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  1. There is only 2 years ages difference between Hayes and Charles Wright so it could of been possible.
  2. After watching Athena's latest squash match on AEW Elevation I don't think I will find another match this whole week and I include Wrestlemania that will entertain me as much as that match did. Athena has got to be Womens Wrestler Of The Year at this rate. She is just so fun to watch. She is a bad ass who has great facial expressions and is really entertaining. She gets how to potray her character. I want her to be the one who end Jade Cargill's streak. The Queen Of Mean for sure.
  3. Kenny Omega Vs El Vikingo gets my vote. What a match we wont see often. Just two guys at the top of their game and a real showcase for El Vikingo. WWE & AEW need to throw everything they can to try sign El Vikingo away from AAA.
  4. I agree with the majority of people on here voting for Orange Cassidy Vs Jeff Jarrett. It was just a great pro wrestling match with everyone's favourite wrestler Jeff Jarett. Aint He Great!!!
  5. I really enjoyed the 6 man match and the 3 vs 3 vs 3 match on Dynamite last night. I don't know if anything will be better then that this week.
  6. I voted for Athena Vs Willow Nightengale as it was an awesome match with 2 great wrestlers and Athena is becoming wrestler of the year in my opinion. She is such a bad ass and I always enjoy her matches.
  7. Leo Johnson Vs Evil Uno on AEW Dark Elevation and Jack Cartwright Vs Konosuke Takeshita on AEW Dark were good little matches worth watching.
  8. There was a few good matches but nothing that stood out to me so I went with Riho Vs Emi Sakura cos Emi Sakura is awesome.
  9. Rhodes Vs Gable and The Bloodline Vs The Street Profits were very good matches and a great start to the week for match quality.
  10. I voted for The Elite Vs AR Fox/Top Flight match in the end as I found it entertaining with the basketball element. Sheamus/Drew Vs Viking Raiders was just as good but I prefered the 6 man.
  11. Rousey/Shayna Vs Natalya/Shotzi was better then I expected it to be. You could tell Rousey wanted to try make Shotzi look as good as possible and probably nearly broke her neck taking that suplex and DDT. Sheamus/Drew Vs The Viking Raiders is probably going to be my match of week but I will wait until I have watched Rampage before I vote.
  12. I went for Danielson Vs RUSH. It was just an awesome match. I would love to see RUSH as the top heel in AEW.
  13. Slim J Vs Mascara Dorada was a really good cruiserweight style match. Everyone should give it a watch.
  14. I went with Timothy Thatcher Vs Bryan Danielson. Mox Vs Page was also very good as well.
  15. Angelico Vs Takeshita was a very good fun little match. Two great wrestlers mixing it it and I really enjoyed it.
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