...
  3. I took this approach and mentioned it along with my lego building, action figure collecting, miniature painting, obscure metal band listening, classic literature reading and rpg gaming hobbies and surprisingly there were no bites. My friend's say I need a geeky girl, well I am yet to meet such a delightful idea of a creature. But yeah, not mentioning these things leads to less than ideal results too.
  4. But it happened a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away so it could still be real. Kayfabe brother.
  5. My username is because I had just watched the film 300 which tells you how long I have been lurking on this board. I shortened it so Rippa would have less to type in the film best of lists. This username has lasted longer than Gerard Butler's career God bless him.
  6. Another good episode, you can tell it's much more solidly written that the last few seasons. The "Fargo" scene had me in stitches, looked so much fun to have filmed that day.
  7. Are... are you me? I don't need to type my list because it is the same as Zakk's. Even including the current wrestlers. Although I think Christian is going to sneak in my top ten sooner rather than later, probably Omega eventually too.
  8. I haven't played this since launch, thinking about picking it up again in the Black Friday sales. How's it playing nowadays? Worth it for £20? The gameplay and atmosphere was really enjoyable, just too many game-breaking bugs for me before.
  9. Somewhere JBL is spitting teeth
  10. Same with the firepit! I thought he put him under a frozen lake or something, but I guess I wasn't paying enough attention. The eyes of the person watching the girl definitely seem like Clancy Brown's eyes, but we'll see. I just enjoy trying to figuring it out, which is what I always loved about Dexter. Does seem to be a lot of coincidences or "neat" writing so far though. So his girlfriend is fine with Harrison appearing out of the blue and has no follow up questions. There just so happens to be another serial killer in Iron Lake even though Dexter explicitly moved there to avoid crime and temptation? I am enjoying Debra being the antithesis of Harry's ghost though, an antagonistic haunting instead of a philosophical paternal one.
  11. Just came to post this, dark horse could be one of Danielson's best matches since returning. Would love it if he runs through singles matches with all members of DO on his way to Hangman. Want to see him 1 v 1 vs. Silver, Grayson, Ten, Angels, Reynolds, Colt, they'd all be good, because of course they would.
  12. I'm thinking Bryan wins to continue Miro's "Loss of faith" storyline, Miro can easily come back strongly with another streak. Then do we get Bryan / Hangman? Does Bryan (officially) turn heel for that or would we get face vs face? I can see crowd reactions easily being 50/50 maybe 60/40 in Hangman's favour.
  13. Fixed this for you. Feelings were... stirred.
  14. A mixed bag for me, but some of the old Dex seasons were slow starters too. Michael C Hall really has a type doesn't he? His new squeeze could be Jennifer Carpenter's sister from another mister.
  15. Any Lulu match recommendations?
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