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  1. I would love to see him have a short run in AEW as the manager of The Elite or have him Arn and Tully reunite for 3 on 3 match Vs Kenny Omega & The Young Bucks lol.
  2. Awesome, I can't wait to watch that later. Imagine them 2 teams having a feud with each other.
  3. Oh wow, did the Jurassic Powers ever wrestle The Steiners ?
  4. Who is that teaming up with Norton? Is it John Nord aka The Beserker.
  5. I bet Sabu was pissed off, Al Snow stole his spot.
  6. That is fine, we will have to agree to disagree, I aint going to go back and forth with you. I think WWE is rubbish at the moment and I wont have you tell me I can't say that cos it might offend someone. I never tried to be a dick to look cool. I just simply shared my opinion, just cos it didn't agree with what you think you decide to have a go at me. Anyway I am leaving it as that. feel free to have the last word as I wont adding to this thread killer.
  7. I never meant any offense but seriously do we live in a world now where we can't give an opinion in case it might offend them. I never said anything bad about him or anything like that. I simply just said I don't understand why he keeps posting WWE matches and mostly women's matchs. Maybe he does genuinely like these matches and think others will but I was just saying it probably isn't the right audience in here but each to their own. Anyway that is all I am saying on the matter. I shall not comment on anything in here anymore if it offends someone. I was just bought up to say it like it is.
  8. Yeah I wasn't having a go. I just found it weird the WWE matches he posts. I can't imagine many people in here want to see Chelsea Green wrestle. He should at least post some Mark Henry 2011 matches even if it is a 2020 match post lol.
  9. D.Z Do you work for WWE by any chance lol. By all means do what you want but I can't imagine many people will watch the stuff you put on as WWE is rubbish lately.
  10. So what can we talk about in here cos you could say that about everything in here. There will come a point where nobody will go into this thread cos there is loads of mini threads and not everyone wants to go into the mini threads and just want a general info on something. Well that is just me speaking but just sharing my opinion.
  11. Yeah I always preferred the Summerslam rematch to the original Ladder match at Mania. I had fond memories of renting the video and watching it at my Nan's.
  12. Quite sad to see the photo of the Corporate Ministry when 4 out of the 9 people in that photo are no longer with us. It only felt like yesterday I was watching this storyline play out live on tv.
  13. Ricochet and Cedric Alexander will probably be the face team and I wouldn't be surprised if The Forgotton Sons, AOP will be the heel team or maybe the newly turned War Raiders will be that team once their fued with Street Profits ends.
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