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Not bad work there by Tim Horner and Black Bart lol! I remember Disco Inferno’s first win came against Bart on WCWSN. I don’t remember him making any other appearances and I had to Google Star Blazer tbh.

At about 3:47...they got real like that all the time on WCW prime. I mentioned it earlier in reference to the historical references they often made! I bet they would have gotten in trouble for it had anybody bothered to review those shows lol!


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Did Joey ever beat Brad? They wrestled 3 times in WCW that I know of, and 1 was in the Lightweight Title tournament in a good match. They wrestled again on TV in 1997 and the good match they had was referenced. I believe we discussed that in this thread. They had to have more matches when Brad was Bradstreet. Then maybe some somewhere else in territories.

So anyway then there’s this match. It’s like a dose of everything that ever sucked in WCW. This was the second weekend (taped TV) that came after Starrcade 97 I’m pretty sure so it’s basically the beginning WCWSNC Edition. They give us 2 guys we would have paid to watch a long time ago, and 1 of them has WCW Bipolar Disease. The announcers are scrambling to sell the pieces of what was left of the ppv that already happened and nothing good is happening in the ring to tune it out as usual. Sting was screwed for the 80th time and some feud older than the fantasy one in the ring at the time is being plugged. This wasn’t even a WWF feud either because they’d ran out of those lol!

Brad’s only bad match?

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