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On 3/9/2020 at 5:42 PM, For Great Justice said:

I’d like to see an analysis of which move had the highest success rate:

- Flair off the top rope

- 10 count punches in the corner against Taker

- Throwing a haymaker at John Cena after he’s hit you with two shoulder blocks 

Climbing to the second rope against Trish Stratus

"Signature defensive spots" are dumb

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Ok guys, next Tuesday we hit a later match, this one from 61, Bob Anthony vs Rene Ben Chemoul. I'm just dipping in on this one, but some fun stuff early.

Lots of "hanging onto a hold" to start off. Look at how Ben Chemoul tries to escape by bumping himself (it doesn't work):


Then when he gets to be in control, look at how he just whips Anthony around:


A little later, we get the first signs of cheating with the hairpull cutoff. Look at how Anthony escapes by scissoring the arm:



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Check this out. It's self-explanatory and awesome:


Eventually they collide mid air and Anthony gets to lock in bodyscissors, which become rolling bodyscissors.


Which on the kick out escape turns into a bearhug, which then turns it into this really novel exchange:


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This is it for now, but these might be the best of this match so far:

How does he get out of the bodyscissors? Oh, you know, just like this:


So they end up in a backhammer, and he tries to flip out once but Anthony hangs on. Second time though? This happens:


And look at this escape! This so simple but insanely good:



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Eric Bischoff: When Ric Flair walked by he held up 4 fingers. That was the sign of the Four Horsemen.

Bobby Heenan: When Hogan walked by, I held up one finger.

Halloween Havoc 1994.


Bless Bobby The Brain Heenan.

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