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  1. I know there'll be few tears shed, but the Patriots have had some shocking decisions go against them today.
  2. Fair enough, but defensive holding for the entire length of the field is also a penalty though, surely?
  3. Are the NFL just fucking with the Saints now when it comes to PI? Dude got wrestled out of bounds by the 49ers defender with the ball in the air.
  4. Anymore like that and I'm sure that the Patriots will decide that Antonio Brown has shown enough contrition to be welcomed back with open arms.
  5. The kicker getting a TD reception on 4th and goal on a designed pass from the holder for Miami deserves more points. Deliciously fun play.
  6. That Browns goal-line offence is something.
  7. They're just doing it for the lols now. Maximum marks for creativity though.
  8. It looks like it broke him. Just walked off the field like he was about to cry.
  9. Nick Chubb becomes the victim of the FOOTFUMBLE as the ball is kicked out of his hands by his own lineman. The Pats D picked it up and scored.
  10. The curse of Robbie Gould strikes Chicago again.
  11. Miami get a 1st down on a fake field goal with the holder running from receiving the snap. Fitzmagic then throws an INT. Should have kicked it.
  12. That was the Dolphins season encapsulated in a single play. Poor Fitzmagic.
  13. The first half of that NE game felt like it lasted 5 hours. Not great fun.
  14. Not only do Cleveland win, but they do it with a Scorigami.
  15. I'm only seeing it via Redzone as it's blacked out on GamePass here, but that looked like it should have been a nailed on ejection. I'm guessing by your response that it wasn't.
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