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Get drunk and post themes

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On 12/28/2021 at 6:46 PM, PetrolCB said:


This is fucking awesome. I wish the full thing was on YouTube.

Is there anything the WCW didn’t do that was AWESOME!?!?!?!? 

...that they never did again? Why lol! 


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It might be corny to post this on 3/16 but ya know what fuck it.  I'm not exactly drunk but hey a beer or two is a beer or two (even if they're light) and I wanted to put this anyway.

The theme he's known for is great and all.  But I much prefer their first take on it as it had much more of a raw vibe to it and the drums were much more impactful.  Plus along with how they attack the drums I remember waiting forever to download the same video from AOL back then.  I lost count how many times I watched this and also whatever else I could get my hands on in '96 and '97.

EDIT:  Hold up, I just heard the one he's known for and the drums are the same thing.  Only difference is it is a bit quieter and the other sounds took over.  For me this is an example of less is more.

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16 hours ago, For Great Justice said:

If you don’t jam this and walk around your house doing the Bernie, what are you doing?

Dark just isn’t the same without you, Angelico

Wait, did you hack into my webcam?  Because for a short time that's pretty much what I did a couple days ago.  Granted the caffeine kicked in big-time and I was seeing sounds but for that song it's worth it.  I'd also recommend Best Friends's theme as that works pretty well at times when doing chores.

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On 4/2/2022 at 6:21 PM, Happ Hazzard said:

The long awaited two hour long "making of WCW Slam Jam I" video.


Fascinating hidden gem find. Jamming to Family Man.... Ricky the Dragon! Love seeing some of the vocals from Simply Ravishing, she is so killer on that. 

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Does anybody remember this music being used for a year or so after GAB, on WCW TV when they did those taped voice over promos? The promos where they ran down upcoming shows, houseshows and all? If anybody has a link of 1 of those handy I’d like to see it. Or atleast the name of the guy who did the voice overs. Maybe then I could find one. 


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