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More on Adam Windsor here ...

‘Royal Stud’ Adam Windsor dead at 41 | Slam Wrestling

As Ace mentioned, Dory Funk always wrote about this guy in his columns for 1Wrestling, saying he was the next big thing, future superstar, etc., but nothing came of it.

This may have been in Howard Brody's book (never read it, but excerpts were posted in interviews and the online sheets), but it was said that when Brody had control of the NWA title and running NWA Florida (this was after the belt was vacated by Naoya Ogawa), Dory proposed having Windsor win the title in a battle royal in his first-ever match. Brody and others thought Dory was nuts, but gave Windsor the Florida title as a consolation prize.

Dory, Windsor and the rest of Dory's students eventually got the boot from NWA Florida after a show where, I believe, Sabu won the NWA title. The undercard had a Texas death match between Windsor and another Dory student that reportedly put the fans to sleep, and that was the last straw for Brody.


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Wow the Dory Funk Jr 1wrestling column. That was many people’s first dose of old wrestler who discovered the internet medicine. RIP Adam Windsor. I remember many of those columns being ignored on that very busy message board except for those. People sure said what they thought about that situation.

Is Don Lebarba still around? 

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It’s 4:30 AM here in Niagara Falls, and I have to get up early for a full day of work and travel. Upon learning of Tarzan Goto’s passing, my new priority is to share some of my thoughts about this powerful man who became one of my most frequent and favorite opponents during my time with IWA Japan in 1995-96.
The words that keep coming to mind when I think of Goto are solid, believable, charismatic. Today’s wrestlers could learn quite a bit from watching Goto in action – studying his timing, seeing how he utilized his facial expressions to lend to the anticipation of his big moves.
Although my rivalry with Terry Funk is the one I am best known for in IWA Japan, Goto was the more frequent opponent for me, as we wrestled nearly every night - usually tag team matches, but often in singles as well. On many nights, there was no interaction between the two of us before we stepped into the ring. At many of the smaller venues where we held our house shows, you could not see your opponent before the match, let alone talk to him. But we always found a way to have good, solid, believable matches – just acting and reacting, giving and taking, both of us breaking out our very best facial expressions....along with frequent bloodlettings.
I really like this match from Korekuen Hall, which I have linked below. There’s nothing fancy about it – but it’s a hard-hitting, wild brawl with that classic give-and-take... and there is even a little technical wrestling thrown in for good measure. What I remember most about the match was having my eardrum broken within the first few seconds, and feeling like I was underwater for those next 20 minutes.
I also remember watching the match back and realizing I was so caught up in the action that I completely neglected to attend to my wardrobe issues. Even with my tights falling down, and showing far more skin as a result, I was completely locked in on that match. If you don’t have the 19 minutes to spare, see if you can skip ahead to about the 17 minute mark, so you can see my post match promo - where the respect I have for Gojo is quite obvious.
I wish his wife Despina all the best during this difficult time and hope his three children know how much I admired and looked up to this legendary man. #RIPTarzanGoto

Foley on Tarzan Goto https://www.facebook.com/photo?fbid=550380516457823&set=a.370393841123159

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Went to a Sasha signing in 2016 at a convention in Columbus. While waiting in line, I watched Tim walk out and spend some time with us. At the time, I had no idea he accompanied a lot of WWE folks to their signings as "security", their assistant, etc. I was just as excited to spend 5-10 minutes talking to him as I was to meet Sasha.

RIP, sir. Andre has the cards out waiting for you.

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