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  1. I am cry. I'm glad he got out before his body totally broke down. All Universe on his day.
  2. As Orlando appear to have found a shipping container of Amsterdam Admirals uniforms I will have to adopt them as my AAF team.
  3. Big Man Vince as the first man on the trophy delivering relay warms my heart.
  4. Boring and thrilling in equal measure. What a sixy bugger Brady is.
  5. 24 INT against the Rams. Ty Law must be smiling.
  6. Bloody hell. This is all squeaky bum time from here.
  7. I don't even know how Jason McCourty covered that ground. Amazing recovery to save that from being a TD.
  8. It was a good job he spun as he went down though as otherwise KVN was going through him at full speed.
  9. Jinxed by the stat graphics
  10. They had to make up at least one for the Saints game.
  11. We absolutely loved it here, especially Malkovich's "don't call me again."
  12. However, the 49ers were still successful immediately following Montana's departure (NFC championship game and then a Super Bowl win the following season?). I don't think Bryan Hoyer is dragging this Patriots team to an AFC Championship game. It's not like Montana didn't have Bill Walsh and then a Walsh disciple.
  13. I completely agree. Part of the fun is making the case for your guy. It's like in soccer: How dominant would Diego Maradonna have been if the tackle from behind had been outlawed before his playing career started or would defenders have played him differently if they couldn't clatter through him? One thing I think that does factor into the case for Brady is although the rules now favour offences, those dynastic teams of the past couldn't have been kept together under the rules that exist today. Also, he's effectively played across two eras, and thrived in both, with the less contact on the QB era and the post-knee injury don't touch the QB unless it's Cam Newton era. Hadn't he won three Super Bowls before those rules came in though?
  14. Everyone else would be playing under the same rules. Ty Law as a corner where he could mug receivers like it was the 1970s (insert he did anyway comment here) and no salary cap? He might have won all nine. For what it's worth I think that across era comparisons should largely be treated as a bit of fun. (The Patriots have reached 11 Super Bowls, but I know what you meant) Absolutely tons obviously. That's just the way it goes. The Seahawks won their division at 7-9 and got a playoff spot in 2010 depriving 2 10-6 teams. His win percentage against non-AFCE opponents is comparable and that's largely playing a first place schedule throughout his career.
  15. The gyrating hips at the ref flag is my favourite penalty ever.
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