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  1. Y'all are looking forward to possible Jericho vs Joe/Bryan/Homicide matches and here I am wishing for him vs Dalton Castle... *Edit* and the BOYS.
  2. Deeb vs Jade if Jade (continues?) to turn face would 100% be an interesting angle. Jade training with Danielson has lead to her using a few unorthodox / unexpected technical wrestling moves for such a big hoss of a woman. I think they'd actually mesh up really well and that story of can the greener undefeated champ beat a 15+ year veteran submission specialist definitely interests me. Either way I'm sure Deeb vs Storm will be a great match tonight, hopefully we can get a second women's segment on the show tonight too with Britt or Jade etc
  3. Shame Deeb is going to get jobbed out with no build. Would've loved an actual program with actual stakes between the two.
  4. Looks like Inarritu has outdone himself, there's some insane camerawork going on just in the trailer. Looks Jodorowsky influenced too.
  5. Their match still holds up, especially with Regal's debut afterwards. Just watching it has put me in a good mood after some tough dental work this morning. Main difference in Mox/Danielson 1 is BD is an out-n-out heel. For this match he is more of a tweener, but maybe he will lean more heel during the match. What a run these two men have been on. Not to forget Eddie and Yuta too.
  6. I really need to rewatch Mox / Danielson 1 again. Anyone know what show it was on? It was one of my favourite AEW matches and definite MOTYC. I genuinely don't think they can one-up themselves if they wrestle the same match. They're going to have to change it up, excited to see how.
  7. Shawn Spears was and always will be better as a comedy wrestler. His best match in AEW was that one where he had Tully's face on his boxers. Tully told him to get serious after that and I was most disappointed. If only IIconics/IInspiration had signed with them back then, we could have a different more entertaining set of AAA intergender champs right now.
  8. Athena is essentially female Brian Cage. A CAW with no psychology, rhyme or reason to anything. Talented though of course.
  9. What about a skater chick phase? Because when I was 14 all I wanted was a girlfriend who looked like Avril Lavigne, and now I'm 35... all I want is a girlfriend who looks like Avril Lavigne. She has aged well. *edit* OOF I've just googled what her fiance looks like and now I'm depressed.
  10. Sarcasm dude. Already look and feel amazing thanks. Edge, Christian, Jericho and Luther et al look great for their ages too regardless of their new diets .
  11. Can't wait until I'm in my late 40s early 50s to get on that trt diet every old man wrestler seems to be on nowadays.
  12. Mox / Sammy will be a glorified squash, I see Mox battering the granny out of him inside 12 minutes. We're getting Danielson as champ for when the network situation needs a well known face.
  13. I also like it, shame Angelico will lose as he usually does against name wrestlers. Danhausen / PPA is a main event pay per view level calibre match and TK is giving it away on YouTube? We're so spoiled.
  14. Moxley vs Punk is going to be drama filled and characterful and violent...but I think JB / Christian have a chance of stealing the show here.
  15. Returning to the women's talk, I think you've all covered most of the matches there are to see and hopefully we'll get in the next calendar year. However, when rummaging through a toyshop and buying her figure recently, I was reminded of how much I miss Shida. She got done dirty. Carried the women's division on her back during the pandemic, and aside from the awesome Deeb feud has barely been seen since. Is she full time to AEW and wrestling in general? If anyone could work a "I deserve the applauds and accolades Rosa is currently getting" heel turn it would be her. Imagine she does a deal with the devil and starts a vicious tag team with Deeb? *Vince meme template insert here*
  16. Any chance KiLynn goes over clean as a sheet, gets signed and gets the mega push she deserves? A man can dream. Either way this match is going to be good on a card full of good matches.
  17. He already took the box off his head at his local indy to set up a match with his former tag partner in October, so I'm sure it won't be long. Especially if we get him vs Pac soon from the UK.
  18. Must be the Billion Dollar Man right? Inflation jokes.
  19. Can't wait for some Daredevil. This show looks good too, don't expect Banner to be in it for more than 2 episodes. Going to try catch this one week to week on the day rather than binge watch at the end. Still haven't watched Moon Knight for example, so this must've grabbed my attention more.
  20. Personally hoping for Mox - Punk (heel turn) - Kingston, but there are many combinations that would be fun tv.
  21. His podcast is amazing, it's just such a shame that because of the way his mind works you listen to him for 30 minutes to get 2 minutes of actual content . Badly needs an editor or someone better at helping him land the plane.
  22. That had to have been Rosa's best match with someone not named Baker right? So so good. Angelico's training camp with Navarro paying off too, some very hurty looking moves in his little squash too. Hope they build him to a level where he can have competitive long matches with the likes of BCC et al.
  23. Just a ridiculous abundance of riches between this, week 2 and the ROH ppv. Actually too much good wrestling, I barely have time for it all. Not complaining though!
  24. Takeshita vs Mox got me like: Takeshita is having such a good run, he's snuck into my current top ten active wrestlers / lard boy power rankings: Mox, Danielson, Kingston, Garcia, Moriarty, Claudio, Joe, Punk, ZSJ, Takeshita. Not sure about my women's list right now. Reminds me, where's Leyla Hirsch and Abadon been? Dynamite is looking STACKED. Hager vs Claudio could surprise a lot of people, I'm thinking Hager's best AEW match is about to happen.
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