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June 2021 Wrestling Imagery

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A tag match featuring Gilbert Cesca and Pierre Lagache. Crowd reaction included. This was the end of the second fall:


This is the other half of the equation, with Rene Ben Chemoul outsmarting Bob Elandon. The match, and the crowd, was all pretty racist. Elandon (who we had seen a year or two before as himself!) was working as N'boa who was "found in the Congo" by a female named Franziska Von Biesen who dressed like Friday/Kim Chee without the mask and had a whip.


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1 hour ago, Pete said:


Shawn Spears sticking out like a sore thumb. Thought Sting would be included to bring in people who know Sting but don't watch AEW. Surprised there's no Jon Moxley. I do like how the young homegrown talent are featured.

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