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  1. What are you, opposite Gordlow? Don't manifest that evil upon us!
  2. At the start the hallway they ran through during Order 66 was very reminiscent of Grogu's flashback during Mando. This series is going to be chock full of cameos.
  3. I love you. Took the words right out of my mouth.
  4. I'd drink a can of Stinger Splash.
  5. Oh yes, I like this idea. Do we have time to manifest this for Rampage? Someone get Tony another can of Bang! Or whatever energy drink is the popular sponsor nowadays.
  6. That was a great match, thanks for sharing! And in such a tiny ring too.
  7. Angels / Moriarty was great. That's 2 wins in 2 days over DO members for Lee. Let him run through them all like Danielson did as an audition to BCC. Kiss/Bravo was motn for me though. Never seen Bravo before, but he certainly made the most of his opportunity. Love Kiss' new gear. Seemed to be a bit more stiff and hurty than usual too, sign me up for heel Sonny.
  8. I see your Skye Blue and raise you a Sonny Kiss.
  9. Didn't see the ticket prices actually written anywhere in the thread. The cheapest seats are £112.50 ($140), ringside tickets are averaging £1500 ($1873). So yeah, completely ridiculous considering the current cost of living crisis.
  10. Punk's barely 15lbs heavier than he was then, and in fairness Joe looks like he ate that Joe since then. I know, I know the Brother's Samoan what's he gonna do. But I'm just saying the weight disparity between Cole and Joe is going to be a teeny tiny bit more. Like one of those birds that eats bugs off a rhino's back.
  11. I couldn't agree more. I don't buy Adam Cole as a threat against Peter Avalon let alone Joe, but somehow I'm likely going to have to watch Joe bump for him. Any one of those men you mentioned would be preferable over him in his spot. Plus the Young Bucks whose tiny legs couldn't even reach up to superkick Sting. Poor Stinger had to sell a double kick to the shoulders after no-selling a chairshot, making everyone look stupid. Serena's line about the breast implants and shaving her head should have got a really big pop and would have if she had a manager. I respect her wanting to try, but that's been like 3 or 4 segments now against Shida and Rosa where it's unfortunately fell flat. Time to give her a mouthpiece and let the Professor do what she's best at, taking limbs home with her.
  12. Hoping for Miro or CSRO vs Joe and Athena vs Britt. Maki would be cool too though.
  13. Angelico has got to be my most "rewind to see wtf he just did" wrestler of all time. Wish he was used a bit more, higher up the card, he's just too good for these short matches on dark.
  14. I think he was taking the piss out of himself for not standing up for himself in the past. The sarcasm was lost in translation for a lot of people.
  15. Whose music makes me the most excited to see them, is how I based my criteria for these 15 gentlemen: Jericho, Rock, Regal, Finlay, Eddie, Taker, Bryan, Bret, Austin, Steamboat, HBK, Rey, Punk, Christian, Joe. Angle, Lawler and Kingston all close-by too. Kingston, Moriarty, MJF, Garcia, Allin are likely candidates for my list 10 years from now. Maybe Cesaro too if he gets a good run over the next few years without the WWE restraints on him. Like Miro and others it will take a while I think for him to get the stink off him and get into a decent groove.
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