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  1. Boydy


    Didn't Test do a good flying elbow?
  2. What about Funaki or that Yamaguchi guy who managed Kai-En-Tai back in the day would be a good manager for Nakamura.
  3. Imagine a massive Nexus stable now with Bryan and Punk as co-leaders then Barrett, Ryback and Wyatt as upper midcarders, Slater, Axl, Otunga, Gabriel as the jobbers. It would make one awesome group in my opinion.
  4. I find it funny that people think Daniel Bryan is a better worker then Shawn Michaels, really lol.
  5. Boydy


    How much you want to bet this leads to some sort of storyline leading up to a match at Mania lol.
  6. Boydy


    There are a lot of guys I would like to see Rey wrestler, Cesaro, Reigns, Strowman, Pete Dunne, Roderick Strong, Adam Cole etc.
  7. Wouldn't a better booking idea for Mania instead of Rousey and Strowman Vs HHH and Steph how about we have Rousey Vs Asaka or Charlotte and have Cena and Nikki Bella Vs HHH and Steph.
  8. After watching the Women's rumble match I would really like to see a 5 vs 5 match with the legends vs Riott Squad and Absolution. I am thinking Trish, Lita, Beth Phoenix, Michelle McCool and Molly Holly. What would you guys do ?
  9. That was one great match between them 2 women, they need to wrestle each other more, I can't see there being a better Women's match this year.
  10. I wish WWE booked Shelton Vs Brock and play up their history together and even have Shelton beat Brock maybe, the matches they would have would be really good together.
  11. Samoa Joe and AOP Vs The Shield would be awesome.
  12. Boydy


    Nah I never said I got all the facts, hence why I said unless I am wrong, I am just saying she isn't put in a good light at the moment but there is always 2 sides to the story.
  13. Boydy


    It's nice to see RVD''s wife paying him back for looking after her during her cancer ordeal unless I have got this completely wrong, women eh grrr lol.
  14. I have bought that Ultimate Warrior green and pink hoodie, I can't wait to wear it to work tomorrow.
  15. The Rock would find her some acting work while she goes back to doing the plus size modelling, I don't blame her not wanting to wreck her body when they aint even pushing her, she should of been pushed better, why didn't she get a 6 month run with the title as dominant Women's champ and have Bayley eventually beat her or Asaka beat her when they called her up from NXT, just a waste as she is different to the other women.