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  1. LMAO he has a book out called "I'l Be Damed" That's fucking hilarious!!
  2. Robert is still there!! He looks just like my Uncle Rick actually! I believe Emma Sands is returning to the show this month too actually
  3. Was he really at the rumble?! Was he like in the audience or on screen?! Victor vs Sonny, Vs John Black, Vs Todd Manning would be the epic fatal 4 way
  4. she was married to Wesley Blake with 3 kids. Awful news to have to share
  5. Sara Lee from Tough Enough just passed away. Very sad to hear this.
  6. thank god Andrade didn't go Sid/Arn for national Scissoring day
  7. none of them would fuck with Sonny Corrinthos. Not even Andrade
  8. We have disagreed in the past, but you worded this perfectly. I can only assume Tom has Ric Flair syndrome and has a fear of life without football
  9. Your points are all valid. I've often thought of what incentive the NFL would have to fix games and the only thing I can think of is to boost ratings. I believe they already have high ratings but the closer the game the more people will watch. If it's a Sunday, Monday, Thursday night game and a team is up 14+ pts casual viewers may change the channel or decide to go to bed for work the next day. Where as if it's a close game they may decide to continue watching to the end as they are more invested. The clock should go off like NBA when it hits zero it makes more sense than what they do now. I also hate when a flag is thrown only to be picked up and said "there is no penalty on the play" well obviously you saw something or you wouldn't have thrown the flag to begin with. People will say football is a fast paced sport and ref's can't be perfect. I agree, however, look at hockey, another fast paced hard hitting sport but the ref's rarely influence the outcome of the game.
  10. This is a great idea and makes me wish Paul would do a modern day Dangerous Alliance. Heyman could work wonders with Andrade. My big Andrade gripe was him losing the coffin match to Darby and then returning as if nothing even happened. His booking has been weak in WWE and sadly even weaker in AEW. Was really hoping for more Having said that Andrade>Sammy all day every day
  11. so let's just play devils advocate and I'm sure I'l get flamed for this but fuck it it happened and cannot be denied. Look at the Patriot's- Packers game from Sunday. Play clock was at 0 for at least 2 seconds and the Pat's were still able to get the play off and score a TD. It wasn't reviewed and screwed a lot of parlays. The Ravens could have been up with an easy field goal but they go for it on a 4th and 3? Why? Was the coach stupid? Same with the Broncos losing week 1 to Seattle. Huge Primetime game in which more than 75% of the flags went in favor of the Seahawks. Hell the announcers even mentioned it. Don't tell me ref's don't influence the game. You'd have to blind to not see it. Shit, they did everything they could this past Sunday Am to keep the Saints-Vikings game close.
  12. Hot Topic used to sell tons of AEW shirts. now the only 2 I see are MJF and the newest CM Punk shirt. I've been to 3 locations and same selections. I concur with the poster who mentioned live events not selling a ton of merch. I believe they had 4-5 shirts, and a few of the figures. Huge missed opportunity as their merch lines were bigger than any WWE line I've seen.
  13. ahh this guy again. LMAO the biggest sheep in the farm. I thought you muted me?
  14. no, not this years Primetime, the previous 2. I should have clarified that better. Strangely this year has seen some blowouts which has not been the norm for quite some time. I bet every NFL game every week and follow the spreads close. Some are headscratchers such as Broncos being favored over the Colts this Thurs. Russ had a sore shoulder and Williams is out for the season. Broncos D vs an inconsistant Matt Ryan. Should be fun.
  15. I see your point but look back the last two years at the prime time games. Monday, Thurs, Sunday night. Lets throw in these AM England games for shits and giggles. How many of these games were decided by 3 pts or less? How many were won due to the very last miracle comeback play? If it's a handful of times sure I'l believe it. But when you see how often it actually happened it's mindblowing. But hell I still watch.
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