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  1. Quite hard to win a game when your defence can't force a single negative play or make a single stop. Just an absolutely embarrassing game for the Patriots when the lone highlight was a blocked extra point. The Bills, and Josh Allen in particular, looked excellent.
  2. Probably not news to anyone, but the Jaguars are horribly bad. New England already have 50 on the board with 7+ minutes left in the fourth and Hoyer in.
  3. "Graham Ga-no good" is a lofty standard to beat.
  4. Is it possible to reverse the Stephon Gilmore trade to the Panthers?
  5. I cannot let it pass without mentioning that Lovie Smith's beard is absolutely majestic.
  6. Are there strong crosswinds inside NRG? Both teams have missed XPs and a kickoff went out of bounds. Missed XP count now at 3.
  7. Sun is variable this time of year in England, but the new Tottenham Hotspur stadium was built explicitly with facilities to host NFL games. E.g. the changing rooms are much larger than a normal soccer stadium and it has two pitches with one for Spurs to play on and a synthetic one that can be slid in for NFL games (and concerts, boxing matches etc). Son and the boys don't get their playing surface cut up by linemen and the NFL teams have a bililard table surface to play on which keeps everyone happy.
  8. Sam Darnold currently leads the league in rushing touchdowns. No "Dick Pick" as it was ruled a fumble
  9. The European League of Football Championship Game ended up being a rerun of the last ever World Bowl with Frankfurt Galaxy taking on the Hamburg Sea Devils. The Rhein Fire are back next season. My dream of the London Monarchs returning remains a dream for now.
  10. Zach Wilson INT counter now at 4. Damien Harris capped that off with a hell of a TD run. (7 missed tackles)
  11. The tie was on without the freezing time out
  12. Going .500 in a season with an odd number of games would be a very Bengals thing.
  13. I'm with Brady on the numbers. My old man brain just can't cope and I don't know who anyone is or where they should be. *shakes fist at cloud*
  14. I bought the PPV stream of the kickoff game and I thought that it was good fun (there was also an English commentary option, which was a bonus). Game highlights go up on their YouTube channel.
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