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  1. The Rock would find her some acting work while she goes back to doing the plus size modelling, I don't blame her not wanting to wreck her body when they aint even pushing her, she should of been pushed better, why didn't she get a 6 month run with the title as dominant Women's champ and have Bayley eventually beat her or Asaka beat her when they called her up from NXT, just a waste as she is different to the other women.
  2. Your 2017 INTERNET MATCHES Thread

    Nice to see Amazing Red back wrestling, always been a fan of his, shame WWE never gave him a chance.
  3. Why not have Neville on Smackdown then you can put him in matches with Nakamura, Styles, Zayn, Owens etc, he would be awesome on that show.

    Shame nobody has done gifs of the match between Janella and Jimmy Havoc at the recent Progress show in New York, they had an awesome match with some unique spots.

    I reckon we see the 4 vs 4 womens match at Survivor Series then build up Rousey Vs Charlotte or Asaka at Mania.
  6. Meltzer needs to be Young Bucks bodyguard and every time they do a double team move he holds a piece of paper with 5 stars on it.

    Do you think Byron Saxton would get over as a wrestler if he had Roode's theme music and gimmick.
  8. Wrestling What Ifs

    He would of been a worse version of Man Mountain Rock.
  9. I would stick him in NXT for a few months to freshen him up abit, maybe give him a short NXT title reign. have him beat Roode as an upset then have him lose to a newly turned McIntyre or Strong or have Alestair Black kick his head off.
  10. I want that Braun t-shirt.
  11. I was there live to watch the 6 man between Elite Vs British Strong Style, was an awesome match.
  12. Charlotte is the best athlete in WWE at the moment including the men.
  13. Nikki Cross looks stunning in that photo.
  14. I would say for me in no particular order Hero Ricochet AJ Styles John Cena Bobby Lashley
  15. The Paige video's I have seen so far are her and Xavier getting it on with Paige while Brad Maddox records it, saw Paige and Brad get it on and a few other videos, poor Paige, she is entitled to privacy, I wonder what WWE are going to do as Paige and WWE's relationship is already strained as it is.