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The PS4 version is noticeably clearer and crisper but I'm not even concerned with the graphics right now. It's other things that are really bothering me about this.


No kidding. Enough with the graphics, give me something else.


Though My Career does look very promising, so I'm not ready to completely piss on the parade.

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Is it at all possible they could add this and more CAW slots in the near future?  Be it for a patch or as part of the DLC.  I can be patient as long as I know this will eventually show up.

$10 DLC to add 25 CAW spots apiece.


Another $5 for 5 Diva spots.

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They have a video of the creation studio, as they call it-paint tool is dead.

You can straight up import whatever image you want into the game instead. Including your own face.

Also, the clothing templates option on the menu shows Brie Bella, so it probably has female CAWs

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Oh, that's hot. This will make for some flippin' incredible CAWs that mesh right in with the disc rasslers. There's pretty much no reason not to have near 100% accuracy for CAWs now. I like how 2K is scaling things back but what they have introduced is done right. Rather wait a year for more features if they're done correctly rather than the hot garbage THQ had been giving us. 


I still do not understand the 25 limit, though. Does anybody with more knowledge on that situation care to explain?


edit: people at caws.ws are saying women caws are confirmed but you can't use them in mycareer mode.

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From a programing standpoint, with how detailed the CAW's are, I can see that a large amount could crash the game for a myriad of reasons.


The custom soundtracks are just a product of the times.  By that I mean, licencing issues because of the social sharing aspect of the next gen systems and the rise of Let's Play's.

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They be clubberin', Tony!


Warning: This video may contain a core soundtrack that may not be suitable to all audiences


It also starts to loop about two-thirds of the way through.


Lots of nice strikes in there, hair movement, solid transitions leading to finally a decent level of fluidity, good pacing from what I can tell.


edit: Updated with the original sound and clearer video.

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They probably brought him in because he has more wrestling knowledge than Danny O'Dwyer. Jeff also likes WrestleMania: The Arcade Game and prefers the Acclaim games over AKI which is just unfathomable. 


Roman is going to be on the Powerbombcast as well.

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my N64 memory pack died so all my No Mercy CAWs from back in the day were all lost. Then my mates decided we'd all nominate a game each and we'd get them to play of an evening...

So I bought WWE2K15.

Picked it up from tesco for £32. It wasn't on the shelf but the woman at the electrical desk went to the back and found a copy, might've been someone's left over pre-order because it came with the Sting DLC.

So far I have to say it doesn't feel all that different from the last WWE game I got, which was smackdown vs raw 2009. That's quite disappointing.

I suck at timing reversals, my reactions must be awfully slow.

The roster seems pretty small to me, I expected more legends, but there's always downloading created content, some people are amazing at those.

I do like how you can create alternate attires on top of the unlockable alternates. That's pretty nice. First thing I made was Blue-tista.

I'm going through the 2K showcase now to try and unlock everything. But Cena vs Punk is some repetitive shit.

Overall I'm sure it'll be a good laugh to play with the lads and 32 quid isn't all that bad.

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