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    Police are interested in the following suspects:
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    *pours champagne into glass* *sets glass down* *drinks from bottle*
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    I think Adam Page's tweet about it might be the best one yet - especially since Mia Yim has a brilliant reply.
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    Package has been delivered.
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    Yeah, I still can't believe Buddy Murphy didn't make it into the second round, either.
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    It's those involved making the best of a bad situation.
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    He should be celebrated for that alone. Fuck Hugh Morrus
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    Punk telling the crowd to not buy into any "Us vs. Them" bullshit regarding AEW and WWE was wonderful. When he said, " You can watch both! And enjoy the wrestling!", I thought "Amen." In this age of DVR and streaming, the ideas of ratings wars and picking a side seem silly.
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    The Shadow is too embarrassed right now to to even speculate where this is going....
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    Open the Cracker Barrel Champion
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    In a just world, Raw would have ended with Bayley and Sasha getting garbage pelted at them ala Hogan after his heel turn. Little girls should be crying. Protective dads should call for the death of Bayley -- the hero of their daughter who just broke hearts everywhere by turning heel and caving into Sasha's influence. But, instead, we get a bunch of doofuses (I'm assuming largely sexless, let alone without families) chanting YES! at such a villainous act. Wrestling fans are the worst. Still -- great friggin' ending.
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    I feel like Bobby Heenan when Hogan revealed himself as the third man in the nWo. Sure, I can bask in the glory of being right all along, but at what cost? Now I have to see more Bayley and Sasha on my tv.
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    I told you guys Bayley was acting like a heel recently!
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    I love all these variations on Total Elimination
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    We all know the real culprits here are Johnnie Walker and Jack Daniels.
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    They need to get in contact with this dude, quick!
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    Came for cute top 5 animal GIFs, left disappointed.
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    Being a better owner than Mike Ashley is a very low bar to set.
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    Corbin is solid. Corbin’s push and presentation are wretched. But he’s a big dude, can go a bit, is great at talking shit. I’m a fan. He’s unfortunately kind of the face of this boring, soulless era of Raw because of how much airtime he gets and his awful presentation, including the false promise of 10 dollar Endless Apps.
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    Seth turning on the Shield? Wrestling fans, or WWE fans anyway, don't boo or cheer wrestlers, so much as they boo or cheer wrestling. Wrestling booking, even. So a heel turn they think of as bad wrestling (breaking up an act they would have liked to stay together, for example) gets booed. Whilst a heel turn they wanted/ expected, that makes sense and sets up good things for the future, that gets cheered. Spend all those years telling people this is entertainment, you can't complain when they start cheering or booing based on whether they think something is entertaining or not.
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    Did you see Rambling Rabbit? Rambling Rabbit held a Help sign and Bray moved him aside.
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    They should just completely ripoff the Kanyon/Raven vignette from WCW, complete with Sasha turning to the camera and saying "Whatta mark."
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    That’s a sweet finish. They’ve come a long way.
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    The best thing to do if they go with this for TV would be to build up a “Who stole the belt angle” for TNT, and then have the person reveal themselves by busting Jericho open with the belt to make them the challenger at AEW Full Gear.
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    Please... This dude goes to Longhorn for fucking steak dinners. This guys drinking the dirt cheap stuff. Story would’ve been more hilarious if he was eating at a Sizzler.
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    I blame Buzz Tyler. Or the Snowman.
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    You sound like a man who has danced with the devil in the pale moonlight
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    Bray Wyatt definitely has to win the WWE Universal Championship. You then do less is more, by doing that an appearance by the Fiend stands out. Alternate that with Firefly Fun House segments and some weeks do neither. Besides we're used to an absentee WWE Universal Champion in Brock Lesnar ; ).
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    The nearest Cracker Barrel restaurant to Craven Cottage is 3500 miles away. Blah blah foreign fans etc.
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    Sasha has been an A+ since she returned and an even better act than she was in NXT. I loved her just leaning back, watching Bayley's turn unfold with an evil smirk on her face. And her holding Bayley's hand in triumph is also great. Just an evil, manipulative woman who lured her best friend into the darkside.
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    I only tuned in for the tag match. Really good match with an all-time ending. I -- a 41-year-old man grading papers for a college class he adjuncts for -- screamed NO BAYLEY NO and nearly woke up both my wife and newborn. They can still hook me in, and I'm proud to say that! I thought they were going to do a slow burn to a Sasha vs. Bayley match (heel Sasha runs rampant until Bayley says enough is enough) but I like this a lot more.
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