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  1. Good point. So my dreams of Tessa in AEW are dashed? It seems so.
  2. Good, don’t judge me. If myself and my Wife never forgave anyone for being racist or ignorant in how they expressed themselves we would live in our own anger and depression. I’m black and my wife is Hispanic of Spanish/Mexican/Indian origin. In our own families their is much ignorance among our mixed ethnic & religious members. Does Tessa Blanchard have some growing up to do?....yes. But I’m certain there are no perfect professional wrestlers and message board warriors on pro wrestling sites.
  3. Ok.... So where does Tessa Blanchard end up? Since I’m 0-12 in announcing her arrival to AEW just wondering what you all thinking on where Blanchard ends up and when.
  4. Honest question. Who do you all think won the bidding war on Tessa Blanchard?
  5. Absolutely. KENTA not only opened the forbidden door but took it off its hinges.
  6. Omega + Kenta taking out Moxley...piece by piece.
  7. Kenta was the one who busted up Moxley’s nose. NJPW and AEW has finally come together. Omega leader of a cross promotional new Bullet Club. Buckle up!
  8. 40 years ago Ole Anderson turned on Dusty inside a cage. Its time Double A. Its time for an Anderson to turn on a Rhodes again. All of the 4 Horsemen Shadows are in agreement. This must be done!!!!
  9. Please MJF...please turn down the Inner Circle Invitation!! The Apocalypse under Blanchard and Anderson is your future MJF!!!
  10. “The balance of power in wrestling will shift tonight”.... Is an extremely odd way of phrasing if this truly is all about MJF joining Inner Circle.
  11. I thought it would be the announcement of a 3rd hour on TNT but that’s not it since Tony Khan spoke more of it today indicating it will happen in 2021. I hope the “balance of power” announcement tonight is about a working relationship with NJPW.
  12. I still don’t think MJF accepts Inner Circle’s invitation to join the group.
  13. That’s what I’m here for...you welcome.
  14. Yeah, I’m hoping for a PAC return with some huge impact tonight. But the person I’m praying to make her AEW debut at Full Gear is Tessa Blanchard. If it doesn’t happen tonight she might be WWE bound and that would suck. There is no better time for Tessa to join AEW.
  15. Inner Circle won’t be a heel faction after tomorrow night. The new Apocalypse will be the top heel faction in AEW. Matt Hardy will defeat and “cleans” Sammy’s soul and Sammy becomes a mega face who will be having a great feud with MJF here shortly. Ortiz and Santana will be the next huge opponents for FTR and the Apocalypse. Cody has some new members in his faction to take losses from Apocalypse. There is no way Arn Anderson is not turning on Cody Rhodes and his family. With Tully banned from ringside this is where Double A comes in and costs Young Bucks the Tag Team Titles to e
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