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  1. Really sticking to the old name must be alliterative to save a lot of reprinting. Big fan of Elkhounds (from those available) - Elkies for short, leaving you only one letter to Sharpie over on some other merch.
  2. He was the system all along Not quite the Arenaesque shootout I was hoping for.
  3. Unreal. That's caught and it's on every highlight compilation until the end of time.
  4. "He could be going for number 7 tonight" One second later... Snap sails over his head. Raymond James is built on cursed land and Nantz and Romo have found a way to tap directly into its energy?
  5. Bit of Fifty Shades just to keep everyone frisky for the second half. I don't want to use the word benefit, but a side effect of having a minimal crowd to work round means they have been able to do a lot more with the staging.
  6. Yeah, the refs have clearly shown that if given the option they'll throw it so the Chiefs have to adjust to that. Mathieu needs to keep his head as he must know that Brady doesn't feel human emotions.
  7. You know what Jim, I've never seen Tom Brady call the Honey Badger out for a fight.
  8. On the plus side, he still looks incredibly youthful so there's hope for me yet.* *there is no hope
  9. Has a punter ever been cut during a game? Edit: Forgot to Romocize it. "You know Jim, a punter has never been cut mid-game in a game against Tom Brady."
  10. Paper Matthew is going to be giving me nightmares for weeks.
  11. Slightly disappointed that Holo-Vince didn't call himself the "most, most, genius, genius, genius coach."
  12. Was this trade one first for Stafford with a first and a third to take Goff off their hands?
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