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  1. How will that work now that Jericho is a babyface. Will they have Tyson side with Pinnacle as a heel or will it be a swerve and Tyson alligns with Jericho?
  2. If anyone has not yet seen NXT UK this week then you should definitely watch Tyler Bate Vs Bailey Matthews(Regal's kid) as they have a very good, short match and Bailey held his own. You can tell he is Regal's son and Regal should be very proud as he really did well in his WWE debut. Bailey Matthews if pushed right is one for the future.
  3. I liked Daniel Bryan's suttle mention of Jericho as well.
  4. I would love to see a buddy cop film with Eddie Kingston and New Jack.
  5. 2001 was Kobashi's midlife crisis year lol.
  6. As Meltzer said on the recent Observer Radio that Vince's Dad died I think at 79 and now Vince's older brother who is 2 years older then Vince has died. I bet Vince is thinking a lot about the future and is probably a bit scared of the future.
  7. When I was a kid I think I watched all of them. I remember California Dreams, City Guys and Hang Time definitely. They come just after Saved By The Bell ended and just before Boy Meets World come along in my tv viewing as a kid. Happy memorie.
  8. Oh ok that aint too bad then. I was worried it might go to BT Sports as I aint got a subscription with them.
  9. Yeah I mean in the future. I understand the other countries markets are fine but do people think they will sell the rights in the UK?
  10. Do you think the WWE Network rights in the UK market will be sold to another provider ? Also is Peacock Premium available in the UK ?
  11. I don't. I took it from Joe Rogan who quotes it all the time. It does sum up how I feel about young people but that is just me being a grumpy old man lol.
  12. It is true what he says about guys in the business having it easy and yet feeling entitled but its a problem with the youth of today as well and I am only 36 years old but I see so many young, entitled people and it just annoys me. “Hard times create strong men, strong men create good times, good times create weak men, and weak men create hard times.”
  13. Oh wow awesome gifs. Don't suppose you could post the match if it is allowed lol.
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