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  1. Tony Khan's family are/is worth billions. He's said it before, he could afford to run AEW without any income whatsoever for many many years. It's not going anywhere. It will get bigger as casuals find out there are now two companies. It's hit a soft wall, not a brick one.
  2. That thumbnail needs to be a t-shirt already
  3. Why isn't anyone thinking Callis is the devil? His red forehead scar is pretty satanic, wouldn't be surprised if Wardlow joined the family as a ninja either. Ospreay vs MJF soon?
  4. Two women's matches though! Hopefully TBS triple threat doesn't get subbed to zero hour. 3 interesting characters in it.
  5. It was really dumb. If someone pitched it to Wight it was dumb. Even if Wight came up with it it was dumb. AEW needs someone whose job it is to say no to talent for bumps like that. A backstage spinebuster through a load of cardboard boxes with a drape over it would have sufficed.
  6. I am once again asking for Yano/OC, put Mox in the same block why the heck not?
  7. Funny because I can't stand Wade and his fake TV accent. I'm loving Nigel's heel commentary, it's almost Heenanesque, Schiavone works as a decent Monsoon for him too on the rare occasions they've worked together. Maybe Ricciaboni can fill that spot if he decides to go full-time. And hopefully, we soon see Nigel against that Clamdigger Brittle Bryan Danielson one more time.
  8. I love Butcher because he was old as shit before he even got into wrestling, which I give massive respect to. As for my dislike of Juice, he just hasn't connected with me yet and BCG as a group just doesn't butter my crumpet. It just takes time with some people to find their groove. Kind of like a foreign footballer coming into the Premier League, takes them a season to figure out how things work. Swerve had this for me and now I love his tricky/smooth wrestling ways. To be fair it was really hard to get to 10 I dislike, which speaks volumes to how talented AEW's roster is.
  9. Top 15 Favourites to watch regardless of in-ring ability/promos etc just the ones that my keep eyeballs glued to the screen: Andrade Angelico Bandido Bryan Danielson Christian Cage Claudio Castagnoli Eddie Kingston Jamie Hayter Lance Archer Miro OC PAC Samoa Joe Sting Swerve The bottom 10 that I skip the most when they're on: Adam Cole The Gunns Jay White Josh Woods Juice Robinson Kyle Fletcher The Young Bucks Matt Sydal Scorpio Sky Tony Nese Top 3 Commentators: Excalibur Nigel McGuinness Tazz
  10. One of the ninjas is noticeably bigger than the others, could easily be Wardlow.
  11. Nah I think you're right, and that's partly why they haven't got over with some viewers, he's still present in our minds and this guy is the Wish.com Temu version of him. Doesn't mean he isn't talented, just probably wasn't the right time for him to be featured prominently yet.
  12. What do you think of the idea of a Collision world championship? An increasing issue they have in AEW is that there are so many championship-calibre stars that are idling around in cul-de-sac feuds because there is nowhere higher for them to go. MJF is having an all-time great run and looks to be continuing his turn with the belt until at least Adam Cole is healthy or until this 2024 contract storyline comes to fruition. Miro, Hobbs, Malakai, Andrade, Samoa Joe, Bryan Danielson, Ricky Starks, Christian, Wardlow, Darby and many more could be vying for a world title or having a turn with it. Whether Bryan or Joe wants to have the belt is neither here nor there as I am a proponent of a belt having prestige, by having such names win it thus increasing its prestige further when a Jack Perry or Kyle Fletcher wins it in the future. I think it could be important in the future to say someone like BD or Joe were your brand's champion, not to mention Joe deserves to win a major world title at some point in his career.
  13. KOTFM was indeed one of the best movies I've ever seen as well. The only two negatives are the length, while it didn't feel like there was too much filler it could have been 30 minutes shorter without losing much context, and secondly, the ages of Leo/DeNiro were wildly wrong. You'd probably only know this if you'd read the book. Still, again DeNiro looks every bit 80 years old in this when Hale was actually only in his 50s during this time meaning Leo could've realistically played him, who did not look like a WW1 veteran in his 20s either. Other than that it was perfect in tone, colour and acting all the way through. The secondary characters look like they had been cast by the Coen's casting director and if it wasn't for the camera being in constant motion a lot of this movie felt like No Country at its best moments. Brendan Fraser in his very small role stole the courtroom scenes and his talking down to Ernest was so convincing I felt personally attacked when he called him a DUMB BOY as the camera was almost POV. Whilst Scorsese has been quite meta in his last two movies I would say this is better than the Irishman and I loved that too. Confident that this will easily hold up against his most well-known and acclaimed works.
  14. Both BD vs ZSJ and again vs Swerve, I had to physically stop watching the show and go have a break for 20 minutes to just decompress from the awesomeness of those two matches. We are eating so good right now I feel like a wrestling GLUTTON.
  15. I think we can all agree on that. If TK was on this board still he definitely would've been banned for being a gimmick poster by now.
  16. Ex / Tazz / Nigel would be my favourite combo with Tony / Mox / Menard / Jericho coming in to do bits too. Can see why they spread the work load out over Dynamite/Collison fair enough, but for PPVs we could get this.
  17. Chav is actually an acronym standing for Council House, Anti-social behaviour order (asbo), Violent. But yeah it's antiquated a bit now. ZSJ sounds like a middle-class southerner, and I should know because I'm also one...
  18. The thing I'm looking forward to the most tonight is the pure Britishness of the commentary during BD's match. Nigel and Zack are bound to say something naughty the rotw won't understand .
  19. Scanning tips: For fish and flying creatures you can scan them at a distance, don't have to wait for them to land or beach. Beetles are scavengers so wait for a hunting animal to kill a prey animal and the beetles will appear. If you're not sure what fauna you're missing, if you go to land on water and the landing point says 0% then it's a fish. I now have to decide between Crimson Fleet and the feds and I hate the characters from both, it's a conundrum. Think being a member of Crimson Fleet works out better financially over the long term...
  20. On the topic of learning more about Lucha, I would like to learn more about the "llave" style. After watching Angelico/Fenix I fell down a youtube blackhole and found some good stuff, but anyone got any easily accessible match recommendations?
  21. I accidentally picked up some harvested organs somehow, which were scanned as contraband. As a result, I am now undercover as a space pirate. Haven't decided if I will betray them later or turn double agent if possible. I have no idea what's happening, just know I love this game.
  22. Y'all out here booking EnC vs FTR and that's great and all an imma let you finish, but I want to see Old Man EnC vs Old Man Hardyz vs Old Man Dudleys. Bring in Rhyno and Spike for some 6 mans. Oh also, just brand his name as LEDGEND. He's earned that moniker at least.
  23. Haven't had time to read the whole thread, but just had to pop in and mention, Darby and Starks' selling tonight was both world class. OC too, but we already know that.
  24. Maybe now we can get that Miro main event push I always wanted.
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