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16 hours ago, Curt McGirt said:


Worth another watch. I've said it before and I'll say it again, I miss the corner camera. AEW actually utilized it to good effect last week. 

Isn't that actually the second time they fed him to Norton? ISTR an even better squash between them a few months earlier.

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So that was just a JIP of Petit Prince vs Michel Saulnier. Ten minutes of basically that. We'll be doing a full match with them (not the one already on youtube but two years later) as well. 

After the JIP is Jacky Corne vs Pierre Roinet. Which will break things up a bit.

While there are some good shots in the Prince matches, they're not like these:


On the other hand, the crazy roll ups in the Petit match are crazier than this, but this is still pretty great:


Anyway, as you can see there, Roinet ends up getting outmatched with most exchanges by the end. He finally resorts to cheap tactics, gets outmatched more, and it all becomes a fairly brutal mauling. Like so:


Immediately following this, Roinet gets back in and Corne just chucks him out the other side of the ring. Poor guy.

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