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2021 Non-Event General MMA Talk Thread

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6 hours ago, Elsalvajeloco said:

No, I get that part and what happened to her grandfather I believe.

That said, you can't continue to say, "well it's nothing personal" but then get personal cause that's basically Weili's background. That's what gets me.

You can also not say better dead than red. Not in 2021. That's straight up weird and xenophobic. 

Dana White should wash his hands of Donald Trump if he wants to take UFC to  next level | South China Morning Post

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I'm of the mind that Rose is getting a pass (to be fair, I haven't look at the responses now that the bigger MMA sites have gotten ahold of this) because she has some known social anxiety especially post bus attack. It's kinda harder to scrutinize if you know someone actively has a hard time functioning in public.

That said, Weili Zhang has opened up a market UFC previously had a big barrier to overcome as far as entry went. Dana would be the last person to support Rose in this case. 

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