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Dolfan in NYC

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It looked to me like he was reaching into the seats to catch it, in which case the fans can "interfere" if they want.


Very close though (the wall is pretty thick), can't imagine they'd have overturned whichever original call they might have made in that scenario.

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Saltalamacchia's pube-face beard is a great example of why playoff beards should be left to hockey players, or Canadians.


Fielder's glove was inside the green mat. He didn't reach into the stands. The arms of the fans are over the rail.

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Apparently the ass who took the Tigers HR ball out of the hands of the woman and threw it back on the field was also making racist remarks all night.


Way to fucking represent my home city, fuckstick.




This is where Foz says he hates the fans of the things he loves

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Hey, so now we're going to solve all the problems in our educational system by having Suze Ormand take over a class room.


That'll show you education professionals who have spent 20-30 years training and trying to deal with crumbling schools and shrinking budgets.


You know what you don't have?  David Arquette's inherent brilliance...and the educational technique of that one chick from So you Think you Can Dance or that celebrity Chef guy...


Great.  Let's do to school what Extreme Makeover did to architecture!!!!!!

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