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  1. The European League of Football has kicked off a second season after expanding to 12 teams. To celebrate this they've put up a cinematic/NFL Films style presentation of the champsionship game from their inaugural season. No London Monarchs or Amsterdam Admirals yet
  2. If you told me that was a picture of Mac Jones I wouldn't argue. That's certainly one way to confuse defences.
  3. Jim Tomsula is going to be the head coach of the Rhein Fire (again) having coached the NFL Europe version previously.
  4. I thought he was absolutely adorable living his best life out there. He did also win the "threading the needle" skills event, showing that he truly belonged Did Brady retire just to get out of the Pro Bowl?
  5. Imagine Matt Stafford's pudgy little face lifting the trophy. Beautiful isn't it. Imagine Matt Stafford's pudgy little face all sad at having missed out. Heart-breaking. Having said that, I wouldn't be mad if Joe Burrow and the Bengals win as he seems like a lovely young chap. I just hope they all have a lovely time, but one obviously won't. Don't give me the sad puppy dog eyes Matt Stafford, I can't help you win it.
  6. Bengals in the Super Bowl? I guess anything is possible.
  7. Given the way that the official NFL social media pages have absolutely flooded out Tom Brady retirement material it's going to be hilarious if he doesn't retire.
  8. I'm guessing the upcoming bin fire of Tampa Bay not being able to re-sign everyone was not appealing enough to have one more go round as he can clearly still play. I will always love him.
  9. I think he's gone full Uncle Rico.
  10. Quite hard to win a game when your defence can't force a single negative play or make a single stop. Just an absolutely embarrassing game for the Patriots when the lone highlight was a blocked extra point. The Bills, and Josh Allen in particular, looked excellent.
  11. Probably not news to anyone, but the Jaguars are horribly bad. New England already have 50 on the board with 7+ minutes left in the fourth and Hoyer in.
  12. "Graham Ga-no good" is a lofty standard to beat.
  13. Is it possible to reverse the Stephon Gilmore trade to the Panthers?
  14. I cannot let it pass without mentioning that Lovie Smith's beard is absolutely majestic.
  15. Are there strong crosswinds inside NRG? Both teams have missed XPs and a kickoff went out of bounds. Missed XP count now at 3.
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