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  1. Totally inexcusable that AEW is still struggling with audio on Dynamite. Its killing their presentation. Visually AEW is good but the unbelievable poor audio is killing their brand. It’s becoming a joke. Tony Khan needs to start firing some people. The death of AEW comes at the hands of audio issues. Unbelievable.
  2. Scorpio Sky drinks the bubbly tonight!! New World Champion!! AEW trends #1 world wide tonight!! Its happening!!!
  3. Tonight, Scorpio Sky becomes AEW World Champion!! How do I know? How did I know Jericho would defeat Omega with a sudden Judas Elbow? How did I know Jericho would defeat Cody my MJF throwing in the scarf..err..towel? Scorpio Sky’s victory tonight will be another indication of Tony Khan’s genius, unpredictable, make stars booking. How do I know this is going down tonight? Simply.... The Shadow knows.
  4. Scorpio Sky will be the first one to pin Jericho’s shoulders to the mat for the 1-2-3 in AEW.. ....and it happens tonight!! The Shadow knows...
  5. Check out Tessa Blanchard’s tweet right after the conclusion of Cody Rhodes’s promo. Its happening baby!!
  6. Jericho vs Cody enters the last 2 minutes of their 60 minute match. Cody has been dominating...Jericho is a bloody mess. Cody has had most of the offense...but suddenly... Jericho puts Cody in the Walls of Jericho... 50 seconds left to go in the match.... 40 seconds to go... If Cody just survives the submission he will for sure win on the judges scorecards. 30 seconds to go.. 20 seconds to go... What?......what is this???? Cody’s 2nd in his corner has thrown in the towel. More like Cody’s 2nd has thrown in his scarf. Ref has no choice but to end the match and winner is Jericho. MJF has cost Cody his world championship. MJF argues he was just trying to save his friend from serious pain and injury. The Shadow knows..
  7. AEW TV Title. The Shadow knows....
  8. It’s being reported this morning that Tessa Blanchard is now officially a Free Agent. Brace for impact. Tully & Tessa AEW
  9. Cody and Jericho are both running HOT! Their World Championship match at Full Gear is going to draw some really good numbers. AEW needs to give Mox & Omega a promo together in the ring before Full Gear. AEW has put together a real good first month.
  10. I’m guessing. The Shadow still knows nothing...
  11. My guess is Cody will announce he won’t be having his Wife at ringside anymore during his matches....instead he will be having MJF, who will eventually cost Cody his victory over Jericho.
  12. I agree on both. Couple upsets happening next week.
  13. The AEW show last night was fantastic. The storylines are starting to emerge with some of them being short term stories and some of them being long term storylines. Page at some point turns heel and I think we might see a little bit of an imbalance on the roster favoring the heels but we shall see. I love Riho. She is a tremendous baby face who will for now always get the crowd behind her in her matches. Hopefully Darby Allin gets some air time next week. The young man is a budding superstar. MJF is a moneymaker, a ratingsmaker for AEW. I can’t wait for next week.
  14. I haven’t been this excited to see some Professional Wrestling since NWA/AWA 1978. Don’t ask me why....I don’t have a good answer.
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