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  1. I would really love WWE to bring Ciampa back to NXT when he recovers and have him align with Gargano again have the crowd get behind Ciampa to have Gargano turn on Ciampa and they have their feud again but the roles reversed.
  2. The wrestlers that want to get fired should just go off script if they are still on TV or just invade the ring or something lol.
  3. Can someone post links to the PWG and ROH podcasts please if it isn't too much trouble.
  4. I got a feeling they are building to a 6 man tag at Mania between Corbin, Lashley and McIntyre Vs Strowman, Kane and Taker.
  5. Didn't Sting give RVD an awesome low blow when RVD debuted in TNA ?
  6. Does anyone think a 7 man Money In The Bank match at this years Mania would be awesome, you could have it as a Smackdown only match and have AJ, Nakemura, Mustapha Ali, Samoa Joe, Rey Jnr, Andrade and Jeff Hardy.
  7. Well there goes my theory that Rhea Ripley and Pete Dunne is the same person lol.
  8. I think EC3 would be a good fit for the New Daniel Bryan, they can also bring up that Daniel Bryan was EC3's former mentor on the old NXT shows.
  9. If they do a few trades then this is what I would do Becky Lynch swap with Bayley. Becky goes over to Raw, she wants Ronda but Alexa Bliss says she has to win the Rumble, she wins the Rumble or they do a thing where Becky and Nia eliminate each other at the same time, they have a match at Elimination Chamber with the winner facing Rousey at Mania. Bayley gets a fresh start on Smackdown, she has barely had a feud with Charlotte, Asaka etc, would be good for her career. Next trade will be AJ Styles swapping with Seth Rollins Each guy needs fresh opponents, would give them a fresh start, both should turn heel really as they are a bit stale as babyfaces. Tag team trade, I would trade The Usos for The Revival to give some newish tag matches for both divisions I would also swap Baron Corbin for The Miz or maybe Kevin Owens for The Miz.
  10. The Great Khali, The Great Muta, The Great Kabuki and The Great Power Uti would be an awesome 4 man team.
  11. Chris Benoit, Chris Jericho, Chris Kanyon and Chris Nowinski Vs John Cena, John Layfield, Johnny Impact and John Jeter.
  12. How about this then Scott Steiner, Scotty Flamengo, Scotty 2 Hotty and Scott Hall Vs Kevin Nash, Kevin Owens, Kevin Federline and Kevin Northcutt
  13. The answer is to just move The New Day to Raw or just split them up, the act has been stale for a long time now, New Day needs to split up for the sake of the wrestlers in the act.
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