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Here's a list of the themes Dragon's used before. The IWA-MS ones are hilarious. 

1 American Dragon NJPW Queen Stone Cold Crazy
2 Bryan Danielson NOAH Papa Roach Last Resort
3 Bryan Danielson ROH DJ Alkohal Dragon Empire
4 Bryan Danielson ROH Down Lysergik Funeral Procession
5 Bryan Danielson Independent, ROH Animotion Obsession
6 Bryan Danielson Independent, PWG, ROH The Offspring Self Esteem (Instrumental)
7 Bryan Danielson Independent, NOAH, PWG, ROH, Europa Europe The Final Countdown
8 Bryan Danielson ROH Team K.I.S. The Final Countdown
9 Bryan Danielson IWA MS Dead Prez feat. The RBG Family Fuck The Law
10 Bryan Danielson IWA MS The Byrds Turn! Turn! Turn! (To Everything There Is A Season)
11 Daniel Bryan WWE Richard Wagner Ritt der Walküren
12 Daniel Bryan WWE Jim Johnston Flight of the Valkyries


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So Cole's theme is a take on a theme that was a take on RATM

That's a first right? It's like if Jericho's WWE theme was a ripoff of the Evenflow ripoff. Or if DDP's WWE theme (Really, Really) Smelled Like Teen Spirit

I can't think of another second derivative theme (but it's probably so obvious I'm just blanking)

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4 hours ago, Curt McGirt said:

Somebody should make a version that changes like two notes so they could use it for free. Hire Yngwie to do it! 

Quickly, while Jimmy Hart is still with us

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1 hour ago, AxB said:

Jimmy Hart doesn't age like normal humans. He must have Dunedain blood or something.

in his attic hangs one of his signature airbrushed jackets with his own face on it, tattering and putrefying despite being out of the elements

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14 hours ago, Zakk_Sabbath said:

Speaking of which: the BALLS on Europe, man. I saw reports they wanted $50K per play for The Final Countdown. In 2021!! 

I'm sure part of that is that people would like to use it ironically, and they are feeling bummed that there are people who listen to the song because they think it's "the worst song ever" and are either trying eliminate that sort of useage of their "only classic"?  OR, flip the script on the irony-crowd, and ironically (but very concretely, too) ask for 50 grand a pop "if you think it's so bad and still wanna use it, I guess you won't mind paying through the nose for it, either?"

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Holy run-on sentence, Batman!
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