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  1. It’s being reported Goldberg is not ok. Hopefully it’s not true but it’s described as he can’t walk by himself...too much of a stinging sensation throughout his body.
  2. My God I just saw the video of Undertaker dropping Goldberg on his head doing the Tombstone. You can see Goldberg yell out in pain right after the move. Undertaker gets dropped on his neck...Jesus. Are there any injuries to either men?
  3. I’m guessing the mystery partner with the Luch Bros at Fyter will be Jack Hager.
  4. My prediction I put on the DON thread was 70-80,000. A remarkable start for AEW in pretty much every category you can think of when it comes to their launch.
  5. AEW signed Sadie Gibbs..although it might have actually happened in March according to some reports. Sadie Gibbs is quite the talent. She reminds me of Hangman Page because she can fight small and do the flips etc..but she is also very tough in the ring and can fight big..brawling.
  6. Has there been any PPV numbers released yet for DON?
  7. It goes the same for right wingers who thinks a right wing Wresting program can reach the masses. It can’t. Ridiculous.
  8. So you approve of AEW decision if they mixed in progressive political messaging into their entertainment content? Ok, good to know. I don’t need to take anything you say in the world of Professional Wrestling seriously anymore. Because that is quite possibly the dumbest position I have ever read on a wrestling message board.
  9. What dude wouldn’t get it? I have watched WWE maybe 6 times in the last 3 years...so forgive me if I did not appreciate how far right wing that they have gotten. My point still stands...if AEW becomes a show for only those who agree with you on all political issues then it’s gone. If it becomes a show for those only who believes in all the stuff AOC believes in...AEW will die. Same with WWE. Why cut your potential audience in half? Horrible business. This will be my last comment in this truly stupid subject of politics in wrestling.
  10. If you ran a wrestling company just for those who politically agree with you...you would be out of business in no time. ESPN had to eliminate their political speech on their shows because too many consumers was leaving them. Im a progressive on some issues...conservative on others. I’m not watching a wrestling entertainment program to listen to political talk from right or left. AEW has had a brilliant start to their launch. I’ve already spent my hard earned cash on the product and I don’t regret it one bit...DON was fantastic. But if AEW turns into AOC TV or if WWE turns into Trump Land I will turn them off and there won’t be any hesitation.
  11. Another incredible Moxley video on his twitter account. MOX will be in Japan on June 5th. Who in the hell is making these videos? How much money is Khan spending on these videos? Holy crap!
  12. AEW & WWE need to stay out of politics as much as possible. To do otherwise is not making good business decisions. When it comes to inclusion nobody holds a monopoly on its idea and goals. My Wife of 17 years was born in Mexico City (I’m white). She is waaaay more conservative than myself politically, but she is much more inclusive than anyone I know in my life. Things are never as “Black & White” as they seem. AEW inclusive message is fine...but become political and they will suffer.
  13. Total PPV buys for DON? Has it been made public yet?
  14. So it must have been Khan’s money behind Moxley’s video..wow.
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