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  1. I saw it coined in some PFT comments as the "Abhorrence for Lawrence."
  2. Well this week just keeps getting better
  3. All Colour Rush, all the time with the new Patriots kits.
  4. As it should be. I'm hoping to see whoever is playing at the Spurs ground.
  5. So did Mahomes officially break The Madden Curse?
  6. I'll always look at that game through Reche Caldwell eyes. Brutal loss.
  7. My nan would have seen that going as a jump ball to big Kyle.
  8. However, Antonio Brown could catch.
  9. Only James White for the offence has more catches than Gilmore has for the defence so far.
  10. He's like the QB you make in Madden where you soup up every attribute to make him an unstoppable machine, but he's real.
  11. I know there'll be few tears shed, but the Patriots have had some shocking decisions go against them today.
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