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NFL Week 5 Thread


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From what I've seen, theIBears D is being made to look bad by Jimmy Graham.. and even Al Toon's son Nick.

thought his son's name was Car. . . .


I am glad that Al is better at naming kids than Kanye is.


I hope that Dolfan is still on his cruise and he's not watching the Dolphins game, now they're down by 10. I have a feeling that Fowler wishes he was on a cruise so he did not have to see the Lions play.

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I dunno who the bigger undefeated frauds are: the Pats or the Chiefs.


Pats :(



Not so fast there :o


Can anyone catch the ball in New England? It doesn't look that wet


EDIT:  Okay now it looks like it is pouring.  Someone needs to tell hoodie coach that the hoodie is used when it starts raining. 

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