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3 hours ago, AxB said:

So the guy on the left claims to be 6'3", but the guy on the right is only supposed to be 6'1". But they look to be the exact same height, don't they? Is someone lying?

Vince is doing the Tom Phillips split.

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2 hours ago, Curt McGirt said:

I can see someone not knowing he bladed and think "why does that man have tanner all the way up in his hair" 

Also, I need to see that brawl, where is it?

At 1:58, Flair hits the greatest flying knee from out of frame that I've ever seen. I love this whole show, top to bottom. Unfortunately, I couldn't find the whole thing...the end to Bash 89 was pure mayhem...

Edit: Found it in lesser quality...start at about 23:15.


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3 hours ago, DreamBroken said:




Quite sad to see the photo of the Corporate Ministry when 4 out of the 9 people in that photo are no longer with us. It only felt like yesterday I was watching this storyline play out live on tv. 

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