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  1. Also, does anyone know what this move Jack Evans uses to win this match at the 10:50 mark is called please? Just backslide with bridge or does it have another name? Thanks!
  2. I will like anything that gives me more Leyla Hirsch
  3. What even is this? A parody? A lifetime movie? It feels like it should be filled with canned laughter. Why would you make Aisling Bea, a very funny woman with a delicious Irish accent attempt an accent that is not her own? Why does the kid look like he is breaking the 4th wall everytime he talks? At least Buzz is back as the cop I guess? I'm actually mystified.
  4. Don't know if this has been mentioned anywhere, but on Disney there is this show "Only Murders In The Building", it's a light entertainment crime comedy starring Steve Martin, Martin Short and Selena Gomez. It's just something I put on for 30 mins every week while I eat my dinner, but the most recent episode was really good because it was entirely silent, mostly coming from the point of view of a deaf character. Really put it into perspective how difficult a lot of life would be without actually hearing voices or other noises. Anyway I just wanted to put the show over for doing something different for one episode.
  5. Just make it so that the existing titles can be won by trios and have freebirds apply to some but not all matches. Don't see why that wouldn't work and would save having another set of titles. Although I do want ladies tag titles sooner rather than later.
  6. No, no, tonight is the night the Cult of Windham destroy the Dark Order. Hangman comes back to rescue and reunite them later.
  7. Anybody know when the series 9 of AEW figures are being released? A quick googling didn't give me any joy. Want to pick me up a Thunder Rosa figure. Don't have the cash to buy all, just buy my favourites.
  8. That Kilynn / Hirsch match was fucking great. King looks better without the facepaint, losing one gimmick always a good idea, hope she keeps it that way. If it was me I'm putting Hirsch over on Wednesday. Agree with whoever said King is a better Kamille and Jade whilst still improving is poorer than Kamille. Make it look like the over confident star got surprised by something she hadn't seen before like a submission or complicated pin, she can get her win back later and I don't think it will hurt her. Plus it's Leyla's home town...
  9. Agreed, I'm getting major Movie 43 vibes from it.
  10. If he runs Craven Cottage I will be there to drown them out fanboying for everyone
  11. One of the reasons that it's exciting has nothing to do with CM Punk the wrestler and everything to do with CM Punk the fan. He was disillusioned with wrestling and WWE's style and culture so much that he quit and very publicly bashed them and said he was done, repeatedly said he was done to anybody that would listen. And now, he is back and so are so many disillusioned fans who are getting a renewed passion for the business.
  12. Professor is such a kickass nickname for Deeb, plus the woman of 1000 holds and her badass cape, she's my favourite wrestler right now. AEW got me watching NWA powerrr mainly because of her and Rosa.
  13. If only Armando Ianucci had knowledge of WWE, a Thick Of It style satire would be perfect. In fact the only Vince McMahon or Hulk Hogan biopic I would want to see is if they were in the style of the Death of Stalin.
  14. WWE being shitty with their new-old requirements is no surprise to anyone. Whatever you think about the NXT cuts, this is GREAT for indies around the world. AEW is getting bloated even with a new show, so everyone will have to find a home somewhere else. And with AEW being open to opening the forbidden door, I don't think we're going to be lacking in any fan service or guest appearances of anyone we want to see.
  15. It's been pulled from distribution in the UK due to Covid even though cases are decreasing. Apparently Shymaladingdong's Old is out here, but I've seen zero advertising. Didn't even know Jungle Cruise was out until today. What a strange time to be a consumer.
  16. We're a Joey Mercury away from the Straight Edge Society all being in AEW. Deeb could use Punk as a mouthpiece...
  17. All this talk about Punk / Omega or Darby. Give me Punk / Miro. Inject that shit into my veins.
  18. Would love it so much if TK's live event announcement is a UK show. Maybe at Craven Cottage. I'd sell my grandmother for ringside tickets.
  19. I'm not so sure yet. There's something off about it. Love Villeneuve, but the casting is just... too safe? Like of course it's Zendaya and of course it's Chalamet. Even Isaac and Brolin seem like safe but not the most exciting choices. Maybe I can be convinced before it comes out.
  20. You can just say that there is more than 1 Taskmaster. Same equipment, suit etc. Then we can have them vs Spiderman and other Avengers.
  21. Kilynn King vs Tay Conti on Dark was King's best match to date. They had some crazy chemistry together.
  22. You really needed to be 13 the first time you saw this. I was and still find it hysterical now.
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