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  1. Didn't see the ticket prices actually written anywhere in the thread. The cheapest seats are £112.50 ($140), ringside tickets are averaging £1500 ($1873). So yeah, completely ridiculous considering the current cost of living crisis.
  2. Punk's barely 15lbs heavier than he was then, and in fairness Joe looks like he ate that Joe since then. I know, I know the Brother's Samoan what's he gonna do. But I'm just saying the weight disparity between Cole and Joe is going to be a teeny tiny bit more. Like one of those birds that eats bugs off a rhino's back.
  3. I couldn't agree more. I don't buy Adam Cole as a threat against Peter Avalon let alone Joe, but somehow I'm likely going to have to watch Joe bump for him. Any one of those men you mentioned would be preferable over him in his spot. Plus the Young Bucks whose tiny legs couldn't even reach up to superkick Sting. Poor Stinger had to sell a double kick to the shoulders after no-selling a chairshot, making everyone look stupid. Serena's line about the breast implants and shaving her head should have got a really big pop and would have if she had a manager. I respect her wanting to try, but that's been like 3 or 4 segments now against Shida and Rosa where it's unfortunately fell flat. Time to give her a mouthpiece and let the Professor do what she's best at, taking limbs home with her.
  4. Hoping for Miro or CSRO vs Joe and Athena vs Britt. Maki would be cool too though.
  5. Angelico has got to be my most "rewind to see wtf he just did" wrestler of all time. Wish he was used a bit more, higher up the card, he's just too good for these short matches on dark.
  6. I think he was taking the piss out of himself for not standing up for himself in the past. The sarcasm was lost in translation for a lot of people.
  7. Whose music makes me the most excited to see them, is how I based my criteria for these 15 gentlemen: Jericho, Rock, Regal, Finlay, Eddie, Taker, Bryan, Bret, Austin, Steamboat, HBK, Rey, Punk, Christian, Joe. Angle, Lawler and Kingston all close-by too. Kingston, Moriarty, MJF, Garcia, Allin are likely candidates for my list 10 years from now. Maybe Cesaro too if he gets a good run over the next few years without the WWE restraints on him. Like Miro and others it will take a while I think for him to get the stink off him and get into a decent groove.
  8. Man, I can't wait for The Baddies vs BCC for the trios titles.
  9. I'd rather Tony Nese was in Adam Cole's spot. That's how boring Cole is.
  10. Definitely. I love that he's entirely soft spoken during the whole thing. So many promos are stereotypical shouty wrestler promos, and here we have Mr. Regal being quiet and scaring the shit out of people 100x more powerfully because of it. This is how Cesaro should have been given promo time back in the day, instead of just here's a mic kid go fail in front of everyone.
  11. The man deserves to be quoted in large font again. Loved his match, including the full Johnny Saint leapfrog spot. Anyone who watches World of Sport for inspiration is good with me.
  12. JFC you weren't kidding. Everytime Mox put the bulldog choke on I saw ARTERIAL SPURTING. Lawlor saw how Yuta bladed and said hold my beer.
  13. Got my tickets for opening night Thursday next week here in the UK. Imax 3D so I may need new eyeballs and will suffer ptsd from the surround sound. But Wanda in 3D I won't mind so much.
  14. Agreed with whoever said Deeb could do with her very own Paul Heyman. To me, she is the best WRESTLER in the women's division, thus she should go over Thunder. But that is unlikely to happen because unfortunately it's mostly appreciative crickets when she's out there. With the right mouthpiece though she could be the female Bret.
  15. Oh my God, we're going to get FTR+Punk vs BCC at some point aren't we? Maybe I wasn't so evil in a past life after all.
  16. Just working my way through Dark and I need to have a gripe for once. Why is Statlander's entire presentation different without any reference to it? Her music, where she hails from, her finisher name all different and for seemingly no reason. This is the sort of thing that should set AEW apart from WWE, taking the time to show the development of the character changes. Otherwise you may as well just call her Gunther and never mention it again. Same goes for Julia Hart, shit or get off the pot Tony, hurry up already at least do something. All we've had is her bruise is getting bigger. Why are Red Velvet and to a lesser degree Kiera Hogan now baddies? Velvet had some hard fought babyface battles against her and now that's it, again no explanation? I know there's a lot to fit in, but a 30 second promo would suffice.
  17. And Punk did have his Bret colours on against Dustin...
  18. Adam Cole had an interesting line in his promo on Dynamite. "A member of the undisputed elite is going to take the whole damn thing." If Kenny could get back in time for an early squash match for the Owen Hart...
  19. I know I like Cash, and I know I like Dax, I just still don't know which one is which.
  20. It's about time, I hope he and Serpentico will be very happy.
  21. Think I'm going to break my cinema drought for this. Only seen Spiderman at the cinema since 2019, so it's a big deal. Love Robert Eggers, the VVitch was so good. If I don't break my streak for Northman then I definitely would for this if it gets a proper release. Body horror is my favourite sub-genre of horror and Cronenberg is the master. Looks like he's made it fresh again somehow in this one. He's one of the only few directors I've seen every single film of. Very excited he's come out of retirement for this and has Viggo back with him too.
  22. I thought the season was going to be Q-centric, but it's teasing something I never knew I wanted: A borg zombie apocalypse story in modern times. Don't know if we'll get it either with only 3 episodes left unless they get a move on. The plot has slowed down a lot in the last 3 episodes. Hopefully they can stick the landing.
  23. I said this on January 12th: I don't get it right much, so let me have this one, I told you so! Didn't think it would be so quick, but I am looking forward to seeing what Heel Tay can do. Wonder what they'll do with her team with Anna Jay? She's been tagging with Ruby as of late, hopefully they don't just ignore it, it could be interesting. Heel Tay vs Ruby would be fun too.
  24. We need a pants free emoji
  25. 100% Jamie Hayter. Leyla Hirsch still needs to join Team Taz. Deeb can rejoin CM Punk's new Cult of Straight Edge Personalities or whatever he'll call it when he eventually turns heel again. Add Moriarty and Garcia turning on Jericho and we have the full gauntlet.
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