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  1. Imagine Ahmed with Capt Lou. I don't think Vince would do it though. He would either make him instant heel and put him with Slick a la Butch Reed, or he would make him face and slap him with Oliver Humperdink. The more I think about it Ahmed w Jimmy Hart could make sense. Big ass kicker next to the scrawny blabbermouth.
  2. I could be wrong but Ron was the first coach in the NFL to really go all in on 4th and 5 or longer. You have to also factor in the health issues he has had which I'm sure don't make things easy. Cam Newton is someone I can't stand. Oddly enough I used to work with his aunt and she snapped on me for laughing at his Super Bowl Press conference when the Broncos beat them. As a Commanders fan I hope they make the playoffs for you.
  3. I honestly can't see them getting rid of Rivera, the team loves him and he is one hell of a morale booster. The video of him telling his special teams player that he made the pro bowl was great. Ron believes in his team and is willing to bet on them by making some risky calls. I'm not a Commanders fan but their games are always entertaining to watch.
  4. youshould be banned for this outright harrassing comment. The fact that the mods will allow it is very very telling. But if you want to compare IQ's I'm game.
  5. I'm not the guy who hates Britt I've said it many times and will continue to You are right on Carr he's not my choice for QB nor is Mcdaniels my choice for a coach. I do like Adams and Jacobs though. Yes sir I have Jacobs on my team.
  6. Is the NFL rigged? Mike Florio sees potential for 'Donaghy-type scandal' (msn.com) Check out the comments. I'm not alone in my thoughts.
  7. This is something I do agree with you on. When Tua had the first concussion and his fingers bent back he should have been out longer. But coming back and taking hit after hit isn't doing much to help anything. Dolphins want to win but at some point Tua's well being has to come first.
  8. I live in Ohio, love Britt, and Cinnabon it is. Raiders with Jacobs and Adams I'd take over Lamar and Ravens. Duvernay isn't healthy either last I checked. Not an obsession w the Steelers getting in. Just pissed that they almost cost me entry into the FF Championship.
  9. I'l admit if I'm wrong. Lamar or not they are going to keep it close. On paper the Raiders look a lot better than the Ravens and yet Pittsburgh beat them. I know Ravens have a lot to play for but it will be a one score game likely within 3-4 pts See ya Tuesday and I'l bring the Cinnamon Rolls
  10. when you see replay's that are obvious and the ref's still making the wrong decision come on. Problem can easily be solved. Mic the ref's and coaches. Just like USFL or whatever they called it. But they won't do it. Ask yourself why.
  11. I've been gambling on Bovada for over 10 yrs. It's become more accessable via draft kings, fan duel, betparx, betUS, Bet Rivers, Bet MGM, the past 4 yrs roughly give or take. If you are big into gambling you will also know and see that you can live bet or cashout a bet. So imagine the people who Bet Minnesota as a leg on their parlay and they are getting crushed. Many of them I would assume cashed out instead of riding out the bet. @twiztor I don't have a real answer. I can only go off of ratings and cities with bigger markets/fan bases. Do you think NFL wants to see Jacksonville in the playoffs or Pittsburgh? The dream scenario as I mentioned would be them getting Green Bay and Tampa into the playoffs. The games have also become more exciting in the past 5 years. The Hollywood endings, the huge comebacks, it was rarer in the 80's and 90's, the flags also weren't as huge an issue as ref's would let the teams play the game. I'm watching the Georgia Southern-Buffalo game right now and these ref's can't even decide what is targetting and what isn't. Same with NFL what they can call "targeting" in one game isn't going to be called in the next. No consistency. Cowboys-Titans should be a Dallas blow out thursday, but watch Sunday's Baltimore-Pittsburgh game. It was flexed into primetime and will be decided on the final drive likely with flags playing a factor. Same thing for Monday's Bengals-Bills. Let it play out and we can come back Tuesday AM and talk about it. If I am wrong I will be the first to admit it.
  12. Hard to find a player that has helped not only their home community but the US as a whole as much as him. Whenever there is a major flood/hurricane, JJ is there donating money to help. A true class act. I hope he jumps on as an Analyst/commentator. He could bring fresh insight to the game.
  13. Cincinatti doesn't play the Chiefs they play the Bills Monday night.
  14. he's an admin here. He could have refrained from the comment or tried to debate without being snarky. Did I say anything negative about him ever? Nope. But I will say I have 0 respect for him. An admin who can't control himself enough not to make a shit post like that. Lets do better.
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