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  1. Aint Alexia Bliss and Buddy Murphy been broken up for a while and also isn't Tyler Bate with Liv Morgan now and not Toni Storm.
  2. Dolph Ziggler should start patting his back, he could be the new Barry Harowitz, he is already a jobber so at least he has got that down.
  3. The worst thing Santino could of done was be funny, imagine if WWE pushed Boris Alexiev properly especially that arm submission of his.
  4. I am surprised WWE hasn't done a Queen Of The Ring just to have Charlotte win it and challenge Bayley at Survivor Series. They could also have Liv Morgan get to the final and take Charlotte to the limit and start to push her.
  5. Garza Jnr is going to be a big Hispanic star for WWE, he oozes charisma, the obvious thing would be to call him the new Eddie Guerrero but I think that is just laziness by me. Either way he will go far is pushed properly.
  6. Sorry if my suggestion annoyed everyone, I just see it being a possibility. I was the first one to suggest on another forum about WWE turning Sami Zayn heel but that was to have him as a Pro Syrian Anti American heel. I wasn't trying to troll anyone, sorry and I wont suggest anything anymore.
  7. Does anyone else think we are leading to a Seth Rollins heel turn, he turns on Becky and then it leads to the first Intergender Title Vs Title match at Summerslam between Rollins and Lynch with Becky winning.
  8. I was bored earlier and just thought of tag teams I would like to see, the main ones were Cesaro & Drew Gulak Walter and Brock Lesnar Drake Maverick and Braun Strowman EC3 and Bobby Roode Also would like a modern Dangerous Alliance with Drake as the mouthpiece, Bobby Roode, EC3, Braun and Dana Brooks as the Madusa character. Anyone thought of 2 guys they can put together as a decent tag team?
  9. I would really love WWE to bring Ciampa back to NXT when he recovers and have him align with Gargano again have the crowd get behind Ciampa to have Gargano turn on Ciampa and they have their feud again but the roles reversed.
  10. The wrestlers that want to get fired should just go off script if they are still on TV or just invade the ring or something lol.
  11. Can someone post links to the PWG and ROH podcasts please if it isn't too much trouble.
  12. I got a feeling they are building to a 6 man tag at Mania between Corbin, Lashley and McIntyre Vs Strowman, Kane and Taker.
  13. Didn't Sting give RVD an awesome low blow when RVD debuted in TNA ?
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