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We only get 6 mins or so of Inca Peruano vs (Dr.) Adolof Kaiser and it's a shame because they beat the crap out of each other. This segment came after Peruano hooked Kaiser's leg in the ropes but the ref stopped him from doing any damage.


Kaiser's finish is a 1957 Dragon Sleeper choke-out and he spends a lot of the match trying to get it on. Here's Peruano with an escape, some quick thinking given how he lands, and a nasty submission of his own. 


Here's another dragon sleeper escape (this time using the ropes) into a double wristlock. This stuff would have seemed novel in a 1997 Ultimo Dragon match.


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This comes almost immediately thereafter. Pretty great camera work on this in the end:


Then there's an exchange where Peruano goes for a monkey flip a couple of times but gets jammed by Kaiser. This is the culmination, 1957 Superkick and all.


I'd argue that the concussor at the end (which the fans didn't like even if they were no supporters of Peruano) indirectly led to the finish, but you guys can see this by Wednesday morning and decide for yourself.

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35 minutes ago, For Great Justice said:

I’d like to see an analysis of which move had the highest success rate:

- Flair off the top rope

- 10 count punches in the corner against Taker

- Throwing a haymaker at John Cena after he’s hit you with two shoulder blocks 

Definitely not powerbombing Kidman.

@Matt D, bro I didn’t even see your post. Great minds...

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Our last match for the week is Cheri Bibi vs Ami Sola.

Sola has some slick stuff, like this takedown:


And this interesting headlock escape into a pin:


And this kip up escape into a headscissors takedown:


More tomorrow, including a 'rana variation I'm not sure I've ever seen before.

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Second bunch of gifs from the match:

As promised, first the straight up 'rana:


Then, the cool, you have probably never seen this before bridging version:


Cool, huh? Bibi is the first muscle-man type gimmick we've seen in this footage. I liked this exchange a lot:


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Sola with a unique escape:


1957 Kevin Dunn cut:


And I totally failed to get the spot earlier in the match where Sola DID hit the headbutt charge out of the kip up. Sorry. Here's the callback though! I have no idea what Bibi was trying to do here but he tried it twice so I hope we find out in a later match since it looks cool.



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2 hours ago, LoneWolf&Subs said:

Looks closely at the people in the crowd...


What the fuck is wrong with them? Who wouldn't be into Cactus Jack pummeling the shit out of The Sandman? Fuck that crowd.

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