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NFL Week 5 Thread


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The one good thing is that today's games have already put the brakes on the folks around here being all WE WILL BE PLAYING FOR FIRST PLACE!!!


1) Because the Eagles won

2) Because they realize the Cowboys will score 40 on their secondary


So at least I have that

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Also, not to drive Philly and San Fran fans to drink, but how hilarious would Reid and Smith winning a Super Bowl in Kansas City be?

I would be ok with it unless it was Philadelphia they are playing. Which seems highly unlikely. I said when he left I wish him well but am glad he's gone. It is probably good for his overall health to get away from here. The whole black cloud of his son being buried here.

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I'm playing the guy with Romo in our fantasy league.Thankfully, he started Philip Rivers, so that 47 points is on the be ch.

My opponent this week has Romo.  I still have a chance (down 20 at the moment with three guys playing tomorrow night) but I thought I was going to win when he didn't get Megatron pulled.

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