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Wow.  First, the stuff looks like curdled milk--not surprising, since she used cream and the vodka obviously cooked it.  Second, she didn't have the good sense to test taste the mess BEFORE being caught on camera with it?



Really dumb, for real. :huh:


I had heard of a drink that had some sort of curdling effect, it's called the Cement Mixer:


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10 years ago today. . .

Posted Image

What is the context?


Northeast blackout



That really sucked.  I left my house to go to an interview and left the house about 5 minutes before the lights went out.  I hopped on a bus heading towards NYC.  Initially I thought it was just my town, I got into Jersey City and saw the lights were out there too, so I decided to get off the bus and walked back home.  This really sucked because it was like 90 degrees and I was in a suit.  Of course the pay off for it, the interview got rescheduled and it turned out it wasn't for a tech job that I had applied for, but for a fucking insurance sales position.

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