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2014 WWE Hall Of Fame


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The dead guy backlog looks something like this (this is off the top of my head but at quick glance I think one could argue they all merit a discussion... especially based on folks the WWE already inducted. And this isn't in any order)


Randy Savage


John Tenta

Dino Bravo

Owen Hart

Paul Bearer


Bruiser Brody

Dick Murdoch

Brian Pillman

Bad News Brown

Bam Bam Bigelow

Lord Alfred Hayes

Lou Thesz

Rick Rude

Dick the Brusier


So at their current pace of maybe one a year... yeah....


Oh and that list obviously doesn't even include Chris Benoit who we know will never get in

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I think some of that list is different than others. Tenta died of cancer. Lord Alfred was pretty old. That's different than Pillman or Rude, you know? No way is Bravo ever getting in. 


Yeah - I mean I could have spaced it out in terms of "Okay way to die" vs. "Yeah... no chance"


At this point, unless you died in the last year - the only way you are getting in is if you have someone lobbying for you (like how Ross got Gordon Solie in)

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Oh and one would assume Trish is inducting Lita since they are legit best friends.


Of course - the WWE signing the Hardys back just to induct her AND infuriate TNA would make me laugh more than I care to admit

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The running backstage joke is that she wants to be Lita 2.0, down to that comic they were passing around so it'd probably be vaguely dreamlike for her to get to induct Lita? That's just what I gather, though. My guess is that she wouldn't get to induct Lita just for the punishment factor without Punk there to protect her? 


I also think they think Trish is a marketable name, especially in the midst of the network launch and someone they'd want to focus on TV. 

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I'm guessing AJ inducts Lita.


Both Edge and CM Punk should co-induct Lita so they can give each other that dude wink when they come up onstage.  Matt Hardy would probably shoot his television like Elvis did.


They should just go ahead and induct Savage & Liz at the same time, the same way they did the Four Horsemen.  If George Steele and Ricky Steamboat inducted them, I would probably get all weepy.

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I've just always assumed that since Savage possibly will never go in, that Liz won't either.  I mean, if Liz got inducted, as pissed as people are about Savage not being in, it seems like it would be silly to show the video package that is nothing but footage of her with Savage.

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With Savage, the question comes down to "Just how much do you want to add Angelo Poffo and The Genius to the HoF?"

Or "who is randy savage to tell me how i can induct him?"


Just thought of this.

Will Vince induct himself? Will it have to be posthumously?

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It really depends when it happens. It probably has to be Trump or Regis, depending on how big Regis is at the time. They couldn't line up a bigger celebrity than that right? The only other possibilities in my mind are Austin or Steph or MAYBE Hogan. 

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