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  1. /waves/ if you have a better idea for us to make money, I'm all ears.
  2. The family released a statement afterwards saying something along the lines of "he hadn't been feeling well, and wasn't responsive on Wednesday morning".
  3. Very big caveat re: Fielder, which plays into our A-Rod discussion from the other day. Gotta get the rest of that ~$103 million. If the Rangers don't have insurance on the contract....sucks HARD for them.
  4. I personally call them STRONG OPINIONS (all caps, obviously), but you can call them hot takes as well.
  5. A hot take is something people say to get a rise out of people, even though they probably don't believe the opinion and it doesn't have any basis in reality. For example - saying Derek Jeter isn't a top ten Yankee ever is a hot take. Saying he's not a top 20 Yankee ever is a MOLTEN take.
  6. Let's check in with the Arizona Diamondbacks. This is fine.
  7. The issue is that Time Warner launched the Lakers RSN a year or two earlier, and they want the providers to double dip. If they bundled them for a lower fee per network, this wouldn't be an issue. They totally misread the market, especially given the fact that there are two established Fox RSNs in the market already. I'd be pissed if I lived in LA, but I'd get it. They're not just clashing over a few cents here.
  8. Correct. They're on the hook for the $21 million or whatever next year too. It's not unheard of for this to happen - shit, the Mets ate $21 million on Jason Bay a couple years back. The Dodgers are eating roughly $30 million on Carl Crawford this year and next.
  9. They're releasing him on Friday. The contract is guaranteed. If another team signs him, they only pay him the pro-rated portion of the league minimum with the Yankees paying the rest.
  10. The Pirates lost two out of three to the Braves this week. Feeling bad and wanting to Do The Right Thing, the Cardinals then proceeded to drop two out of three to the Braves.
  11. Yes. They did quite well. The Lucroy/Jeffress deal gave them more quality over quantity compared to the nixed trade with Cleveland, and they got Lucroy's long-term replacement in the Smith trade.
  12. I've seem dudes score from second on a sac fly, but never first. Wild.
  13. He's fine. He's a typical trade deadline middle relief addition.
  14. It's not Nimmo that's hurt, it's one of the other unnamed minor leaguers. Weird. This deadline sucks.
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