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The JIP match next week is 6 mins of Guy Robin vs Jean Maujean.

Robin's a mean, mostly bald bruiser who we saw against Al Hayes. Maujean, I really don't know about. I think we only see him once in the footage. He seems a step behind a lot of the other guys we've seen, but he does have some good clubbers:


I mean maybe Guy Robin was just professional wrestling really well here?


That said, this was a legitimately cool takeover which I don't think I've ever seen before. 



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Next up is Warnia de Zarzecki vs Gilbert LeDuc which I think is a light heavyweight title match maybe.

This is longer than I usually make a gif but also less than I WANTED to make it because there's two flips before this and a pretty good kip up bit to end the exchange, but you get the idea, right?


Obviously, one of the best things about this footage is the variations on what we see. In this case, here's one of those headscissors out of a long armbar exchange that gets jammed:


But the endless little things we've never seen before are the best. Things pick up on this one and increasingly get more heated as they go in and out of long spots. This exchange is kind of the start of that:


More to come later, face scuffers, a really neat spot out of (and back into) a long bodyscissors to break it up, and another one of those amazing cradling escapes out of it, this time with a better ending to the spot.


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The match really picked up, so I'm going to just keep posting (albeit on a few hour delay) until Phil yells at me.

After this attempt failed, the fans cheered for Leduc for hanging on. How cool is that?


Speaking of things that got a big pop (One thing you have to keep in mind with these is that it's rarely on the first try. Usually they try to work a few escapes before this):


Ok, NEXT post will have some violence and the bodyscissors stuff. I wanted to show this because LeDuc does it a lot and it's a signature thing, like the El Gayo Rainmaker set up. He sets up a backhammer into a sort of capture choke, and then off the ropes into an arm-trapped Beale throw:



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Here's the violence I promised:


This was followed by de Zarzecki with an elaborate bodyscissors sequence, which they actually 100% got me on here. I didn't realize this was just a spot working in and out of it and I thought this was about to be a fall pin or something.


How does LeDuc finally get out then? Oh, like this (remember this was a couple of years before the Ben Chermoul match but there are a bunch of similarities):


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2 hours ago, Matt D said:

Or you know, I don't know, I mean, maybe this instead?



That's nice, but they're not working through a pandemic. Social distancing is what's recommended, so Janela and Jimmy Lloyd are making the best of a bad situation. My only critique is the lack of Bryce Remsburg. A social distancing match really needs Remsburg as the referee.

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I'm not sure what to do here. 

Make a quip about how the footage is actually from 1919.

Or post that article about how easy it is to actually transmit this thing and note that guys sweating and bumping like that on the same mat probably isn't all that better than actually locking up.

Or joke that the healthiest thing to do is just watch black and white footage.

None of that probably.

Personally, if that brought people joy, the risk in what they were doing was probably minimal enough to excuse for the joy they provided. 

What brings me joy is watching people from 1957 uppercut the hell out of each other and I'm happy to share that when I can.

Plenty of room for all sorts of joy in this world.

Here's some more for good measure:


Even got a proto-Code Red with some actual oomph behind it unlike the last one which was just a cool cradle sunset flip. Crazy to think this just disappeared for decades (but then 1/4 of the matches end with power bombs, so...).



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