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19 minutes ago, Brian Fowler said:

Gonna be real hard to argue the refs are pulling for the Pats today

There were a lot of really dumb penalties and blown calls in that game.   The worst of the blown calls all went against the Pats.

The challenge that Belichick lost cost him dearly because it could've been used to challenge that play that should've been a TD.


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After Sunday, Tannehill is the NFL’s leader in passer rating and yards per attempt. Last year, at age 30, Tannehill was 20th and 21st in those categories. Since entering the NFL in 2012, Tannehill is 33rd and 36th in those categories. 


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Just now, Death From Above said:

Can the Giants still technically win their division?

No (The best the Giants can get to is 6-10 and the worse the Cowboys can be is 6-10 and they lose the tiebreaker to Dallas)

And the Redskins were finally eliminated yesterday when they lost

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