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  1. Am I the only one who wasn't in love with Charlotte/Becky? I mean I thought it was good and at times it was great but this (and most matches like it) felt too clunky and awkward for my tastes. I'd go like 3 3/4
  2. This whole thing didn't work for me at all. The pacing, production, and editing was far worse than anything WWE does and I thought they were the worst. I made it through the Ospreay match but that's as far as I got. It was just way too over produced and sanitized.
  3. Oh yeah this is totally worth tossing on the TV show. They didn't misplace this match with the Lars/Ohno match at all................................
  4. They aren't kidding. Well Shane isn't nearly as over as he was pre Smackdown GM role. He was mega over when he came in for Mania last year. Goldberg basically worked because nostalgia + they didn't really script him and Goldberg did basic white meat baby face promos which naturally made him the best face on the mic in the entire company because he didn't have to spew stupidity. Vince knows how to book big guys vs. big guys and pretty much nothing else. They booked him this time like early WCW Goldberg where he spoke little and quickly disposed of everyone.
  5. Good showing considering how hamstrung they were with most of the A level UK talent under deals elsewhere with the exception of ZSJ. I agree with the sentiment on Tucker v. Bate. Dunne and Andrews stood out as performers. Can't wrap my head around the guys that like Conners. He came off like unbuttered toast. Just a guy......who wrestled an an average match. The bulk of his personality seems to be "remember how Mick Foley lost part of his ear? That happened to me as well!"
  6. Why did they feel the need to give away 100% of the plot in this trailer? I know why Terminator: JenEsYs did it. The movie was getting low buzz and much of that wasn't positive so they were desperate and tried to hook people by giving away the twist. This movie doesn't have a hype problem. It has definitely received its share of negativity but you'd think "Batman and Superman are in this movie together and they will fight each other" is enough on its own to make it a giant box office winner. Are they worried about Civil War as box office competition or something? I mean I think CW comes o
  7. Since The Doctor was constantly recompiling a version of himself from when he arrived the first time he is no older than he was in Face The Raven.
  8. Here is the trailer: Better yet here are all of the new moves
  9. The answer to this question is yes although I don't know how many of those guys have been created yet (unless you are the one doing the CAW's).
  10. Well they were patching bugs and glitches. The submission system is working as intended. There are just a lot of people who can't a handle on it. Honestly I've got it figured out but the movement feels unnatural. (the holding of the joystick at the down position and rolling it to the left and right in that position) If you can master that movement (which again, feels unnatural) the AI's movements are pretty simple and repetitive.
  11. Here is a list of everything they patched.
  12. Not sure what to make of the Warcraft trailer. I love Duncan Jones but I have absolutely no knowledge of that universe so no bias, no prior attachment to the characters or the stories. It kind of looks just there for me.
  13. You can make a great argument that the submission min game isn't NEARLY responsive enough to the controls. But I think a bigger issue is the size of the bars. Granted they become larger with the more damage you do but they don't start out nearly small enough.
  14. I mean what are you expecting? How the game looked last year is the template for how they want the game to look and feel then they just add on to it every year like any other sports franchise. MLB The Show has looked pretty much the same every single year they just add minor improvements that add to the previous installments.
  15. The hell? Should of just fully retconned it and just left the regular ref in there.
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