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  1. Can someone please post the link to his YouTube channel.
  2. I am really happy for Nikki as she always wanted a baby. Wrestlemania 2040 main event Baby Bella Vs Baby Bella Danielson
  3. Did anyone else enjoy the Mastiff Vs Ohno match on NXT UK this week, I really enjoyed it and I think it was my favorite match of the week.
  4. Fair enough, sorry I posted it in the wrong section anyway.
  5. Ignore this as I posted it in the wrong section.
  6. Isn't this every Dave Meltzer rant ever though, he loves his own voice, he also has his own OCD moments where he just gets himself in a rabbit hole and just keeps going. You got to love Big Dave.
  7. Aint Alexia Bliss and Buddy Murphy been broken up for a while and also isn't Tyler Bate with Liv Morgan now and not Toni Storm.
  8. Dolph Ziggler should start patting his back, he could be the new Barry Harowitz, he is already a jobber so at least he has got that down.
  9. The worst thing Santino could of done was be funny, imagine if WWE pushed Boris Alexiev properly especially that arm submission of his.
  10. I am surprised WWE hasn't done a Queen Of The Ring just to have Charlotte win it and challenge Bayley at Survivor Series. They could also have Liv Morgan get to the final and take Charlotte to the limit and start to push her.
  11. Garza Jnr is going to be a big Hispanic star for WWE, he oozes charisma, the obvious thing would be to call him the new Eddie Guerrero but I think that is just laziness by me. Either way he will go far is pushed properly.
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