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  1. Thanks for the slowed down replay redzone
  2. I'm only getting the game through Redzone so I've seen about 8 seconds of it so far.
  3. Yeah, the Patriots have looked absolutely awful. Managed to crack double figures on passing yards just before the half, so that's something
  4. Arthur Blank's expression at the end when he realised that they'd built that new stadium on a cursed burial ground was something.
  5. If I was Chase Winovich I would always stand next to the fan on the sidelines. What gorgeous locks.
  6. What sort of idiot runs it from the one yard line? Joking aside, Cam has looked really good so far.
  7. You almost feel bad for the Falcons throwing away massive leads at this point. One of the sexiest onside kicks you'll ever see from the Cowboys. No tee, scuffing, spinning kick of genius.
  8. Graham Gano...good is just an absolute gift to commentators.
  9. I'm glad Sir Tom's happy and all that, but I'm not mentally ready to watch him launching it around like it's 2007.
  10. With all those sacks it's a good job Carson Wentz doesn't get injured a lot... My goodness, those white and yellow Chargers kits are the ugliest thing I have ever seen. Rancid beyond all comprehension.
  11. I am not in the mood for Fitzmagic. Shitzpatrick to finish the game please.
  12. Ooh, I like Cam Newton. However, my mind hasn't quite adjusted to the Patriots playing an offence that looks like this.
  13. I saw it coined in some PFT comments as the "Abhorrence for Lawrence."
  14. Well this week just keeps getting better
  15. All Colour Rush, all the time with the new Patriots kits.
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