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  1. Any reason why he deleted it ? Has he been tweeting bad things lately ?
  2. NXT isn't just a development brand now though. They are trying it make it like a 3rd brand. They have had wrestlers from the main roster go there for a bit. Okada might just be in NXT for a few months and then debut on the main roster after Wrestlemania. Waste of his talent though. I want to see Okada Vs Rollins, Okada Vs Reigns, Okada Vs CM Punk etc.
  3. What were they upset about if you don't me asking? I just bought that CM Punk Flag shirt.
  4. I voted for the Blood & Guts match but I also could of easily voted for The Alpha Academy Vs The Viking Raiders or Drew McIntyre Vs Gunther. 3 very good matches to choose from this week.
  5. I voted for FTR Vs Bullet Club Gold. If we end up going for 2nd match of the week then I vote for Ruby Soho Vs Willow Nightengale.
  6. Yeah I think I did miss that bit as I thought it was an old interview with Rocky Johnson
  7. Hold on was that not Rocky Johnson then? It looked exactly like him.
  8. I assume Rocky Johnson talking was recorded a few years a go as he died in 2020.
  9. I went with FTR Vs Bullet Club Gold. It was such a superb tag team match. FTR are such an awesome tag team.
  10. There was a few decent matches this week but for me because of the build up and cos it involves one of my faves Athena I have voted for Athena Vs Kiera Hogan. I just really enjoyed the intensity of the match and both women put a shift in.
  11. Some good matches last week. I went with Andrade Vs Buddy Matthews but I could easily have gone for Takeshita Vs Bandido or the CMFTR 6 man match at Colision.
  12. I have gone for Escobar Vs Ali match from Smackdown as I think they put a shift in and got the crowd into it.
  13. Imagine not being a wrestling fan and just a fan of pickles and you see this man in his pants on the label lol.
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