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RIP Tracy Smothers


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As unfortunate as it seemed,  Tracy Smothers has passed way this morning.  He was fighting a very hard battle for the last 2 years 

Right now in Heaven, the divorce rate has skyrocketed.  I would argue he deserves his own thread and that isn't even for his SMW and WCW work. 


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The FBI in ECW is one of the all-time best ridiculous gimmicks. I used to love them unfurling the Italian flag with Tommy "Wildfire" Rich's face in the middle of it. Their promos at Philly landmarks associated with our vast Italian-American community were also the stuff of legend. 

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HOLY SHIT GREGG, I came here to mention that! 


Tracy was an all-time Southern legend and an all-around great performer. That tag with the Midnights is a contender for best tag match of the decade. 


Tracy also taught us all what THUG stands for and for that I thank him. 

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t is for terrible, h is for hell, u is for ugly and g is for jail cause a thug can't spell.
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I was lucky enough to meet Tracy Smothers 2 times. First time he was doing a surprise run in,dressed like a woman,at a Memphis Legends show in Lula MS. Got a pic with him that night but it is so blurry.



Then in 2015 or 2016 we were filming and doing commentary for a Wrestle Birmingham show. During the middle of a match Tracy came out of the locker room and sat at the commentary table with us for a match. So snagged a quick picture with him. Dude was so damn nice and just laid back country boy style.



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