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  1. That was the Dolphins season encapsulated in a single play. Poor Fitzmagic.
  2. The first half of that NE game felt like it lasted 5 hours. Not great fun.
  3. Not only do Cleveland win, but they do it with a Scorigami.
  4. I'm only seeing it via Redzone as it's blacked out on GamePass here, but that looked like it should have been a nailed on ejection. I'm guessing by your response that it wasn't.
  5. Stidham comes in to close out at 30-7. Throws a Pick 6 which sees Brady return. In my mind I remember a similar situation a few years back against Miami (maybe Matt Cassel was meant to be doing mop up at the time when he boobed). Edit: Yes, it was Cassel against the Dolphins in 2007.
  6. That finger's a 0.3 on the Baldinger Scale.
  7. Who are you to cover Sammy Watkins? Mahomes with 2 TDs and a billion yards in the first quarter.
  8. NFL Memes had the scoop all along. Bonkers stuff.
  9. You can't outrun the Madden curse.
  10. I am cry. I'm glad he got out before his body totally broke down. All Universe on his day.
  11. As Orlando appear to have found a shipping container of Amsterdam Admirals uniforms I will have to adopt them as my AAF team.
  12. Big Man Vince as the first man on the trophy delivering relay warms my heart.
  13. Boring and thrilling in equal measure. What a sixy bugger Brady is.
  14. 24 INT against the Rams. Ty Law must be smiling.
  15. Bloody hell. This is all squeaky bum time from here.
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