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  1. I was the one who brought up the name Warhorse in the other thread. If you are going to have this unhealthy obsession with me please pay better attention.
  2. Tomorrow night’s Dynamite is a taped show. I now think Moxley’s excitement is about the Cody/WARHORSE match.
  3. After listening to the tape again it sounds like Moxley was very pleased with a match that happens tomorrow night involving a wrestler whom hardcore fans would know...so I think this excitement is for Cody vs WARHORSE. Moxley wanted to discuss why casual fans would also get excited and hooked but the host interrupted Moxley’s attempt to further promote tomorrow nights Dynamite show.
  4. Ok everyone...listen to the last 4 minutes of the tape. I just listened to it again and I got some of it wrong. Moxley is talking about a huge surprise and it will excite the hardcore fans who follow the business worldwide but then was about to express why causal fans will get excited but got interrupted by the host of the show. I don’t think this your typical BS...this is something Moxley is pumped for in a big way. Maybe something to do with New Japan Wrestler or the organization itself? Please give it a listen (very last 4 minutes) and put down what you think. Thanks.
  5. Thanks for the link. What do think? It sure seemed to me Moxley was genuine in his expressive excitement over this surprise happening tomorrow night. But maybe I’m getting fooled. Would love to know what you all think this could be about.
  6. Did anyone of you listen to Moxley on ESPN’s Dan Lebatard (spelling?) show this morning? There was a point late in the interview where Moxley got all excited and repeated 3 times that there was going to be a huge surprise on Wednesday night which will help hook casual lapse wrestling fans to AEW. Moxley said he wasn’t going to give the surprise away but it will be a huge surprise. The excitement from Moxley seemed very genuine. Off hand I can’t really think of a surprise which would fit Moxley’s description other than a Sting appearance. If this ESPN interview with Moxley pops up anywhere before tomorrow night I will copy it on to this thread.
  7. It’s just another reason why they can’t bring on Miroslav as another big man heel.
  8. Seriously...if Omega is going heel...if Cody goes heel eventually with Arn..it’s time to bring in a huge face which can connect instantly with AEW fanbase and that is Miroslav.
  9. Shadow’s note to Mr. Tony Khan: Please bring in/debut Miroslav as a face and have him destroy Cody in an open challenge for TNT Championship. This destruction of Cody makes Cody do full turn and ushers in new “4 horsemen” with FTR and Spears/Tully/Arn. Miroslav as a face who starts out as dominating face who believes in justice..yada..yada....who begins his AEW career destroying Cody is all gold. Do it Khan. Do it.
  10. WWE Raw 1.561 Million AEW Dynamite 788,000 773,000 difference. The gap has never been this close.
  11. Have any of you noticed Spears is not a part of any match or announced segment in part 1 or 2? Its because Tully and Spears will make their presence known when Nyla Rose “in action” goes against Tesse Blanchard on July 8th. All the bread crumbs....the Shadow always knows...
  12. Night 2 of Fyter Fest: Nyla Rose in action. Nyla Rose in action?? Nyla Rose in action!!!! You all know what this means right??!! AEW keeping this slot open for Tesse Blanchard!! How do I know you ask? The Shadow always knows......
  13. Double or Nothing ends with a stare down between Jericho and his bat “Floyd vs Sting and his black bat....somewhere in the Football Stadium...or possibly...Jericho standing on the Football field holding his bat as Sting shows up on the big TV/scoreboard with a short statement holding his bat. But either way it will start the buildup for Jericho vs Sting for 1st time ever at the next AEW PPV.
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