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11 minutes ago, olythegreat89 said:

Sting should’ve went all in with his surfer gimmick and dyed his hair blonde. But it is refreshing seeing him in non black and white face paint.

The hair dye is probably what cause his hair loss in the first place, and gave him his nightmares.

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It's pretty cool seeing all these pictures from Starrcast and knowing they were all in Baltimore for a little while.  If I knew David Crockett was going to take part in the panel I may have stayed a tad longer to see him Friday.  But when I got there Robocop was just going through the crowd for pictures.  And since it obviously wasn't the original guy there really wasn't anybody interested in that so the poor guy was just there.  But I did get some neat merch including the program with a cover that'd be in line with the WCW magazines.  Will have to get around to putting that on here.

And @Adam I'm sure you know but just in case JR does have Bells Palsy which makes it practically impossible for him to smile.  But he's said many times that despite the face he's very happy and I'm sure in these pics that's truly the case.  And if there's a joke in that that I'm missing then my apologies.

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